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SioGreen IR288 POU Infrared Electric Hot Tankless Water heater Review

Tankless water heaters certainly have the scales tipped in their favour when it comes to necessary and interesting features that will make using the heater easier. SioGreen IR288 POU Infrared Electric Hot Tankless Water is another such tankless heater. It comes with some very new and improved parts which ensure that it is functioning at a higher level than another tankless heater. Whether those parts and features are useful or not is what we have come to find out here.

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SioGreen IR288 POU Infrared Electric Hot Tankless Water heater Features

  • No internal corrosion

A problem that tankless heater owners have to deal with pretty frequently with is internal corrosion. This corrosion is caused by the water, which goes through the heater’s system. After all, the water which circulates inside the water does carry minerals, dirt, and debris that rusts the internal parts of the heater. But you don’t have to worry about this issue with SioGreen IR288. This is because this unit makes use of an infrared quartz tube to heat water. This doesn’t allow any kind of corrosion to take place inside the heating tank. This will save you a lot of maintenance costs over the years.

  • Less maintenance

Every best electric tankless heater needs periodic maintenance or maintenance checks at least. This will help keep the heater functioning for a long time and your investment in a tankless unit will pay off. But even then, SioGreen is different as you don’t have to invest a lot of time, money, or effort in maintaining it. This is because it doesn’t make use of a heating part. Since it doesn’t have any such part so you don’t have to flush it out routinely to ensure that it performs at its best level. So you can certainly go for long periods without any kind of maintenance. But it is advised that you go for maintenance checks whenever possible, especially if the unit has been in use for many years.

  • Reduced limescale deposits

Owners tend to find that there are frequent deposits of limescale in their tankless heaters. This problem becomes more pronounced if you live in places where there’s a hard water issue. Places that have hard water, let algae and bacteria thrive, which downgrades the safety and quality of water. But that is a problem which you won’t have to face with this unit. This unit doesn’t let water sit idle and so there’s less of a chance of bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms developing in the water. This will make the heater last long.

  • Far-infrared tech

This tankless heater makes use of a combination of heating part technology and carbon coating to increase the energy levels present inside of the tube. What this means for you is that no matter how long you use your heater and keep it on, the unit will keep on making use of the very same level and amount of energy even if the water flow rate increases. What this feature ensures is that you will surely get lesser utility bills in this manner. So this way you will be able to save up more.

  • Water flow

The model offers a minimum flow rate of 1.0 for around 55 to a full 60°F rise. You will be able to get piping hot water within a few seconds of pressing the button. While the flow rate could certainly improve, but you will be able to get a lot of hot water for a full five minutes. But then the water will stop falling at the same speed and the flow rate will slow down. But you will keep on getting hot water unless you press the stop button. At most this heater can power two showerheads. But the person using the second showerhead should be prepared for facing cold water or hot water at a lower temperature.

  • Manual and automatic power

Tankless heaters should be very easy to control and the SioGreen is no exception as well. You will be able to use it effortlessly with its automatic and manual control modes. When you use the automatic mode, the unit makes use of smart modulating tech and formula to fully estimate the kind of variation that will be there between the desired temperature and the temperature that is currently in use. This technology then predicts the power needed to heat the water according to your needs. Once that is determined the water is heated up effortlessly.

The automatic tech is surely a very attractive and useful feature. But then the manual mode will also make it easy for you. In this mode, you will have to hold on to the power key for around 3 seconds. This will let you shift the current according to your needs. You will be able to shift it between 5 to a full 40 amps. With this, you will be able to get the water temperature that you need. The model comes with an LCD screen that will let you view the temperature currently in use so that you can change it easily.

  • Easy installation

It’s very easy to install this unit. The model is compact and is just a bit bigger than your shoebox. This ensures that you will be able to fit it right below even the littlest of spaces in your bathroom, kitchen, etc. So if you have a small apartment then this kind of unit can easily be fit in there. Its small size makes it very easy for us.


  • Dual-mode of temperature control
  • Far-infrared tech
  • Less internal corrosion
  • Reduced limescale deposits
  • Fewer maintenance costs
  • Easy installation


  • Expensive unit
  • Water flow rate can improve


The SioGreen IR288 POU Infrared Electric Hot Tankless Water is a tankless heater which can be used for commercial purposes with a family. It has a tonne of useful features that will make operating the unit easier and will give you better value for money.

It comes with dual temperature control methods and infrared quartz tubes to heat water. All of it makes it easy to maintain the unit and lessens the utility costs a lot. Its compact size makes it easy to install it. While the water flow rate and the number of outlets it can service leaves a lot to be desired, but overall it’s a good model that can be used by small families for sure.

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