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How to Install a Blackout EZ Window Cover

Out of numerous blackout blinds that are available in the market, the Blackout EZ Window Covers are unique. These Window Covers can be easily customised to different sizes of windows. If you are having difficulty in installing the Blackout EZ Window Cover, then you should give this article a read. Blackout Window covers provide a 100% complete window Blackout, which is most importantly required for home theatres, night shift workers, napping children, and so on.

The Blackout EZ Window Cover is the only treatment for the window that offers a total blackout. This Window Cover is constructed in such a way that its exterior side is white and has a fine clean appearance reflecting the sun while the other (interior) side comes in different colors to complement the décor of any room.

The Blackout EZ Window Cover has a distinctive fabric that allows the loop Velcro tape and adhesive-backed hook to stick during the cold of winters as well as during the heat of summers. Considering the practical side, the fabric is indestructible; however, it could be easily cut with sharp objects such as the knife, scissors, etc. Furthermore, unlike other window treatments, the fabric of Blackout EZ Window Cover can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth. Other window treatments may require a proper washing and drying procedure.

Selection of Blackout EZ Window Cover: 

Selecting a correct size of Blackout EZ Window Cover is very essential. Nobody would want to end up buying an extra-large or extra small Window Cover. So, to select an accurate size for your window you need to follow  few important steps:

1. Measure the width and length of your windows accurately.

2. Add one inch to the length of the window cover for split sash windows,

3. Now, choose the Blackout EZ Window Cover of smallest size that will accurately cover both the dimensions (length and width).

The installation procedure of Blackout EZ Window Cover: 

In order to install a Blackout EZ Window Cover, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. After purchasing the Blackout EZ Window Cover, you need to trim the cutting lines that are printed on the window cover, it is done to make the window cover fit the windows.
  2. In the next step, you need to apply the hook and look tape to the window frame as well as to the Blackout EZ Window Cover.
  3. At last, place the Blackout EZ Window Cover over your window and then apply pressure around the edges, this will seal the Blackout EZ Window Cover to your window. Now, enjoy a complete blackout inside your room.

It would not be unfair to say that the Blackout EZ Window Cover is the only window treatment that completely turns the room dark. It has an exclusive hook and looks fastening system that effectively seals the Blackout EZ Window Cover around the window frame. Also, the hook and look fastening system never leaves any gaps. The blackout liners, blinds, shades, and others mostly leave gaps and do not work efficiently. When not in use, you can even roll out the Blackout EZ Window Cover in a neat way. Moreover, one does not need to replace the existing window treatments as the Blackout EZ Window Cover directly attaches to the window frame beneath the current window treatments. The Blackout EZ Window Covers comes in two different sizes- large (45’’x 66’’) and small (36’’x 48’’).


Blackout EZ Window Covers are used in most of the households to create a total blackout, especially during day time. Blackout EZ Window covers are considered better than the other blackout blinds, liners, shades and other window treatments. It is mostly used by people who love watching movies and turn their homes into theatres during day time. Most people even use these Blackout EZ Window Covers to create a perfect sleeping atmosphere for their children. However, sometimes, people get confused during the installation procedure. For some reason, we have written this article.

Those who have read this article may be able to easily install Blackout EZ Window Covers in their existing window frames. We hope you make the best use of this article.

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