Bose SoundLink Mini 1 vs. 2 – Which One Should You Opt For?

In the sound system industry, Bose has a big name with utmost brand awareness all around the world. Their sound system is considered as high premium with an expensive price tag. Brands like JBL and Audio Technica are also popular, but they are still in affordable section, and you can get pretty much every single feature among them which you can expect in Bose.

However, the built quality, great design, and impressive sound quality are hard to avoid that’s why it will be better to go with Bose. You can find the great built quality, simple, sleek, and compact design with all other features to impress someone. Bose Recently launched their new portable speaker Soundlink Mini 2 which comes with a little improvement in their first generation of the same product.

Bose Soundlink Mini 1 vs 2: Pros & Cons

Both the models, Soundlink mini 1 and 2 are great in term of sound, but they have a significant difference in the price and battery life. Due to this, we are here to help all the newbies who are thinking about the purchase but don’t know which one should be value for money. Let’s have a look at Pros and Cons of both the Bose speakers.

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II


  • Built-in speakerphone
  • Up to 10-hour battery life per charge
  • Awesome building quality
  • Shows battery level indicator
  • Incorporates vast features with good battery life
  • High sound for its size
  • More bass with clear high notes


  • Not water resistant
  • No multipoint Bluetooth present

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Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker


  • Vast distribution of sound with good audio
  • Good mid range and high end
  • Solid, sleek and comfortable
  • Handy charging cradle
  • Whamming boss


  • Doesn’t charge via Micro USB
  • No speakerphone
  • No weatherproofing

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Points to Focus on

As it is a comparison post of two different models of Bose’s portable speakers, we will be considering the six major factors, and then we will give the final verdict on both products. The points to focus are –

  1. Overall Design
  2. Sound Quality
  3. Controls
  4. Battery Life
  5. Connectivity Speed and Bluetooth Range

Differences Between Bose SoundLink Mini 1 vs 2

Here you get the differences between Bose Soundlink Mini 1 vs 2 All these factors really play an important role to let you grab the right deal. For a newbie with no budget issue, Soundlink mini 2 is definitely the best choice because it is an improved version. But, if you want to spend all your money reasonably then, we can give you the reason whether you should go with the first generation or the second one.

  1. Overall Design

SOUNDLINK MINI 1 is an old product which was launched almost two years ago. It has unibody aluminum structure with proper edges making it feels like a small aluminum brick. But, it gives you the great feeling that’s why you can find it as the better choice over other products.

The dimensions of this product are 7.1 inches in term of width, and 2.3 inches depth, and the last one is 2.0 inches of height. Hence, it weighs around 1.5 pounds, making it feel heavier than it should be. The design seems cuter that’s why you can prefer it over any other product and get a huge advantage for sure.

SOUNDLINK MINI 2 has a similar looking design with a slight difference in appearance because it has curvy edges. However, it is better in term of picking it for a long time because you get a compact design to fulfill the same job. It has 7.1 inches width, 2.3 inches of depth and 2.0 inches of height.

It means the dimensions are exactly same with 1.5 pounds of weight. Both are similar but they have a difference in term of in-hand feeling which really matters a lot to most of the people. Both are matching in every single manner except the color.

To give the verdict, the design part is totally subjective to your like and dislike but we found that Soundlink Mini 2 has a better in-hand feeling and the variation in color let you choose the perfect type for sure.

  1. Sound Quality

SOUNDLINK MINI 1 has an impressive sound output, obviously the remarkable one with so much frequencies support. It can offer pretty loud sound output with mids and highs offering great quality. Probably you have tried some better portable speakers but after using this, you will let to know about the best sound quality output.

It can perform very well but when it comes to playing like large speakers, you can’t hope on this one. In term of bass quality and tremble, you can expect pretty solid output making you get every single beat. If you place the speaker close to a solid object or wall, you can find the pretty great sound quality which can easily impress you in all manners.

As you look at Soundlink mini 2, you have to consider such other factors like as Bass Boost from the previous one and the sound output. The only issue which really matters is aptX because they are not offering this one here. With the aptX technology, you can expect better quality codec as compared to the other ones.

However, we doubt the quality output from Bose Soundlink Mini 2 because they may be offering lower specifications but the quality is always mesmerizing and better as compared to the other portable Bluetooth manufacturers. You can easily prefer Bose SoundLink over the other ones for better sound quality. In term of Soundlink mini 2, we find that the quality is slightly better and hard to notice.

If you are an audiophile then you can easily find the difference. The major reason to prefer Bose over JBL and other reputed brands should be the sound quality among most of the people. Every second buyer wants premium sound output with maximum frequency support and above average sound output.

  1. Controls And Built Quality

User interface always matters a lot when it comes to getting higher convenience. Controls offered in Bose Soundlink One are very easy to use and you can find it as a fabulous choice. Buttons are placed on the top which helps you get easy access. Rubber is used in the manufacturing of all those buttons.

