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NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

While decorating your home, you should consider including some stylish items such as curtains to make your home attractive. Apart from enhancing the look of your home, curtains can protect you, your expensive furniture, floor, and other elegant items. So, you should select high-quality curtains for your home to get the right benefits. When talking about curtains, blackout curtains can’t be ignored. With several unique features, blackout curtains are capable of enhancing your home’s look and offering many benefits. So, installing a blackout curtain is essential for any home.

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Review

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If you really need a high-quality blackout curtain for your home, then you can consider using the NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain. With a great design and high-quality materials, this curtain can offer the best performance to you. This curtain comes in a variety of sizes and colors to allow you to choose your preferred size and color. Because of its superior quality, this blackout curtain is an excellent product for any home. This article is going to review the NICETOWN thermal insulated blackout curtain so that you can have an idea about this product before buying it.   


This curtain is made of 100% polyester fabric to provide high protection from the harmful rays of the sun. By buying a set of NICETOWN Thermal insulated blackout curtains, you will get two blackout curtain panels. Each curtain panel in a set sizes 63 inches long and 42 inches wide. Also, this curtain is available in 45 inches, 54 inches, 84 inches and 90 inches of length. So, you should choose the right length of the curtain for your home while buying. This curtain is moderately-heavy and soft enough to offer you a great feel. This high-quality curtain includes six silver grommets in each panel so that you can install them easily and quickly. With a size of 1.6 inches, the silver grommets can be installed on the standard curtain rods easily. Because of the unique design and high-quality material, the NICETOWN thermal insulated blackout curtain is capable of stopping the UV rays up to 85% to 99%.

The blackout curtain is designed with the triple weave technology to reduce the noise and offer a perfect view of the TV. The front layer of the curtain has a higher shading rate to provide maximum shade in your home. The middle layer feels soft to the hand and offers high strength to the curtain. The back layer is eco-friendly and creates a healthy environment for you. Because of the triple weave technology, this curtain becomes thicker and offers perfect protection from the sun rays. As the premium quality heavy fabric is used in the construction of this curtain, it can help in balancing the temperature and reducing the noise level. By installing this blackout curtain in your home, your privacy is going to be protected.

This high-quality curtain has a blackout property of 85%. With a textured finish, this blackout curtain enhances the look of your home. Because of the triple weave soft polyester fabric, the blackout curtain can provide the perfect shading performance in your home. Also, this curtain can insulate the heat of the summer and cold of the winter to create a comfortable environment for you. This smart blackout curtain is a brilliant product to install in your home. If you are looking for a set of blackout curtains for protecting your home, then you should go for this insulated blackout curtain.

Instructions and care:

Once you purchased this curtain, you need to install it perfectly for effective performance. First, you should unpack the curtains and then install them using the grommets. Because of its unique design, you can install this curtain on a standard curtain rod. Also, it can be installed within a few minutes.

As it is made of trimmed polyester fabric, it is wrinkle-free and soft. The NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain is designed in such a way that you can use it for a long time. It supports machine washing with cold water. So, you can clean this curtain in your home effortlessly. This insulated blackout curtain supports tumble dry. You can iron this curtain on steam if required. So, the maintenance of this blackout curtain is very easy. If you buy the NICETOWN thermal insulated blackout curtain, you can get the perfect performance with minimal maintenance.

My Experience:

When I opened the package of this curtain, I was really impressed with its look. It is very soft, and the grommets are sturdy. With a decent weight, this curtain is easy to handle. I completely like its stylish design and improved look. The grey color blackout curtain suits my home décor. After installing this curtain in my room, I decided to install this curtain in every room of my house. Because of this curtain, I feel safe with my family in my home. Also, the furniture protected from the sun.

It is strong, but not so heavy that I will feel difficult to use it. The length of the curtain I purchased fits the windows of my home perfectly. With its high-quality performance, I feel like out of the world. Its unique design has impressed me, and I use this curtain in my home in all the weather. I really feel nice to stay in the shade of this blackout curtain. It also maintains my room temperature and offers a comfortable environment for my family.

Because of the thick triple weave technology fabric, it helps to reduce the noise and heat. In all the weather conditions, it protects my home and helps to create a safe environment. Another thing I liked about this blackout curtain is it is easy to maintain. With low maintenance, this blackout curtain is capable of offering high performance. So, I am completely impressed with this blackout curtain. I am able to clean this curtain in the machine with cold water effortlessly. Also, it allows me to iron it on low or steam after cleaning. I am very happy with this blackout curtain and recommend you to use this curtain in your home also. As this curtain comes at an affordable price, anyone can use it effortlessly.  


  • The NICETOWN thermal insulated blackout curtain is available in around 20 colors.
  • It includes triple weave, high-quality polyester fabric for unique strength.
  • It includes sturdy silver grommets for easy installation.
  •  This blackout curtain has a blackout property of 85%.
  • It offers maximum shade so that anyone can get a safe environment in his/her home.
  •  Its 100% blackout polyester fabric helps you to maintain the perfect temperature in your home.
  • This blackout curtain can be cleaned in the machine with cold water.
  • With a creative design, this curtain fits the standard curtain rods effortlessly.


  • According to the users, all the colors of the NICETOWN thermal insulated blackout curtain are not ideal for providing the perfect blackout performance.

Final Thoughts:

The NICETOWN thermal insulated blackout curtains are the best curtains for any home. With their blackout feature, these curtains block the light perfectly. If you are looking for curtains for your baby’s room, then the NICETOWN insulated blackout curtains are the best choice for you. For darkening your room, you can use these curtains. Whether you want to darken your room temporarily or permanently, these curtains can offer you the perfect performance. Another thing that I liked about these curtains is they come in many colors. So, you can choose the blackout curtain to match your home décor.

I would strongly recommend you to use this best blackout curtains in your home to reduce the noise and maintain the temperature effectively. With an excellent design, the NICETOWN blackout curtains allow you to install and use it easily. As they are available in multiple sizes, you can choose the perfect size of the blackout curtain for your home easily. The most needed place to install the blackout curtain is the baby’s room. So, homes with babies must buy this product. I hope you liked this article and decided to buy this product or not. If you feel that this blackout curtain can fulfill your needs, then you should go for this product undoubtedly.

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