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How to Wash Curtains with Blackout Lining

Blackout curtains have gained popularity in recent years. They are specifically used to block the sunlight from entering the room. Blackout curtains are falling into the category of the essential elements of the bedroom. These curtains do block not only the sunlight but also save a lot of energy. Mostly, the rear side (the side that faces towards the window) of a blackout curtain is made up of foam or rubber, which prevents the sunlight from entering the room. While, the front side of the blackout curtain (the side people see when they enter inside the room) is mostly made up of woven fabric that comes in a numerous variety of colors, making it easier to match the décor of the rooms.

The blackout curtains are most commonly used in hotels, hospitals, bedrooms, etc. In the hospitality industry, blackout curtains are used during the odd hours of the day to prevent the sunlight from entering the hotel. This is done to provide ease of sleeping to people staying inside the hotel. The other site where blackout curtains are widely used is in hospitals. They are specifically used inside the wards of light-sensitive patients. However, people have started using these curtains inside their bedrooms, especially in areas where sunlight is more prevalent. Considering the significance of sleep, the blackout curtains create an outstanding night atmosphere to fall asleep during the day.

As we know that the front side of these blackout curtains is created using a woven fabric, it becomes easy for small particles to gather in the fabric. Different particles such as dust, dander, pet hair, molds, etc. stick to the fabric of blackout curtains, and eventually, it makes the curtains look dingy. Therefore, it becomes necessary to clean these blackout curtains regularly. So, how can you clean the blackout curtains? If you are thinking of the regular washing procedure, then the answer is a big no. Blackout curtains need a distinctive treatment.

Cleaning of Blackout Curtain: 

The blackout fabric is not suitable for cleaning inside the washing machine. Hence, we recommend the readers to clean them manually. Following are the steps of manual cleaning of the blackout curtains:


Dusting is the easiest way to remove the dirt or dust from blackout curtains. It requires a few simple steps, which are as follows:

Step1: Use the feather duster over the curtain hanging from the hooks. Feather dusters are commonly used to remove dust particles.

Step2: Stretch the curtain fabric over the rod without taking it out.

Step3: Wipe the feather duster back and forth with gentle hands.

Step4: You can lay the curtain fabric on the clean floor or table and remove the dust using a cheesecloth.

Step5: You can even use a vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning of the blackout curtains. Do not forget to use soft bristle for smooth cleaning.


Blotting is another simple technique that can be used to clean the blackout curtains. You need to take warm water in a small bowl and add small drops of liquid detergent inside the bowl. Then, dip a cloth in the same bowl, wring out the excess water from the cloth. At last, use the same cloth to blot up stains by smoothly rubbing it on the curtain stains.

Maintenance cleaning methods: 

If you are not sure about the fabric of your blackout curtain, then maintenance cleaning is the best option for you. The maintenance cleaning prevents the curtains from damage.

Spot Cleaning method: The following steps are required for spot cleaning:

  1. Firstly you need to take the curtain down from the rod.

      2.Put one drop of laundry soap on the curtain spot.

  1. Take a cloth and dampen it using warm water, wring out the excess water, then gently rub the same cloth over the spot of the curtain.
  2. Finally, rinse the curtain using a clean cloth, it is advised to avoid submerging the curtain inside the water completely.

Spot cleaning is easy, but one needs to be careful while using this method; few laundry detergents might change the color of the curtains and cause damage to them. We recommend our readers to select a colorless soap to prevent any discoloration of the curtain fabric.

Steam Cleaning: 

Steam cleaning is the most convenient method of cleaning the blackout curtains. It is the best technique to clean the heavily weighted curtains without even taking them down. Following steps are required for steam cleaning:

  1. The perfect direction of steam cleaning is from top to bottom.
  2. You need to hold the steam cleaner a bit away from the curtain to prevent it from getting wet.
  3. It is advised to read the instruction manual before using the steam cleaner on the blackout curtains.

Drying Method: 

One needs to be very careful while drying the blackout curtains after the process of cleaning. Being too rough while wringing out water from curtains can break their backside. It is recommended to hang the curtains on the rod for drying. However, if a person wants to be more careful, then it is advised to use a hairdryer for drying the blackout curtains.


A proper maintenance and washing of blackout curtains are required to make them last for a longer period. We suggest our readers know the type of their blackout curtain before proceeding to clean them. Otherwise, you might end up damaging your expensive and precious blackout curtains. Also, it is recommended to read the instructions that come along with these curtains. We hope you clean your blackout curtains efficiently.

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