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How to Attach Blackout Lining to existing Curtains

Are you looking for ways to add blackout lining to your existing curtains? If yes, then you are reading the right article. Blackout curtains are very useful in the regions where sunlight is more prevalent. Many people use blackout curtains during summers to prevent the heat from entering the rooms. Some people even use blackout curtains in children’s bedrooms to block out the streetlights from entering inside. It helps children to have a sound sleep. For good reasons, blackout curtains are popular and are in high demand. However, everyone does not has the budget to afford new blackout curtains. Such people can add blackout lining to their old curtains by using different ways. Adding the blackout lining to an existing curtain is not very difficult. Blackout lining can be stitched on the back of the curtains or they can be attached using no-sew methods such as by clipping it to the curtains.

How to Attach Blackout Lining to existing Curtains

In this article, we will learn various methods of attaching blackout lining to the old existing curtains.

The Loose lining tape method (Sew Technique):

Loose lining tape technique is an excellent way to add blackout lining to the curtain fabrics without any hard labor. Curtains commonly have a heading tape that is already attached to them. You need to lift the flap present on the loose lining tape, after this insert your blackout lining and fold down the flap of the loose lining tape, then sew-down the same flap so that the loose lining gets trapped inside.Now, take the main curtain and blackout lining, loop the curtain hook through the blackout lining to attach them. You need to continue the process until all the hooks are correctly in place. This ensures that the blackout lining is accurately attached to the curtain. You can easily remove the blackout lining whenever you want.

No-Sew Technique:

This technique involves a long procedure that is as follows:

  • Wash both the curtains and blackout liners so that they may sink a little bit. Then, you can iron them.
  • Blackout lining comes along with little clips, you need to use these clips (in the no-sew method) to hook the blackout lining to the curtains.
  • Then take the curtain rod ring and clip it directly to the blackout lining as well as curtain and string all of them together on the curtain rod. After hanging them on the rod, you can cut the excess fabrics at the bottom. We recommend first to cut the liner and then the main curtain.
  • In the next step, you can attach the blackout liner to the main curtain and hem the bottom by using a hemming tape. Run the hemming tape all over the fabrics; this will keep the blackout lining and the curtain together.
  • After that you can use your hair straightener to bond the fabrics. The heat generated from the hair straightener will keep both the lining and curtain bonded. Run the hair straightener on all sides of the fabric.
  • After all the four sides get stitched up, take the curtains off the rod and use a real iron to do the bottom hems.
  • Hang up the curtains after doing the hems.
  • Now, the blackout lining is brilliantly attached to the curtain.

However, this process is a bit time consuming, but it is perfect for people who do not know how to sew. This method is the ideal inexpensive window treatment.


Blackout-curtains are considered trendy as well as efficient. They keep away the harmful sun rays from entering the home and provide a peaceful sleep to people. Most of the places such as cinema halls, hospitals, hotels, bedrooms and other places are equipped with blackout curtains. Some people even install blackout curtains on the windows of their cars. Unfortunately, every person cannot afford new blackout curtains, so for such people, there are other inexpensive ways that attach the blackout liners to their existing curtains. It may be a sewing method or no-sew method. The choice depends upon people’s preferences; those who do not know the process of sewing can go for non-sew methods. This article might have helped you in attaching blackout liners to your curtains. We hope you attach them accurately without any hassle.

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