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Types of Shower Heads

Showering is considered as the most fun way to take a bath because everyone loves tiny water droplets falling on the body. It is easy to take a bath and you can just jump into the bathroom, turn on the shower and stand down to wash your body. A good loofah and body wash gel/soap are enough to get started with a great bathing experience.

But, if your shower is not good enough to provide enough pressure or showering in wide range then you have to spend extra time taking a bath. Due to this reason, choosing the right shower head is necessary. Many types of showering heads are available in the market and you choose some of the best from the market to get yourself the right one.

Types of Shower Heads

Having said that, you need to learn the types and their functionality to sail on the right product. Due to this reason, you can consider the below-mentioned types which will help you with the decision.

#1. Wall Mount Showerheads

Wall mount showers are widely used around the world due to its simple design, affordable price and longer durability as compared to the other types available in the market. Being cost efficient may not the major factor among buyers but credibility over this design is high due to the huge availability of parts and lesser chances of failure.

  • In term of easier choice and lesser hassle, you can straightforwardly choose wall mount showerheads for the bathroom. There is no need to worry about maintenance in the future and you get different spray options with these. You can choose a variety of styles during the use to suit your need and every family member can adjust the direction with ease.
  • You can buy these showerheads online as well as from offline stores due to higher availability. One more important factor is, you won’t face any issue related to the failure expect lower water pressure after a long time of use. These factors are enhancing the credibility of this product that’s why you can choose it without worrying about anything.

However, the only drawback is, these are permanently fixed and there is no height adjustability option. If you want removable heads then this is not the perfect choice for your need. Even if kids want to change the angle of this showerhead then they have to use a small ladder or ask someone to do that.

#2. Hand Held Showerheads

To get better convenience during your bath, you can go for handheld showerheads which can be used in various manners. You can pick up the showerhead and then shower the body part which is dry or which one you want to wash. There is a flexible hose (can be made of different material, varies with the budget).

  • As the showerhead is attached to a hose and the showerhead is lightweight, you can get the perfect adjustment for a perfect clean. For women, these showerheads are perfect for washing and rinsing hairs perfectly that’s why they may like the design and idea of using this showerhead over any other. These are handy and perfect for a bath in the nick of time.
  • Hose of these showerheads is of 8 feet or 2.45 meters in length which allow tall and small family members taking a perfect bath. There is no issue related to height and accessibility. One more advantage of the hand-held showerhead is to clean your pet because these are one directional and you can give a perfect bath to your dog.

Even with this number of advantages, these are not common because these are little expensive and the hose of the showerhead is lesser durable. You may have to spend a pretty good amount after every three years to change the hose. During the purchase, you can find different sizes and styles, so you should check the material used in the manufacturing of hose to have no issue with the hose.

#3. Body Spray Showerheads

You may have seen body spray showerheads in hotels and such other places. These are known for expensive price and premium design. The good thing is, the bathing experience of body spray showerhead can’t be compared to any other type in this list because there are many showerheads working together to get a quick bath and you will love the experience for sure.

  • People don’t like the idea to hold hand-held shower heads because they feel a little bit inconvenient during the use. To get the same experience (even better) then this showerhead is going to fulfill the need. These are wall mounted but there are a couple of showerheads at different heights. Each one is offering the same pressure which can clean the body when you are rinsing hairs.
  • You can adjust the angle of each shower head but height can’t be adjusted that’s why you have to focus on such factors during the installation time. The common body spray shower is set of four where one big wall mount showerhead with three small shower heads facing your side. The number of small shower heads can go up to 8 which can speed up your showering time.
  • The experience is totally customizable and you can adjust angle, pressure, and there are many more settings to change as per the need. During the installation, you have the option to set its height that’s why you should stay selective and know the exact height which you will be preferring. If you want to build a premium looking bathroom then you can opt for this shower head.

The bad side of this showering head is expensive price tag and it requires experts to install. The cost of installation is also high because it takes a higher amount of time to install perfectly. Even, the maintenance cost is expensive which make it less preferable as compared to the other types. If you want customized experience with different setting options then this type is perfect for fulfilling the need.

#4. Rainfall and Rain Showerhead

With the large size, smart features and many other factors, Rainfall and Rain Showerhead is rare and you can’t find it at such places. These are commonly used in premium bathroom designs where the ceiling height is not too high and the architect come with an idea to place these in the ceiling. The dimensions of this showerhead are usually 50x50cm which is large enough to give you a perfect bath.

  • Most of the buyers focus on the purchase of rainfall showerhead with a body spray shower to enhance the experience. You can easily expect a better combination of both but if you want to spend less then you can add a hand-held shower head with this one. In other words, different combinations are possible with this one. Coming back to the topic, these showerheads are unique because you get three different settings to choose from.
  • These downward facing shower designs are good in higher pressure, better water flow and you can expect soft rainfall. You can feel calm and relaxed under these showerheads that’s why these are getting popular all around the world. These aren’t new but these are not common at all. One more advantage is that these target entire body at the same time which enhances the experience.
  • Expect from design, the large area of the showerhead can cover your body with water droplets and the bathing time required in very low. You can take a perfect bath in fewer minutes which makes it the perfect choice for premium bathroom designs.

Having said that, you can find better-built quality among these showerheads. The only issue is with the installation space because you have to find big space for the installation of showerheads. The size is surely large than the standard showerhead that’s why you should consider this factor before getting started with the installation process.

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Buying Guide

During the purchase, you can focus on various factors where the below mentioned are the top three things that you should not avoid.

  • Budget – Bathroom accessories can cost a big amount and you can find a product starting from a cheap price to an unexpected one. Due to this reason, you should decide on a budget and stick to the same so that you don’t feel confused.
  • Type – As per mentioned types, you can find different working, quality and designs in the market. Each design is made for a budget and the specific need. To sort out the best, you should check the budget, space in bathroom and possibilities of installing your favorite one.
  • Size of Showerhead – You can choose from 10×10 cm showerhead sizes to 50×50 cm sizes. With the increase in size, you need higher pressure to make them work that’s why you should check out this thing in advance.

After considering these factors, buying the best shower head is easier. Make sure that you choose a reputed manufacturer during the purchase so that you don’t face an issue with the quality or working of the shower head. Hope, this guide will help you choose the right showerhead for your specific need.

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