Kwanzaa Christmas Costume and Tradition : History, Principle, Meaning, Greetings and Candle Handel

Kwanzaa is the festival of seven days celebrated by African and African American. It falls on 26th Dec to 1 Jan. Kwanzaa is originated from the meaning first fruits. Kwanzaa is most popular in USA and it has been celebrated with full dedication. In this festival the use of the seven candles of different colors such as black is at the center while three redone on the left while three green one at the right side.

Kwanzaa is celebrated from December 26th to January 1st and was created in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga to provide African Americans with a cultural alternative to Christmas. It focuses on seven core principles, known as the Nguzo Saba, and each day of Kwanzaa emphasizes one principle.

There aren’t specific traditional costumes associated with Kwanzaa, but people often wear traditional African clothing or African-inspired garments during the celebrations. These might include colorful dashikis, kente cloth, headwraps, and other garments that reflect African heritage. Additionally, people may decorate their homes with African artwork, textiles, and symbolic items.

Things to cover

The festival light is very important things to cover in this Kwanzaa festival. The special candle holder called kinara is used to hold seven candles throughout.

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Kwanzaa Principles

The seven days and the candles remark the seven principles of kwanzaa. It brings the symbolism of the culture of the festival. The presentation of the seven days and candles displays the seven principles of kwanzaa.

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The principles are as follows:

Unity– Unity of the family, friends, nation and community is important and we need to follow this.

Self Determination– Your behavior is the result of you attitude so you will be responsible for your own conduct.

Work and Liability– In the community the feeling of giving is important. Helping each other is the best thinking in this. Working together and the feeling of oneness is amazing.

Kwanzaa Meaning

Kwanzaa is means first and it symbolizes the first fruits of the harvest. There are multiple form of celebration in Africa among them celebration of harvest is of most important. In this the activity of festival is like loved one has got together and they just wish to each other for the better future. Wish for the good harvest and working on it is the key purpose of this festival. Kwanzaa is the times when we come together t bring out principles, share and enjoy the outcome of our labor and stay committed to the achievement of the betterment of our family and community. Kwanzaa purpose is to treat what you have done for your harvest and community.

Kwanzaa Origin

Kwanzaa is a cultural celebration and religious holiday. It symbolizes the values and traditions of Africans and African Americans. When it comes to the Kwanzaa celebration it requires lot of effort and time. The Kwanzaa should be celebrated with open arms and you must show respect by following the steps of preparation with devotion. You haveto decorate your dining table in this festival.

Kwanzaa should be celebrated with keen devotion and dignity. If you indeed follow the culture and tradition then you should follow every step of Kwanzaa festival to make it every year memorable for African Americans.

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Kwanzaa History

If you want to know more about Kwanzaa festival then you must know Kwanzaa history. Kwanzaa is lot more than about candles and decorating tables. There is person Maulana Karenga who later become a professor, has originated Kwanzaa with the purpose to keep people united and encouraging the African community. He took the name Kwanzaa from Swahili phrase which means first fruits. The extra ‘a’ is added in the spelling of Kwanzaa to make a belief that seven children at the first celebration of the Kwanzaa in 1966.

Though it is also heard that the many people celebrates both Christmas and Kwanzaa both.

Kwanzaa Greetings

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best Kwanzaa Greetings gifs

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