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DEWALT DW734 Benchtop Wood Planer Review

DEWALT DW734 Review

Benchtop planers are considered as the most important things to have in the workshop. And even if you aren’t a professional woodworker, the benchtop planer can be an ideal tool to have if you are looking to work on a beautiful and perfect wooden masterpiece. After reviewing many products and brands, I finally finalized the DEWALT DW734 for my backyard workshop, which can help me create the masterpieces easily and more quickly than ever before.

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The DEWALT DW734 not only belongs to a great brand, but it also provides better usability than most of the other products in the price range. I personally liked the performance of the planer and will recommend it to all the readers who are looking for a compact and reliable benchtop planer for them.

Along with the brand name and efficiency, DEWALT DW734 has many other things to talk about that make it an excellent choice for the buyers. In this article, I’m going to tell you about the things that made me choose this planer for my projects, and why you too should opt for this. So, if you were looking to have a reliable planer for yourself, read the article till the end know more about this amazing benchtop planer from DEWALT.

Who Should use this product?

The DEWALT DW734 is a perfect tool to have for both professionals and home users. However, main category of buyers targeted is those who are looking to buy the benchtop planers for the first time and are planning to invest in a good quality compact benchtop planer.

So, if you are after efficiency and compact size the DEWALT DW734 would be a worthy choice to make. Apart from the design and performance, has many other things that we will discuss next.

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DEWALT DW734 Features

In addition to the brand name and efficiency, the top features or things that can be seen as the reasons behind the enormous popularity of DEWALT DW734.

  • Compact design

The first thing that I loved the most about DEWALT DW734 is the perfectly crafted design. DEWALT DW734 is meant for the buyers who are looking to buy a compact tool for them a have smaller than a usual workshop. And that’s the reason why it is a compact tool that not only works well but alsois extremely easy to handle.

So, if you were after a planer that has better design and handling and a relatively compact boy, the DEWALT DW734 will be a worthy buy. With brilliant design and efficient balance, make the DEWALT DW734 a perfect buy for the users who are looking to buy a planer for the first time.

  • Powerful Motor

Unlike the other benchtop planers of this size, the DEWALT DW734 is loaded up with the powerful 15Amp, 20000 RPM motor that is powerful enough to be used for longer periods and with higher efficiency.

IN other words, if you were looking to buy a highly efficient planer that is not only compact, but also suitable for the project that needs better speed and precision, the DEWALT DW734 will be an excellent choice to make. I personally loved the overall performance of the planer and will surely recommend this if you are also after a compact and powerful benchtop planer.

  • Amazing build quality

As the DEWALT DW734 is a perfect product from a renowned brand in the field of power tools, you can completely rely on it when it comes to the build quality. The heavy-duty construction and excellent workmanship make the DEWALT DW734 a perfect choice for the users who are looking to invest their money in a reliable one. The DEWALT DW734 is a perfect buy that is going to serve you for years without any major maintenance cost.

Apart from the perfect usability and durability, the DEWALT DW734 also has a great buy for the users who are after a balanced and highly efficient benchtop planer.

  • Performance and accuracy

With perfect build quality, durable design and a highly reliable set of features, DEWALT DW734 is a great choice to make. Due to the brilliant set of features and efficient build, the DEWALT DW734 is one of the most reliable and performance-oriented benchtop planers to go with. With cut precision of 96 cuts per inch, this is one of the most accurate benchtop planers to go with in this rice range. Along with this 20000 RPM high-performance motor makes DEWALT DW734 one of the best performers and most accurate one in this price range.

So, if you were looking to buy an accurate and performance-rich benchtop planer in an affordable price range, DEWALT DW734 will be an ideal tool for you. Try your hands on it, and you are going to love the performance and accuracy of the planer.

  • Overall value for money

With an excellent set of features, amazing build, and great after-sales services from the brand, DEWALT DW734 is a worthy upgrade for the buyers. Along with the design and performance, another thing that makes the DW734 an excellent and reliable choice for buyers is the 3-year warranty from the company. This eventually makes it one of the most value product in the range and if you are like me who is after a long-term investment, DEWALT DW734 is the best-in-class choice for you.

In addition to these, there are several other plus points that make the DEWALT DW734 an excellent choice to make. So, if you were looking to buy a feature-rich benchtop planer that belongs to an excellent brand, DEWALT DW734 is the best product to go with.

Tips for using DEWALT DW734

The DEWALT DW734 is an excellent and extremely easy to use tool to use and even if you haven’t used such tools before. However, there are a few important tips and tricks that can help you to achieve the best performance from the tool like a professional. So, just have a look at these tips and try to follow them all.

  • Use the recommended accessories
  • Make sure that the work area is clean and safe to use
  • Make sure to keep the tool well maintained


So, for all the buyers who are looking for a compact benchtop planer that comes from a reputed brand and has a better list of features, DEWALT DW734 can be an excellent choice to make. I have been using the DEWALT DW734 for the past few months and I’m completely satisfied with the features and performance of the Wood planer, and I believe that you are also going to love the performance of planer.

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