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DEWALT DW735 Benchtop Planer Review

DEWALT DW735 Review

DEWALT power tools are one of the first things that come to mind while we are planning to set up a new workshop. Personally, I’m a die-hard fan of DEWALT and treat it as a brand that always comes up with great products and outstanding after-sales service. The DEWALT DW735 is one of the most popular heavy-duty thickness planers that not only offers better value but also is easier to maintain than the other thickness planers available in the market.

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I was searching for a thickness planer that I can completely rely on for my varied list of projects that needs different precision level and proficiency. And for all my needs, I found that the DEWALT DW735 fits perfectly. So this is my review on DEWALT DW735. If you were also looking for a performance-oriented planer for yourself and aren’t too keen to try hands-on cheaper and lesser-known brands, go through the review and decide whether you should invest your money in DEWALT DW735 or not.

DEWALT DW735 is a heavy-duty thickness planer that works pretty well in almost every condition, and you are going to love the performance and efficiency of the tool. Regardless of the kind of projects you usually deal with. So, if you are looking to have a durable thickness planer that is not only efficient but also offers great value, DEWALT DW735 will be the best choice to make. Also check DEWALT DW734 review

Who Should use this product?

The DEWALT DW735 is one of the best and heavy-body thickness planers available for the buyers who usually deal with heavy projects that need more power and precision to achieve perfection. And the tool is heavier than usual, it is intended for the users who are experienced and deal with heavy workshop projects. With great durability and efficient design, DEWALT DW735 is a perfect choice for the professionals who are looking to invest their money in a durable and efficient wood  planer in this price range.

DEWALT DW735 Features

As a professional thickness planer, DEWALT DW735 is loaded up with features that make it an ideal buy in the category. However, if you talk about the best things about the DEWALT DW735 that attracted me to this tool, then they will be

  • Heavy-duty construction

The first thing that you are going to notice about the DEWALT DW735 is the perfect and heavy-duty construction. At this price point, you can’t expect to have a better-quality thickness planer than DEWALT DW735. Along with the brilliant construction quality, the DEWALT DW735 is loaded with numerous design tweaks that make it a great buy for the users. Whether you have the experience to use a planer or not, this thickness planer from DEWALT is going to provide you full support and confidence in using it.

So, if you were looking to invest money in a thickness planer that is meant to last for years, the DEWALT DW735 is the right choice to make.

  • Perfect brand value

Brand value is what matters the most while dealing with professional tools. It is always suggested that you rely on the top brands while purchasing the heavy-duty tools for professional use. And DEWALT is one such brand that is renowned for its quality and efficiency across the globe. No matter what product you choose from the brand, DEWALT can always be counted on for performance and value.

DEWALT DW735 is another great product from the brand, and it has all the features that an ideal thickness should have. So, if you were looking to have a branded thickness planer that works pretty well in all conditions, the DEWALT DW735 would be a worthy buy for you.

  • Great list of features

As the DEWALT DW735 targets the professional woodworkers, it has all the features that can come handy while dealing with the different kinds of projects. Whether you are after a feature-rich thickness planer that can help you achieve the best performance or are after a planer that has enough power to deal with the hard-wooden blocks, DEWALT DW735 is one of those few products that have the potential to meet all your needs.

So, if you were looking to have better value for money, go for DEWALT DW735 without a second thought in mind.

  • Amazing performance

Another great thing that I loved about the DEWALT DW735 is the flawless performance of the planer. No matter what kind of projects you are dealing with, DEWALT DW735 has the potential to get perfect results. So, if you were looking to try your hands on a thickness planer that has the list of brilliant features and offers amazing usability, DEWALT DW735 is the right product for you to go with. Try your hands on it and you aren’t going to be disappointed with the performance.

  • Heavy-duty motor

Another excellent reason why I’m recommending DEWALT DW735 to all my readers is the perfect and heavy-duty motor. The motor of DEWALT DW735 has the potential to deal with complex projects and heavier wooden blocks with ease. Powered by a heavy-duty 15 Amp, 20000 RPM motor, the DEWALT DW735 is one of the most reliable and performance-oriented thickness planers currently available in the market.

So, if you were looking to buy a reliable thickness planer that candela with all your woodworking projects with ease, DEWALT DW735 is the right buy for you.

Tips for using DEWALT DW735

With the great build, easy to use features and two-speed operation, the DEWALT DW735 is one of the most reliable and easy to use thickness planers available in the market. However, if you are looking to enhance the performance and results of the planer, then there are a few tips and tricks that can help you unlock the best performance of the planer. Go through these tips and know how you can enhance the overall performance and value of the product.

  • Read the manual carefully before using the planer
  • Make sure that the planer is installed properly
  • Keep all the safety measures I mind before switching on the tool.


So, if you were looking to buy a reliable, efficient, and pro-level thickness planer for your workshop, DEWALT DW735 will be the brilliant choice to make. Along with the design and performance, a 3-year warranty on the product from the company makes it a perfect deal for every buy.

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