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Makita 2012NB Review : Best Portable Thickness Wood Planer

Makita 2012NB Review

Makita has been a reputed name when it comes to the professional power tools that are meant to perform and last. This can be one of the many reasons why I have chosen Makita 2012NB for my smaller DIYs that I usually do at home. But believe me guys, Makita 2012NB has tons of other reasons too why I shifted it to the tool.

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Makita 2012NB is one of the most popular and useful tools to have at home or a workshop when you are searching for an ideal performer for yourself that is compact in size. The compact size of the planer makes it a lot easier to use, and it is also a perfect buy for those users who are looking to buy a reliable and extremely efficient thickness planer for them.

Here, I will be talking about the various aspects of the planer that not only make it a worthy buy but also an efficient planer that works extremely well to provide you complete value for your money. So, if you were looking to buy a reliable planer that works well and has the features to die for, Makita 2012NB is the right choice to go with.

Who Should use this product?

Due to the compact size of Makita 2012NB, it is an excellent choice for the buyers who are looking to buy a reliable and compact planer that is easier to handle too. Along with this, the easy to use features of the planer make sit an ideal buy for the buyers who are trying their hands on planers for the first time and want to rely on the easy one. So, whether you are a homeowner or a professional who has just started the work, Makita 2012NB will be the best planer in the range to go with.

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Makita 2012NB Features

Like I said before, there is a lot to talk about Makita 2012NB, and if you are a keen buyer, it is quite obvious that you are looking to know more about t the planer before purchasing it for you. And as there are several points to talk about, I’ll be focusing on the four most important features that make the Makita 2012NBbetter choice than most of the other planers available in the market. So, just sit back relaxed and go through these points to decide whether this is the right planer for you or not.

  • Highly durable build quality

The very first thing that I loved about the Makita 2012NB is its perfect build quality. And even though the tool is meant for the beginners, you won’t find any flaw in its design or construction. Made up of heavy-duty aluminum, Makita 2012NB is one of the lightest and easy to use planer in the range, and due to the high-quality construction, you can easily rely on for years to come.

Just make sure that it is maintained well, and you won’t need to upgrade until you need a bigger and more capable planer for your projects.

  • Absolute value for money product

With the durable build quality and efficient performance, Makita 2012NB is probably the best value for money products to go with and if you are looking to invest your money in a place where it treats you with great performance and efficiency, you should be looking to invest in Makita 2012NB. Believe me, guys, this will be the best decision for your workshop and projects you are currently dealing with.

In other words, if you were after a complete value for money and want to invest in a reliable planer for yourself, you should once try your handson Makita 2012NB.

  • Great for the beginners

With an excellent set of features, easy handling and many more, Makita 2012NB is undoubtedly the best and most reliable choice for the beginners. With easy handling and the features that you can easily master Makita 2012NB is the perfect choice to go with,even if you haven’t tried your hands on the benchtop planers before.

So, if you were looking to buy a reliable and easy to use planer that has all the necessary features that help you to know the working of planer like a pro, Makita 2012NB is the right buy for you.

  • Compact design for easy handling


Another important reason why I have chosen Makita 2012NB for my projects is the compact design of the planer. Due to this, the planer becomes too much easier to handle, and it also makes the users to hold and operate with better precision. So, instead of going with the planers that are heavy and hard to control, I will suggest you to go with the Makita 2012NB, which is probably the best buy for the new users.

  • Noise and vibration-free operation

Another great thing about the Makita 2012NB is the machine operates calmly and doesn’t provide much noise and vibration that are always issues with the compact and lightweight planers. So, if you were looking to have a planer that is easier to use and does not produce much noise, the Makita 2012NB is the worthy product to go with.

Tips for using Makita 2012NB

Makita 2012NB has lots of features and unique designs that make it a worthy buy for almost every user who is after a compact thickness planer. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can be used in order to get the best performance and usability from the planer. Try your hands on these points to know how you can get the maximum benefits from the planer.

  • Make sure that you choose the recommended accessories for the planer
  • Proper maintenance enhances the life and performance of the tool
  • Make sure that the work area is clean and managed properly
  • Safety gears must not be avoided

By keeping these tips in mind, you can be assured of getting the most perfect and reliable performance from the planer without trying too hard. So be sure to follow them to enhance your productivity.


IN all, if you were looking to invest your money in a compact, efficient and reliable planer, you should once try your hands on Makita 2012NB. With excellent product quality, a brilliant set of features, and easy performance, the Makita 2012NB is probably the most efficient and reliable thickness wood planer of this size and price range.

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