These buttons can help you increase/decrease volume, turning on/off the speaker and the last one is a mute button to turn the volume down to zero in a single tap. After this, you have two more buttons to control the mode of media depending upon the use of AUX or Bluetooth Pairing.

In the case of Soundlink Mini 2, you have a slight difference in the controls and the user interface also differ due to this thing. You have two buttons for volume up and down with one button to turn on and off. Design always matters a lot and button placement is a major part but there is no difference in that factor.

Even, there is mute button also available but if you look at the mode change button then you can’t find the same thing. A single button is given for mode change now. The tactile feel is same and rubber is used for the buttons with Soundlink 2 also. This thing enhances the built quality that’s why you can rely on it.

The overall fact is, the connectivity speed matters here and Soundlink Mini 2 is improved in Bluetooth technology which enhances the connectivity speed. However, the difference is slightly noticeable that’s why you can go for Soundlink 2 over the Soundlink 1.

  1. Battery Life And Charging Options

Nevertheless, battery life always frustrates people and if you are going for an expensive product then you must be willing to get something reliable, long-lasting and genuine capacity. In the case of Soundlink 1, you can expect the battery life of 7 hours even on continuous use.

No doubt that seven hours seems quite genuine and you can easily rely on this much battery life. In the case of Soundlink 2, you will find that battery life is boosted by 3 hours. It has plenty of juice to last for long hours on a trip.

With the Soundlink 1, you are not getting any kind of MicroUSB support which make you carry a different charger for the portable speaker. Soundlink Mini 2 is totally different and it is coming with a micro USB charging jack and it is quite common among smartphone.

Having the charging cradle makes you charge the battery with ease when it comes to Bose Soundlink 2. Playing music becomes easier even the device is charging and you can rely on this thing for sure. Wall charger can be used to juice it up so you get two choices for the same.

The verdict for battery life also goes to the Soundlink 2 but we can’t avoid Soundlink 1 that’s why we will suggest you to prefer going with Soundlink 2 for great battery life. In all manners, Soundlink 2 is definitely going to win because it is an improved model but it doesn’t mean that Soundlink 2 worth the money.

In case you are looking after the charging time then it won’t matter that much because Soundlink 1 takes lesser time to charge due to having a small battery. You can get the Bose Soundlink mini 1 charged in just 3 hours whereas the Soundlink mini 2 will take 20 minutes extra on a full charge.

  1. Connectivity Speed and Bluetooth Range

Having the option to play music with the use of Bluetooth makes it one of the perfect choice. You can easily shuffle between songs that you want to play. Soundlink Mini 1 is slightly slower than Soundlink Mini 2 due to the use of different Bluetooth technology and firmware.

The Bluetooth range matters a lot in most of the cases. If you look after the Bluetooth range of Soundlink mini 1 then you can find 20 to 25 feet but the sound quality becomes poorer at such point. In the case of Soundlink mini 2, you can get higher Bluetooth range of 30 feet with no sound quality issue.

Keep it in mind that Bluetooth Range doesn’t always matter because most of the people use Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom, picnic and trips. However, connectivity speed matters. If you directly use Soundlink 1 then it is okay but if you have ever tried Soundlink 2 then you will find a slight difference in connectivity speed.

Which Speaker Should You Buy Bose SoundLink Mini 1 or SoundLink Mini 2 ?

A product which values your money in all manners and comes in the budget will be the right to go with. You can’t hop on extra bucks just for the latest version until you have no issue with the budget. So, we have a suggestion for both the products. Let’s have a look –

  • Bose Soundlink Mini 1 is a genuine choice if you want a portable speaker with proper bass, higher pitch support and great design. People looking for a reputed brand but doesn’t want to spend much will feel ease buying this product because it is available for a very affordable price point after the release of the second version.
  • Bose Soundlink Mini 2 is sure gets the upper hand in every single manner and you can’t compare it with the first product because it is an upgraded version. People who are willing to get the best one and they don’t have any issue with the cost of the product will find that Soundlink Mini 2 fulfills the need in the exactly same manner and you can rely on it without any issue.

After considering the above two factors, making the right decision will be easier. The suggestion for people who are opting for Soundlink mini 1 due to lower budget then thinks again. If you want better battery life or lower amount of cluster with the charging options then go with Bose Soundlink Mini II, order it for sure. This will save your money and help you get the right product for the specific need.

Let’s Wrap It Up With Final Words

For lower price, genuine sound quality and great brand reputation, Bose Soundlink 1 is a perfect choice whereas if you want better build quality, great design, color choices and overall improved product then sound like mini 2 is better. The build quality always matters but both have the similar built quality that’s why you can rely on these products and get whatever you want. Hope, this in depth guide post about Bose Soundlink Mini 1 and 2 will help you find the perfect portable Bluetooth speaker for your specific needs.

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