Best Sounding Vinyl Records 2022 – Be The First One To Try All

Best Sounding Vinyl Records

Best Sounding Vinyl Records 2022 : Despite the iPods and Online music streaming platform, vinyl records still exist and considered as the best in 2022. In the early nineties, music companies used to manufacturer vinyl records for a constant turntable speed. However, manufacturers realized that RPM of a Vinyl record could offer different quality and it is easy to add more detailing in a record.

This realization changed the method of manufacturing records and lots of high-quality music tracks were launched. Even, there was a huge improvement in the turntables and it increased the demand for sound monitors industry. All the great sounding turntables have plenty of features in term of frequencies output that’s why you should also buy a good turntable for sure.

Best Sounding Vinyl Records 2022

Here, we will hop on the list of top 10 best vinyl records that you should try for sure. This list includes records from old times mainly but you won’t get disappointed with all the mentioned tracks. So, be the first one to try out this epic list –


Michael Jackson, a remarkable name in history, has launched plenty of vinyl records for all the hardcore fans. Each record consists of retro mix drums and number of instruments, well mixed and mastered, that you will get in love with all of them. Having such a big name and launching a thrilling album makes it one of its own kind to try out. For Michael fanbase, this is must to owe sound system that you should always try out.

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The Thriller was a big hit in the 80s and there is a number of fans to play this record in 2020. The blend of post-disco with funk makes this list start with a big hit. As you have heard their songs before, you may know about this album and listened to this track on Apple Music, Google Play or Spotify. But, have you tried the vinyl record with utmost quality and detail? A good turntable and a vinyl record can give you the true feel of the music.

One amazing fact about “The Thriller” is that millions of copies were sold around the world in the first month and it was a big hit because very few people had turntables to play records in that era. In term of quality, it is full of enthusiasm for fans and you should try it for sure. Having a vinyl record of Michael Jackson gives the great feeling of gratification so you should buy it. This track is definitely the most required for all the audiophile vinyl records out there.

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The R&R music history shouldn’t be this great if “Pink Floyd” didn’t launch “The Dark Side of The Moon” because it was the remarkable achievement in history. As this vinyl record hit shelves of the music store, a couple thousand copies were sold overnight. Even, this album was a big hit, the situations were not in favor to take this music album this high.

Needless to mention but 1973 was an odd year for the music industry as people used to have a limited collection of music considering turntables were costly and buying a record was not that easy. Considering these factors can definitely ensure you that why this vinyl record deserve being the part of our list. The song was recorded in 1972 but it wasn’t released in the same year.

Just after complete one-year, Pink Floyd released this music and its significant quality and detailing won the heart of millions. Almost everyone had this track and people from 70s love to listen to this song in this era also. The best thing about PINK FLOYD is the music mix with a high pitch tone so you can find it better to try out over others.

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Okay, this name may be unexpected considering the awareness in the current era, still, if I hard to ignore Black Sabbath for the mesmerizing mastering and to mix in the record “Black Sabbath”. Yes, it was named on himself and this thing raised the popular by many times in those days. Having this record in the collection will make you feel better about the purchase.

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Heavy metal pioneers along with infamous Ozzy Osbourne were great at the time of record. Breaking all the numbers in couple hour of launch, the record went on sale and it hit the shelves of American stores. Vinyl records of Black Sabbath are available for different RPM, making you get different qualities. Keep in mind that you should check your own turntable before buying the records.

The level of pitch and frequencies are perfectly balanced which make this track better over others. The price of this track may seem a bit higher but it is definitely better to consider the purchase. It is surely distinguishable and exquisite. To avoid the disappointment, listen to the sample version online and then buy it.

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#4. VAN HALEN – 1984

Eddie Van Halen has many remarkable albums and he got the popularity with his sixth album 1984. The track was recorded in 1984 by 5150 Studios in California. Ted Templeman had a great job in this track which makes it one of the best. The mix of so many tracks in the single unit makes one of the perfect mastered track to listen for sure.

Saying in general, this sound record feels great to listen and if you are listening to this track on repeat then you may know that how beautiful this is mixed and mastered. The background music is hard to notice until you have to good turntable. Playing this track on a reputed turntable will give you pitch sound with great crisp to enjoy.

The audio version is also available for the same that you can download and try out before buying the original track. This will give you the exact idea that how beautiful this song was created. The details are worth noticing. 1984 may not be that much popular in this era but if you listen to this song in silence, you will get to know about so many things in the single track.

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Led Zeppelin had a huge name in the past and argued as the best among all, whether his albums didn’t get much support but few of them had a remarkable history to prove that he was such a creative artist in term of mixing and mastering. Quality always matters and LED ZEPPELIN had a great job with the quality mixing of “III” that’s why you should try out this song over others.

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By adding plenty of retro in the funk with metal makes the “III” album as one of the best. All the hardcore fans state that this album is best that’s why you can prefer this artist over other ones. The vinyl records were highly popular in that era. This 33 RPM track had a great history though, 1973s launched Pink Floyd album took over this one.

