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Makita 1002BA Wood Planer Review

Are you looking for a base planer for your wood cutting projects? Today, I am going to introduce you with a superb base planer, which delivers significant performance. After experiencing its awesomeness, I decided to let you know about it. That product is Makita 1002BA 4-3/8 inch curved base planer. With a user-friendly design, this product can provide you the ease of cutting. This base planer is designed to take your wood cutting experience to the next level. You can experience high-level accuracy in your projects. This can be an amazing consideration that you make to enhance your experience in your work area. Makita 1002BA base planer has a versatile design to help you in doing your tasks effectively. By using this base planer, you can feel easier to do all your cutting works.

Makita 1002BA Wood Planer Review

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With a powerful 9.6 AMPs motor, this product assures you to complete your jobs easily. If you are a professional wood cutting person, then you can use this product to improve your cutting speed in your workshop. Because of its durable handle, I feel easy to use this machine in most of my projects. The handle offers a high grip to your hand to do your work conveniently. Anyone can operate this machine with basic knowledge because of its unique design. You can have full control on this machine during operation by holding the large handle properly. By including this product in your workshop, you can push your limits of doing your projects.

Who should use this product?

If you are looking for a powerful curved base planer for your work, you should use this product. Makita 1002BA curved base planer has a large two-handed design to provide full control of the cutter to the user. So, people who want to use a controllable and effective base planer should go for this product. It has a front grip that offers maximum grip to your hand. As this machine can be controlled easily, you can expect high precision. If you are a person who wants an outstanding machine in his/her work area, then this product is perfect for you. It offers a stable pressure on the surface to cut the board grains smoothly. After you use this product, you will definitely fall in love with it.

It has a 9.6 AMPs motor with a capacity of delivering 15,000 RPM to offer excellent finish to the surface you are working with. Because of this high-speed capacity, this product is ideal to be used with curved surfaces. When I performed a simple cutting job with this machine, I experienced perfect cutting results. So, I can assure you that it can do the jobs perfectly. This curved base planer is perfect for cutting the logs with a curved radius of 12-5/8 inches. Its bevel radius can be adjusted to 11-13/16 inches to offer great performance. Because of the front and rear grip, you can handle this machine effectively and guide it on the surface easily. It has a weight of 4 pounds, which is very light to operate on the curved bases. So, you can operate this machine without experiencing any pain in your arms. To know more about this curved base planer, you can read the list of features that I included here.


  • High accuracy: This feature is suitable to make your jobs perfect for their applications. This curved base planer is designed in such a way that it can produce sleek surfaces whatever the job type is. Its base is perfectly machined to offer smooth contact with the job surface. It can cut the curved logs of 12-5/8 inches. I can say that this machine is a great solution to plane the curved surfaces effectively.
  • Powerful motor: With a powerful motor, this curved base planer ensures that you make the surface of your job smoother as desired. The motor has a power of 9.6 AMPs, which produces 15,000 of RPM. With this speed, this base planer can effectively cut the grains on the surface. If you want a base planer with extraordinary power, then this product can be the best product for you.
  • Wonderful gripping: This curved base planer has a two-handed design that allows you to control this machine perfectly. Also, because of the lightweight design, you can handle it easily. It includes front as well as rear grips to provide a better grip to your hand. Its convenient design is perfect to use for hours without any issues.
  • Large cord: The curved base planer comes with a large cord of length of 16.4 feet. So, you can easily increase your work area by taking supply from a single socket. If you have a large work area, then this feature will give you a great value. You can do more work by inserting this machine in a single wall socket.
  • Large ejection chute: Makita 1002BA base planer comes with a large ejection chute, which enables the discharge of chips speedily. Because of this feature, it can complete the jobs in less time. As the chips get removed easily, you can guide this machine on the surface smoothly.
  • Portable design: The powerful base planer has a lightweight design, so it can be carried to any place easily. You can effortlessly take this machine to any location to do your job. If you need to carry your base planer to different places frequently, then this product is perfect for you.

Tips for using:

I have experienced exceptional performance by using this product. Here are some tips that I listed for you to use this base planer effectively.

  • While cutting, apply pressure in the front part at the beginning. Then reduce the pressure slowly from the front and increase the pressure in the rear part. By doing this, you can prevent the unevenness of the surface.
  • During the operation, hold the machine tightly.


Makita 1002BA curved base planer is an efficient product to use in your workshop. With so many attractive features, this product can help you in your cutting process dramatically. For ease of use, it includes a lightweight design and superb grip quality. It is an ideal product to plane any type of wood surface easily. It comes with the required accessories such as sharpening holder, blade gauge, wrench, and blade set. I feel that it is a great option for the people who do the wood cutting work frequently. It can give great value for money. If you feel it can fulfill your needs, then you can buy it without any hesitation. Also, you can tell your friends about it to help them in their work.

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