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Home Master HydroPerfection System Review 

In a home, whether you live alone or live with family, having a filtration system is a must. This is where Home Master HydroPerfection System comes in. But you might ask- how is it better than other kinds of filtration systems? That’s due to the features it comes packed with.

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Home Master HydroPerfection System  Features

  • Easy To Use And Durable

The controls of this filtration system are easy to figure out. You will find that each of the buttons is clearly labeled so that you understand which one to press to get purified water. Of course, labels don’t mean names. Instead, you will get symbols attached to each button so that you can figure out its use.

The machine is also pretty durable. Its outer shell and its inner parts are all made from durable materials that last long. You can surely make use of it for quite a long time.

  • Salt Removal

A major issue that plagues water supplies is the dissolved salt content in them. Many filtration systems can’t filter minerals out of water properly. Even Homeperfection falls short in this regard. This doesn’t mean that the filtration system is no good or doesn’t clean much at all. It does get around 89% to 90% of the salt out of water. So let’s say, there were about 450ppm of dissolved solids in your water supply. In this case, Home Master would leave about 50ppm of it behind. This is not a bad performance but it can certainly be better, especially when other filtration systems can clean more.

  • Lead Removal

The lead concentration in water should always be kept at an acceptable level so that it’s safe for drinking. If the concentration of lead increases in water, then it will result in a host of problems. If this lead intake isn’t stopped, then it can result in death. Therefore the concentration of lead in water is a serious issue which filtration systems have to deal with. But with this filtration system, you don’t have to worry at all. It will remove all the lead from the water or at least drop it to around 0.0002 or 0.0001 ppm, no matter the kind of concentration. This means that the system will get rid of around 99.91% concentration of lead. Thus making the filtered water drinkable.

  • Taste

Water shouldn’t taste like anything and it definitely shouldn’t be salty. Home Master ensures that you get fully purified water. If there are undesirable flavours, then Home Master will simply get rid of them and leave you with filtered water that is akin to purified water. For example, if you add salt and chlorine bleach to your water supply and then run this water through the Home Master then you will notice its good performance. The water will be tasty and drinkable for sure.

  • Chlorine Removal

Next up is chlorine. One of the features which make this filtration system a good one is that it can get rid of chlorine levels too. Even if your water supply has anywhere from 50 ppm to 1400 ppm of chlorine levels, it will clean it up fully. There will be no presence of chlorine at all in water. The system will filter it entirely out. If you test the water after spiking the chlorine levels of your water supply and then again after filtering it using Homeperfection, you will see that there’s not even one speck of chlorine in the water.

  • Flow

If the water flow rate from your filter isn’t great then be prepared to stand for a long time to get your pots, pans, or water bottles filled up. Home Master doesn’t allow that to happen. It has a good flow rate, which will get your containers filled up in no time. For example, if you take a container measuring a quart and then measure the amount of time it takes to fill it up, then Home Master will take around 20 to 22 seconds to fill it up fully.

  • Added Minerals

The filtration system does filter away the harmful chemicals, but it also adds important ones so that you get a good taste and the needed minerals, which will be beneficial for your body. Home Master adds magnesium and calcium to the water during the filtration process. But you don’t have to worry if it’s too much and will do more harm than good. The amount is negligible and it’s mostly done to make the water taste good. Indeed, water shouldn’t taste like anything but along with purified water, people do want water, which is a little bit sweet to the taste without any kind of flavour is prominent. That’s what it does.

  • Filters

The filters on this machine are advanced and strong. You will certainly be able to keep on using it for a long time. You will only have it once every year. This will prevent you from losing money on frequent changes. Apart from this, it’s also very easy to change the filters. You don’t have to use any kind of wrench or tool to get it done. You will be able to get it done yourself. Just keep the instruction manual nearby and you will be able to change the used filters with new ones very fast.


  • Removes chlorine fully
  • Good at mineral and salt removal
  • Good at lead removal
  • Provides purified water
  • Good flow rate


  • It is costly
  • It doesn’t get rid of salt remnants fully


Without considering its cost, it’s a standard for a good filtration system. There are many such filtering machines which work exactly like that and score pretty much how Home Master did in these factors.

But when the price of this product is added, then the scales don’t tip in its favour. It’s too high of a price for a product that seems to perform on the spectrum of the standard too good. It doesn’t provide any undistinguished service. So you will get products which offer the same kind of results, but at a much lower cost.

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