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Tank vs. Tankless Water Heater – Which One Is Better

This has been an ongoing discussion for many years. After all, when you are standing underneath a stream of hot water in the shower then you will want that to continue. Especially if the weather is cold outside. Now imagine if suddenly you are hit with cold water, you would certainly not want that right? So the aim is always to maximize this hot water, but without spending too much on water heating bills and such. So generally, after careful consideration, the decision often is between whether one should buy a tank or tankless water heaters. A lot of things like durability, efficiency, cost, and more will have to be considered. But before deciding one needs to consider the pros and cons of both the kind of water heaters.

What is a tankless water heater?

Before any other pros and cons, discussion one needs to understand what is the thing being talked about. A tankless water heater makes use of high and powerful burners to quickly heat water as it goes through the sturdy heat exchanger. It then gets delivered pretty directly right up to the taps or faucets without entering into a storage tank. It is generally powered by electricity and gas. These heaters tend to be way more energy-efficient since they are capable of heating hot water right at the moment it’s getting used. With this description, tankless water heaters might seem to be a very desirable and affordable product but it’s too has its pros just like its cons:

Advantages of tankless water heaters

  • Longevity

This kind of water heaters can last you for years and by years, it means twenty or thirty years easily. So once you buy it you can rest easy that you don’t have to buy another one for a long long time. This makes it an effective and reasonable investment.

  • Less space

Tankless water heaters come with a lot of benefits and this is the biggest one over water heaters with storage tanks. You will find that this small machine can be very easily installed in the very tightest of spaces. So even if you have a small home, even then this water heater will give you the water hot you deserve. There is also no compulsion that you will have to install it inside your home or in your bathroom, you can very easily install it on your outside walls too if your home doesn’t have spatial correctness.

  • Always hot water

When you are tired after a long day and want a warm bath or during winters when you just want to soak your cold feet in a bucket of hot water, you won’t like waiting for the hot water at all. With tankless water heaters that are exactly what you will get. There will be more waiting for hot water. You will get it just whenever you want it even if you are in a hurry to take a shower and go to work. These kinds of water heaters can give you around two to three gallons of piping hot water every minute.

  • Conserve money

The one complaint which every water heater owner has is of the soaring electricity and water bills. But with tankless water heaters, you can rest easy. These heaters can save up to 25% of energy and prevent the steady emptying of your pockets. It will also be beneficial in the long run.

Disadvantages of tankless water heaters

  • Cost

Cost is the biggest factor when it comes to purchasing a tankless water heater. Of course, it will last longer and reduce your bills over time, but the biggest impediment is the initial price you will have to but it for. It costs a lot more than a traditionally used storage tank. You might have to pay around ten times more than what you would generally have to pay up for a normal storage water tank. As such this makes people back off from buying one in the first place.

  • Output challenged

In a big house when you will install this costly water heater, you will expect it to deliver on many fronts at the same time. Suppose you are doing laundry and someone else is taking a shower, then the water heater might not be able to deliver hot water at the same temperature, at the same flow throughout the whole time you will be doing your laundry or the other person will be showering. Or even if multiple people are taking a bath at the same time, then someone’s hot water will not be as hot as they want it to be. They can expect it to be quite chilly actually.

  • Replacement cost

If you have a tank water heater and are thinking of shifting to a tankless one, then know that such a replacement will be costly. You will find that it takes a lot more time to install the new tankless heater simply because the entire existing piping will have to be changed and then replaced. Not to mention that it will be very costly to replace because of the sheer complexity of changing everything.

What’s a tank water heater?

Tank water heaters or storage water heaters are the kind of water heaters that are available in most houses. This kind of standard water heaters can heat as well as store water in an insulated tank. This reservoir will be able to hold anything from around and thirty or fifty gallons of hot water. For this machine, to work there is a pipe which goes from the very top to give you the hot water you need. When the water gets used up then there is a tank that again gets refilled with hot water right from the given water source. Again, this new cold water gets heated up and then gets stored. This cycle continues. When you read this short description, then storage water heaters will be seen to be very useful and advantageous as well. But that’s not always the case. So let’s know about the pros and cons of a tank water heater.

Advantages of tank water heaters

  • Low installation and buying cost

You don’t have to invest a lot to buy a tank water heater. It’s way cheaper than a tankless water heater. You will find that even with the installation cost, your total cost invested in the whole thing won’t be too high and it certainly won’t even come close to what you would have to invest in a tankless one.

  • Less maintenance cost

Storage water heaters have a very simple way of operating especially when compared to tankless ones. This means that you won’t have to worry about repair and maintenance costs a lot when there’s trouble in its operation. It will be lesser than repairing and maintaining tankless heaters.

Disadvantages of tank water heaters

  • More space

You will need a sizeable space if you want to install a storage water heater. If your house is small or if you have some kind of restrictions in your house then you might find it quite challenging to find a place that will be a convenient place for installing the tank heater. Another major disadvantage of having a tank water heater is that unlike the tankless ones you won’t be able to install it outside your home.

  • Less longevity

The storage water heater has a much shorter lifespan when compared to tankless ones. Tankless ones will last you for two to three decades, but the most a tank heater will last for is a decade or so. You can expect one to last for fifteen years at most. As such you will have to replace one at least once more in the entire lifetime of a tankless water heater.

  • Higher bills

Know that since the tank heat will first gear and then reheat the water to some specific preset temperature so this is bound to increase your bills. Moreover, know that if the heater is kept in a cool environment, then it will have to work harder during the winter months to heat the water properly. As such your gas and water bills are bound to increase during the winter months even more.

  • Don’t shower last

Know that a tank heater can maximum support there showers continuously. This means that if you have the unfortunate luck of going in fourth, then the water you will get will likely be chilled. Of course, one solution to this is to get a larger tank if you are faced with this reoccurring issue, but know that this will also increase your bills.

So which one is better for you?

It might be difficult to decide which one will be best for you. For example, a tankless heater is costly, but it can be installed even outside your house and it will serve you for three decades. On the contrary, a storage heater will be cheaper to install and repair, but it will take a large space for installation which has to be right inside your home. So it’s up to you to consider which criteria have to be given more preference. It can be the cost, storage space, or longevity for you. Moreover, it can be more than one feature as well.

So overall, consider your bank account and if it can afford a tankless heater or not. After all, from on them, you don’t have to worry about it. But if not, then a tank heater will probably be the best for you.

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