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Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0057 Shower Panel Tower System Review

People who had a refreshing shower in a spa, gym and in a five star hotel always wander to get the same result and satisfaction at their home but they think that the large multi functional systems and nozzles can expensive and costly for them that they could not afford to install in their home. It is not necessary that you need to spend a lot of money to get the pleasure and relaxing shower at your home at the Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0057 Shower Panel Tower System can be the perfect shower head for you that help you to get a luxurious shower without spending too much money.

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0057 Shower Panel Tower System Review

This shower head is a system that has almost eight kinds of water jets and all of them are made to do different jobs to provide a powerful and immersive shower experience to people. These water jests are combined with the handheld shower head and the rainfall style shower head that means you will get a great experience of the shower that satisfy your needs. With the Perfetto tower system, one can set up an ideal and right shower room according to your choice and preference.


  • It is very easy to install this shower head as you can easily install this shower head in your bathroom on your own.
  • A great amount of water jests and functions that help you to fulfill your variety of shower needs.
  • This shower head is made with excellent quality material and reinforced pipes that allow durable and long life of shower head and reduce the chances of any leak and issue.


  • It is expensive so that all people cannot afford it.
  • If you have smaller and short bathroom then it can be difficult for you to install this large and bulky shower head.

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Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0057 Shower Panel Tower System features 

If you are thinking to install this shower head then it is beneficial for you to have proper knowledge about the key features of this system so that you can gain lots of benefits of it. As compared to any other shower head, there are lots of amazing features included in this shower head system that is mentioned here:

Wall mounting and installation

This shower head is a full panel tower system rather than just buying a shower head. It is required to be mounted on the wall and make sure to connect properly with both hot and cold outlet. It is not difficult to install this shower head if you have the expertise and little DIY knowledge.


Always the looks of a shower will not matter and not as important but it is not in case with this shower head because this product has quite striking and elegant looks. This product has a sleek, attractive and modern look that enhances the look and appearance of your bathroom and home. This product comes with a finish of black stainless steel and versatile look that can easily go with several styles of décor and helps to enhance the look and design of your home.

The extra long shower wand

The mounted head and water jet of this shower head give you a brilliant close up feel in the shower. This shower head also includes extra long shower wand that is useful for things like washing hair and ensures that you can bath the pets and children in your home as well as helps to get the harder to reach the area of your body on easy way. It helps you to take a refreshing and brilliant shower that satisfies your shower needs in an effective manner.

Jests and heads Galore

Among a variety of shower heads available in the market, this shower head system has a brilliant feature that gives you the kind of control that you will never get in a home shower. This shower has eight different jets that are easily customizable and you can easily point to the areas to get a massaging sensation in an effective manner. This shower head is able to give you an amazing and brilliant shower experience.

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Build quality and pressure

The high quality and reliable material used in this shower head ensure great lifespan and durable life that give you higher satisfaction. This shower head is made up of black stainless steel finish that is created to be waterproof and rustproof and make it looking good for several years.

This is not one of the cheapest shower heads available in the market but you can get lots of amazing features and high quality product by investing a little bit more on your investment. By paying some more money on this product, you can expect well made shower head made with great material that you can use for several years without any worry. This shower head comes with one year warranty period that helps you to save your money on the manufacturing defect and damage within the specific time period.

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Frequently asked question

What is the right size of pipe does this shower head require?

The Perfetto shower heads can easily hooks up to half inch pipe but lots of customers also reported about using ¾ inch pipe that seems perfectly fine with your needs and requirements.

Does this shower head come in several designs?

Generally, two designs are designed by the manufacturer that are the stainless steel finish and brushed black finish. These two designs perfectly match with almost all kinds of interior designs and able to enhance the look of your bathroom. But if you are searching for something different then you may require to look at our best shower head article.

Is it possible to use all the functions simultaneously?

With all the multiple heads and jets, people may think that they cannot work together but it is not true. All the functions of the shower head can be used simultaneously by the user to gain lots of benefits and great shower experience.

What do customers say?

  • Easy to install

It is very easy and simple for people to install this shower head in an effective manner without facing any difficulty. If you are one of those people who know plumbing then you will not find any hassle with the installation process of this shower head. This Perfetto system has open back that means it is required to be mounted flush on the wall.

  • Elegant and beautiful look

Lots of people get satisfied by the color and design of this shower head as it helps to enhance their bathroom’s value in a reliable way. You can take the black finish or stainless steel finish for your bathroom and able to make your bathroom look classy and stylish without any effort. This product is very popular in the modern apartments and bathroom that does not only increase the look of your bathroom but also help you to get luxurious shower experience within cost effective manner. According to lots of customers, this shower head is a classy, modern, sleek and clean shower head that is every used by them.

  • Ease of use

There is not a hard and tough rule to use this shower head as you can use it in a very simple and effective manner. This panel system comes with lots of easy to use functions and features so that people can use it in the best way. People generally do not get any kind of complications and difficult while using this product.

Final words

As you can see wide variety of shower heads available in the market but all of them do not provide luxurious feeling while shower but Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0057 Shower Panel Tower System can be one best product that helps you to get quality shower experience. Every person has their different choice and preference while taking a shower and having a right shower head like Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0057 Shower Panel Tower System can fulfill all your needs and requirements.

People who use this shower head get lots of amazing features that help you to gain a great shower with high or low water pressure. It is very easy and convenient to install and clean this shower head and you can get this product easily in the market where you can get know about the various features and functions of the shower head.

The cost of this shower head is a little bit high for people but when it comes to the functionality of the product and the looks then this shower head can beat all similar products as it helps to enhance the look of your bathroom with its elegant design. Whenever you are going to buy a shower head, it is essential for you to make proper research so that you can make the right decision according to your needs and requirements in an effective manner. So, if you are going to buy a shower head to get luxurious shower experience and want to make your bathroom elegant then it is beneficial for you to invest your money on the Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0057 Shower Panel Tower System.

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