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Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra Series Natural Gas Tankless Water heater Review

Let’s be honest here, tankless water heaters which run on gas are less preferred than which run on electricity. After all, unless and until you already have a gas pipeline installed in your home, chances are that you are not going to incur the extra installation cost of gas pipelines along with the cost of installing a tankless gas water heater. But this doesn’t mean that gas-powered tankless heaters are inferior in performance or usability. Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra Series Natural Gas Tankless Water heater comes with tonnes of attractive features. But are these useful in daily life? Let’s find out:

Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra Series Natural Gas Review

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Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra Series Natural Gas Features

  • Electricity consumption

This model comes with bigger water and gas supply inlets. When it’s put in the standby mode, then it will be functioning on just 2 watts. But when you switch it on and it begins working, then it will consume about 64 watts. The biggest power consumption will be during winters when it can use around 140 watts to prevent its parts from freezing.

  • Gas consumption

This model will burn gas at a rate of about 15,000 BTU at a minimum to 200,000 BTU at a minimum rate. As a result, water will heat up well and heat up faster so that you get the warm water needed. Along with this, this unit has a flow rate of 0.25 to 9.8 which ensures that you will be able to get hot water in various faucets and outlets of your home.

  • Water heating

This model of Rinnai comes in two types- residential and commercial. The residential model will be able to heat water between 95 to 140°F while the commercial model can go up to 185° Fahrenheit. So you will adjust the water temperature according to your needs. This wide variety is perfect for families and businesses where different people have different preferences. But know that you won’t get hot water instantly after pressing the button. You will have to wait for some time. So this might create problems.

  • Piping and maintenance

Normal tankless gas-powered water heaters need 0.5 inches of standard water and gas connections to function. But Rinnai needs 0.75 inches of connections to work. This means that if you have the standard gas lines then you might have to make the necessary upgrades if you want to get this model. Also, maintenance is inherently bound in this piping connection because this change isn’t easy to make throughout the house. Also, it’s pretty complicated to install the machine itself. You will need a professional to get it all done. But just any professional will not do. You will need to bring a certified Rinnai professional only otherwise your warranty will get void.

  • Power

A good feature of this unit is that you will be able to use both gas and propane with this. You will be able to make use of gas and then switch to propane when the former is not available. This will certainly make it easier to use the product, especially in times of crisis. When it comes to venting, here too you will get dual options. You will be able to use in PVC or use concentric. Use the one which is easier and more comfortable for you.

  • Low Nox

The unit comes with advanced technological features that ensure that there are low Nox emissions. So you don’t have to worry about the safety of your family and the dual venting systems will certainly make life easier for you.

  • Size

The unit is compact and it can be put up anywhere you like. For example, it can be put in your bathroom, kitchen, and elsewhere too. The small and compact design will save space. It will be useful for families who are not living in a large space.

  • Digital display

The unit comes with a digital display that will show you the current temperature of the water. You will find that there are water temperature control buttons present as well. This will let you control the water temperature and let you switch it to the temperature you want. Along with this, to make the job easier for you there’s a power button to switch it on and a gas control button so that you will be able to control the gas flow. All these buttons and displays make it easy to use the unit. Also, if you have kids in the house then you will know that they love to play with a new thing and press various buttons. So there’s a high chance that those kids will press the temperature button and change the ideal temperature you have set so that you can shower in peace. To prevent this there is a lock that can be put on the temperature button so that there’s no unauthorized access. This way every morning you won’t have to be greeted with a new kind of water temperature this morning.

  • Warranty

With this model, you will get a guarantee of 12 years and 5 years. 12 years are for the model’s heat exchanger and the 5 years are for the components. There is also a one year warranty on services and labor. This will certainly reduce your long term expenses. If something goes wrong, you will have to just contact the company. They will take care of everything else.


Overall, Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra Series Natural Gas Tankless Water heater is a lot of work with not enough returns. You will have to upgrade or install water and gas piping of a different measurement entirely just for it. You won’t also get instant hot water after pressing the on button. Surely, the hot water flow is high and it will service various faucets and outlets. But the electricity and gas consumption is too high and it doesn’t offer any kind of energy efficiency as well so you can expect high bills. So if you do want to go for it, then think carefully if it fits into your housing conditions and if it will be suitable for your family.

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