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How to Prevent Water Heaters from Overheating?

There is a various home appliance that provides efficient functioning and fulfills some of the essential needs. When it comes to the water heater, it is one of the most essential appliances in the home that provides relief in cold weather. Just imagine if you were having a hectic day at the office and after reaching home you want to take a shower that sheds off all the stress, but after getting under that you find that your water heaters are not working properly or getting overheated. It causes a sense of uneasiness that should be prevented.

Keeping your water heater in good condition is very necessary. It not only provides longevity to the equipment, but also keeps you away from unexpected investment. Here we are providing some of the instructions and understanding about one of the most common problems of the water heaters i.e. overheating of water heaters. This is not just a temporary problem, it can cause a massive problem that can deteriorate the condition of the equipment. Before getting the answer to the foremost question there are some of the things that should be considered.

While getting the understanding of different problems, it is mandatory to upkeep with one of the most foremost problems i.e. overheating. This not only affects the appliances but may cause serious problems that can lead to short circuits also.

What is the first troubleshooting that should be done if your water heater gets overheated?

This is one of the complicated and confusing first lines of response. This is because most of the homeowners don’t have any idea about temperature setting or calibration. If you find overheating of your water heater, then may be due to the temperature setting. Every water heater comes with different settings, water heaters are based upon different temperature calibration techniques as per their model and make. Some units come with an integrated function that detects any of the malfunctions that also include overheating. This system warns you before e any of the abnormalities, though they are not equipped with built-in safety features that restrict further deterioration.

If you find temperature setting as the sole reason for overheating, then these are the following steps that can help you to resolve the issue:

  • Apart from the type of heater whether it is tankless or with a tank, they are equipped with an alarm system in case you get to know about excessive heating then it’s advisable to switch off the alarm and keep an eye on the temperature setting. There is a thumb rule in case of any water heater that the system’s thermostat should be at 110 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit at the optimal level of working. At this temperature range, the water temperature remains constant. Temperature setting is a vital aspect of any water heater as it provides core information of the increase and decreases in the same to the customer.
  • However, this method is also not credible as sometimes the thermostat goes behind the limits. When your wear heater produces excessive hot water all of a sudden then it’s preferable to check the temperature setting. Numerous instances denote the simple calibration can help you to resolve this issue of overheating. People often take serious major without checking the temperature setting.

What are the precise measures, if you found out that thermostat is working correctly?

When you get to know about the thermostat and find out that it working correctly, but then also your water is getting excessive heat or the water heater is overheated. In that scenario, it is evident that the heating system of your water heaters should be suffering from mechanical breakdown. This type of mechanical breakdown can be addressed with the help of professionals only. For this, you are advised to contact the professional as soon as possible.

It is very important to get this in mind that one should not check the heating unit of the water heater by themselves, these are delicate units that have their own set of warranty. Sometimes with the DIY practice, you will get to know that the said warranty gets void. Most of the manufacturers don’t provide any type of help as this is prescribed in their terms and conditions. It is quite evident that without having a core knowledge of the mechanism, it is quite hard to even touch the mechanical unit of the water heater.

What are the reasons for overheating?

Apart from the above, numerous reasons cause the excessive heating of the water heaters. One of the reasons can be the dirt accumulation that leads to calcification. This calcification results in the massive surge of power by the heater. This makes the heating unit work more vigorously. With this defect in place, it is quite susceptible that the water gets too hot or the water heater gets excessive hot if you are unable to address this defect.

There is a limitation regarding the use if you are using your appliance for excessive heating, as it surely provides you with massive difficulties. You should get an understanding of the water flow and output of the water heater. Keeping a check on essential parameters not only saves the extra efforts, but also makes you worthy of the optimal usage. Some appliances need proper care. Just giving an overview of the care cannot fulfill the desired needs and also causes a hole in your pocket.

Ways to prevent overheating

There are some of the effective ways that should surely provide you an upper hand. These methods are responsible for treating the susceptible reasons for the overheating. Following are some of them:

  • Regular cleaning is one of the foremost practice that keeps the problem of overheating at bay. It is advisable to clean your water heaters once it is a year, so that there no residue left in that causes calcification. It is mandatory to decalcify the inner components. While decalcification one should give prior importance to the techniques for that given in the manual.
  • It is quite evident that thermostats are prone to wear and tear. One should change or replace these parts as it is preferable to change these once in a year. It provides good service and longevity of your appliance.
  • It is very important to inspect the pressure and temperature release valves. You should check these valves daily. This regular checkup can keep you away from the potential problems that may deteriorate the condition. The inspection of the water heater at regular intervals is important. If you are not checking these valves then eventually you may have to deal with a fatal explosion in the future. The point here is to get an understanding of the small problems of your water heater. Just don’t wait to overheat and then checking it.
  • Clogging of the pipes is one of the susceptible reasons that makes the heater water overheated. You just have to lift the water supply lever for a brief time and then allow the water to flush out. This will essentially help you out to cleanse any of the clogged particles. If there are residue or dirt present in the pipeline then it will be removed with this method cleaning. Continuous cleaning is one of the preferred ways to keep resistance to the different ways of overheating. It is advisable to take the help of a plumber at specific intervals.
  • Water heaters don’t require a lot of work to function properly. With the advent of technology, these appliances are also equipped with best in class parts. These parts provide a smart mechanism that is capable to warn for any change in the temperature. Different models keep on automatic shielding for the whole water heater. This feature is quite helpful in gaining longevity. The smart functions are quite conclusive and help you out in different problems. Just inspecting your water heater regularly will not provide the solution. You have to constructively check the water heater for the problems. Apart from checking there should be a change of wore parts that should be done to take immense benefit.

These are some of the ways that are credible to treat the problem of overheating. If these are given prior care and followed dedicatedly, then it is quite sure that you will get the effortless working of this appliance. To obtain optimal longevity these are the most preferable ways that should be your priority.


All the water heater, which we are listed in our tankless water heater reviews article, come with a smart mechanism that warm you about water temperature influx as soon as help. and you can take action to save the water heater.

Apart from the above measures, it is advisable to take professional help once in a while. Sometimes we understand the problem but due to its delicate nature, we shouldn’t opt for DIY. It is advisable to take professional help to maintain the longevity of the equipment as well as keeping you safe from any other safety disaster. With these effective tips and understanding, you can provide much-needed support and care to your appliance that makes it work like a new one. With these you can keep your water heater as a brand new one.

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