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Top 10 Best Christmas characters of all times

Why is Christmas so special and glorious? No doubt that Christmas is one of the most popular festivals celebrated with glee and joy. We all eagerly wait to celebrate it with enthusiasm and zest every year. People celebrate December 25th as Christmas Day. Although it is a Christmas Festival, it gets celebrated by people of all faiths.

People decorate their homes, wishing each other, and are in a joyous mood. Relatives exchange Christmas gifts on this special occasion. The day before Christmas is Christmas Eve. Families go for a get-together and prepare occasional dishes.

Best Christmas characters of all times

Frosty -the Snowman

Frosty The Snowman is the title and main character of the Snowman series. S the Christmas carol portrays him, frosty is a Jolly and Happy sou that’s friendly and adorable. As he came to life, he wasn’t that bright. As the series evolved, Frosty remained a Jolly and fun-loving Character. He became a resourceful and father-like character to the Kids. Karen and his friends created Frosty -the sasquatch during their winter vacation. As the wind blew the hat of professor Dale onto that Snowman, it came to life.

Frosty made a comeback in the television series Frosty Winter wonderland.  He loves playing with the kids and becomes lonely when they return home. Karen and his friends make a snow woman named Crystal that comes to life when Frosty presents her with a flower bouquet. Crystal and Frosty get married at the end of the movie.


Scrooge is the main character of Christmas Carol and muppet Christmas carol. He is a selfish man who is a Commodities broker and Investment banker. Christmas is the time of forgiveness and love, and Scrooge hates the festive season. To him, good to man and Peace on earth seems like a knife that strikes his heart. But, he changes at the end of the movie.

He hates Christmas as he has to give one day’s leave to his clerk Bob Cratchit. On Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by a ghost of his late business partner Jacob. Jacob was a miser like Scrooge, and he got punished for his evil deeds. He is visited by the Christmas past ghost that tells him About his troubled past that cost him his ex-fiancee.

 Ghost of the Christmas present visits him and tells about how merrymaking the festive season is, and why people hate Scrooge for his nature. It also tells him what will happen if he doesn’t change. It brought about changes in Scrooge. On Christmas morning, he treats people with enthusiasm and kindness.

Little Drummer Boy

Aran is the main character of Little Drummer Boy and its sequel. His parents were killed by bandits and this little boy vowed to hate people Forever.

He wanders with his farm animals and gets Kidnapped by two greedy men who summoned him to the king. Aaron wanders through the desert looking for his lost camel. He finds a star and follows it to Bethlen. Aaron’s sheep gets heated by the carriage

He visits the king and asks him to save the lamb. The king asked him to play the drum for the newborn baby Jesus. In the end, the lamb returns to Aaron.

In the sequel of the movie adorn helps the king and the Bellmaker to recover The Lost bells. However, Aron loses the drum while trying to recover the bells. Out of gratitude, the Bellmaker returns him the drum.

Rudolph the Reindeer

It is a fictional character created by Robert May. Rudolph is the ninth and youngest reindeers of Santa Claus. Santa chose 8 of his reindeers to pull the sleigh for Him to deliver gifts and toys for children around the world. Rudolph asks him if he can join the team, but Santa tells him to stay back as he was too young to pull the sleigh. Other reindeers laughed at him and ridiculed him for his red nose. Santa takes leave and gets stuck in trees due to poor visibility. Suddenly Claus remembers that Rudolph has a bright red nose that might help him to see in the dark. So, it was Rudolf that helped Santa to lead his sleigh and deliver toys to the kids. Soon he became the most popular reIndeer in his team.

Christmas Angels

It is believed that God made angels convey his message and do good deeds. In Genesis, God sent Angel to win Noa and his family to leave Earth and protect his family before it got destroyed by God. In the next part of Genesis, when Jacob fell asleep, he dreamt of Angels ascending and descending between earth and heaven. In Psalm, God sends Angels to protect people from evil spirits.

Gabriel is one of the angels of the Bible that visits Zechariah to tell him the Pregnancy of Elizabeth. They gave birth to a baby boy. Next, Gabriel visits Mary, who got married to Joseph. Angel asks her to name her child Jesus.

Gabriel visits Daniel to tell him about the kingdom of God. The Gospel of Luke and Book of Daniel have instances showing that the Bible talks of Gabriel, the Christmas Angel.

Fairy godmother

The fairy godmother is the supporting character of fairy tales. She guides and mentors the title characters when they are in danger. The fairy godmother is the embodiment of hope and doesn’t appear until the character recovers the weak points. Whenever a godchild loses hope, she appears as a beacon of hope and helps her.

 When she appears, a ray of light would illuminate her way and gather together to form the fairy godmother. The fairy Godmother has a magic wand that she claims out of nowhere. This magical wand has powers like metamorphoses and reality warping.

The fairy godmother has a motherly character with the purest heart. She is a symbol of hope in Cinderella’s life and speaks with soft tones. She tends to be absent-minded and keeps on losing her magical wand and forgetting the spells. She somehow puts her mind and Cinderella as her daughter.

Three Kings

Christmas carols often talk about the Three Kings (aka the three wise men) that follow a star in Bethlehem. The Bible identifies them as The Three Wise men of the East. The Book of Matthew Says that a Star guided Maggi to the place where Jesus was born.

They Knelt to the baby and gave him gifts of gold. When King Herod heard about the birth of a new king, he became jealous and asked Maggi about the child.

 The kings got warnings and refused to tell him about Jesus. They left the country through a different route and never came back. The second half of the story identifies Maggi by their original names. They were Gaspar From India, Balthazar from Arabia, Melchior from Persia. The gift had some intrinsic meaning as well. It identified Jesus as the king of Jews.

Santa Claus

The legend of Santa Claus can be traced thousands of years to Saint Nicholas born in 280 AD In Patara. This nobleman gave away all his Treasures and wealth while helping the poor. The best-known stories that saved 3 daughters from getting sold as a slave or prostitute. He provided them dowries that got them married. In

 Over time He became popular and was known as the Saviour of sailors and kids. The name Santa Claus was derived from his dutch name Sint Nichols. Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas is the father of Christmas. kids write notes to Santa Claus because he gives them when kids do well.

 Do you give your juniors gifts in the form of Santa Claus? we would like to know in the comment section.

The Belen

Belen depicts the nativity scene of baby Jesus with his parents Joseph and Mary. The iconographer reminds Everyone of Belen, particularly the poor and misfortunate That God took birth in the form of Jesus to save humanity. Belen is the Spanish name of Bethlehem where Jesus was born.

If there is an image that represents the Christmas festival, it would be Belen. It’s because it includes the Holy Family, angels, farm animals, and the Three Kings. Two Angels Keel beside baby Jesus and there is a huge Angel in between. At the right side of the cave, there are three Statues of Shepherds. The three kings stand on the opposite.

Having said that, the Belen should be the most significant thing that comes to mind when we speak of Christmas decorations. Pope Francis believes that this Revolution won’t get lost. Even if it is in disuse, it will revive and get rediscovered.

Marry christmas 2021 to all of you. we will check the latest marry christmas 2021 wishes

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