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StiebelEltron 29 PlusTempra Tankless Water Heater Review

When it comes to water heaters, tankless ones are more preferred. This is because of their compact size, no need for venting, energy efficiency, and other valuable features. But does StiebelEltron 29 PlusTempra Tankless Water Heater fall in that group? Are its features desirable and efficient? Let’s find out

Stiebel Eltron 29 Plus Tempra Tankless Water Heater Review

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StiebelEltron Tankless water Hester Features

  • Whole house unit

This unit can serve a whole house easily. This is because of its small size. It weighs around 17 pounds, which ensures that it can be easily mounted anywhere you want. You will be able to install it anywhere in your house, unlike some tankless heaters which have to install near the shower, sink, or another outlet where you need the hot water. Also, this unit will be able to supply hot water to all your taps at once. If you are surprised by that then know that it can do so because it works on 150 PSI and 240v.

  • Flow rate

This unit will give you 4.40 GPM which means that the water flow will be sufficient to meet all your needs. You will be able to get all your chores or showering done easily without feeling like you are standing underneath a thin stream of water. Also, you will be able to adjust the temperature of the hot water according to your needs. This unit allows you a range of 86°F to 125°F to choose the water temperature from. Know that you won’t get hot water right from the very moment you press the button. You will have ten seconds or even more to get the hot water. But if it’s winter season then you might have to wait for a longer time. But know that once the water starts falling, it won’t stop and it will maintain the same content temperature throughout.

  • Performance

Since this model works on electricity, so you don’t have to worry about venting, fumes, and flames. It heats water through coils and not burners. Know that even though the unit is very powerful but it can still lag. You can experience delays in the water flows as a result of excessive and simultaneous usage. If you run two taps or showers right at the very same time, then it won’t affect the performance of the unit. But if you add in a dishwasher to those two taps or showers, then there’s bound to be delays in the water flow. But there is a solution to this as well. If you face this kind of problem, then just adjust the dial till you get the desired water flow rate and temperature.

  • Digital display

The unit comes with a digital display that shows the current water temperature. If you want to change the water temperature, then you don’t need to turn any knobs or press any arrows. It will all be done through this digital display. You will be able to control the temperature right down to the smallest degree. So you will get hot water at just the temperature you like.

  • Energy efficiency

A great feature of Tempra 29 is that it is very good at saving energy. You can cut down your energy usage by around 20% when you switch on this model. As such you will surely be saving a lot with your electricity bill.

  • Installation

Many tankless water heaters are pretty effortless to install but not this one. For Tempra 29 it’s recommended that you call in a technician. You can do it if you have a lot of patience and can carry out do-it-yourself projects. But it’s recommended that you ask a professional when it comes to installing the machine as it will prevent accidents as well as imperfect installation.

  • Warranty

Warranty is important, especially with tankless water heaters. This ensures that every time something goes wrong, you don’t have to empty your pockets. For this unit, whether you get a residential or commercial unit, you will get a warranty of 3 years.

  • Corrosion

The one thing which this unit isn’t very good at handling is corrosion. If your water supply is so full of debris and minerals that it gets called hard water, then it will cause the internal components of this unit to slowly erode. The only solution to this is to test the PSI if you feel like your unit is failing to perform at its optimum level. If you are sure that the water supply is the problem then get it checked as well. Know that when the water hardness is above 120mg/l (ppm) or 7GPG or Grains Per Gallon then it’s labelled as hard water. This water will need special treatment before you put it in this water heater.


  • Weighs 17 pounds
  • 4.40 GPM flow rate
  • Energy efficient
  • Comes with warranty
  • Digital display and temperature control


  • Gets easily corroded
  • Has to be installed by a professional


The StiebelEltron 29 PlusTempra Tankless Water Heater is certainly good. It provides a continuous flow of water at a constant temperature, the water temperature can be easily controlled through a digital display and it can supply hot water to various fixtures. If that wasn’t enough, then this unit is very compact and lightweight, which ensures that you will be able to fit it anywhere in your house. But it does come with two specific drawbacks. One is the fact that it gets easily corroded and the other is that you need to get a trained professional to install this unit. To prevent this unit from getting corroded you will have to check your water supply to confirm that it’s not hard water otherwise you will have to spend a lot of money fixing it once the 3-year warranty ends. As for the installation problem, sure you can incur a one time charge of a professional getting it put up, but are you willing to do that if you have to move or if anything on the outside gets broken? If your answer is yes, then go ahead. Overall, this model has a lot of features that certainly can overshadow the negative points about it.

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