Having the Tangerine and Gallows Pole mixes everything so well that you will have goosebumps if you are listening to it alone in silence. The detailing is a major reason to prefer this vinyl record over other ones. It doesn’t matter that if you have heard this song online before, trying out the vinyl record will let you know about the completely different side of this music track.

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The most astonishing album with the goosebumps giving music in the history is from Black Sabbath. Mentioning one more track from Black Sabbath definitely shows how popular he was in the 80s and 90s when turntables were expensive and not available for everyone. Mentioning the same singer means that there is something special to rank in the top 10 list.

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As these big guys groups keep getting fame, their popular track of the 80s “Heaven and Hell” got huge success with the metal mix music. People love the intro mainly and it can easily give you goosebumps until you reach the chorus part. So, it is good to go choice and you must try out this vinyl record over any other one.

It has basically more meaning than any other tracks. Music mixed with lyrics makes it so awesome that you can find a great hype deep inside. As it was released in the 80s, the popularity level was really high in that era and most of the people had this track. Lyrics are based around the positive and negative phase of life which makes it touch the hearts of most of the listeners.

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Well, coming to Beatles this much lately makes us feel bad because they are considered as legends and you may know that they always had some unique electric guitar notations making the music tensed and complicated. Gratification changes with the pitches and you will get to know about this thing when you will try listening to this track in complete silence.

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For once, Revolver was a normal track but just after a few days, the hype begins. Everyone used to listen to this song on radios and it got millions of copies sold in a few days. Such things make this song better over every other. You can find that there is great music combination used by the artists to create goosebumps giving the effect that will last throughout the complete track.

You may have tried plenty of vinyl records from the past but most of the vinyl records manufactured by Beatles. You can try out this one and find that there is no other better like this because you get plenty of retro metallic guitar with an epic mix of chords which makes that unique. Having this virtual audio vinyl record will give the feel of great gratification that’s why you can prefer it over other ones.

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#8. Johnny Cash – At San Quentin

Johnny Cash, known for a plethora of hits in the 70s and 80s, had plenty of vinyl records signed. You can find that Johnny was in trend for a complete decade and all the old people know him till this date. The track of “AT SAN QUENTIN “starts with a soft intro but it goes into hard metallic beat making it over a thrilling song that you will love for sure.

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Who doesn’t know about Johnny Cash? He was such a brilliant artist to mix more than ten music instruments in such a perfection that you can listen to all the details. However, the digital audio players can’t give you the same details that’s why you can buy a vinyl record and listen to all the impressive songs. Having said that, do you know that this track was released in 1969. Impressive? Yes, it is.

Domineering presence and the soft-spoken voice is the reason that this track got such a huge number of sales all around the world. This song can drown you in tears with the pure form of lyrics with a crisp tone of artist. Maybe you don’t feel the same by these words but when you try out this track, you will get to know every single thing so you must give it a try to learn about all the major factors.

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After reading about our past track from Johnny Cash, you may be thinking to buy that track. But, do you know that there are much more to know about. All about the blue train has a great fan base with the stereotype music and having some blues in the track. In that era, there was no hip-hop but you can find a little mix of that making this track amazing to try out over other ones.

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Leaving out the big Johnny for this list will be the wrong choice because he has a great fan base over the years. The tracks were so popular that you were able to find posters and commercials in the metro cities of the USA. The popularity doesn’t end here and it goes beyond the point by reaching countries like North American countries to Europe in the nick of time.

Johnny didn’t have that much fan base before the release of this song but after that, he was surely the most popular artist of America. To give you the idea, you can compare it with Sia’s Cheap thrill or Despacito as everyone knows these tracks around the world. If you haven’t listened to this track before then you should definitely buy it and have in the collection.

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Rock bands were coming up with great music in the time of 70s to 90s because hip-hop wasn’t introduced till that time. Acoustic guitar gained the popularity in recent times before that, it was the only electric guitar with a hard base and the perfect example of the scenario is Deep Purple’s Deepest Purple Vinyl. Coming with an electric guitar and kick in the intro, Deep Purple had a pleasing beat which can make you listen to this song.

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Music with soft intro and hard chorus are hard to mix. Deepest Purple Vinyl was the finest hit in the time which is still missed for slow intro and chorus. You can find plenty of reasons to buy this track. The very first reason is slow hits of the drum in the beginning then going to hard mix. Background electric guitar is sharp enough to make you feel stunned. Turntables with 33 RPM can easily play this track over the other ones.

Music always got the nerves of rich society in the past and this track was only available among a few people. People can still remember this track due to its lyrics based around Inner Feelings of a person. If you want to buy a new track with soft and slow music then Deep Purple is definitely the best one to try out. It can give you the same feelings that you have always wanted.

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Let’s Wrap Up

After going through all the mesmerizing music tracks of a great time, we want to say, like and dislike part is always subjective. This list of best sounding vinyl records 2022 focuses on the popular records known for their amazing work and hard drum music. Basically, all of them contain the feel of selfless and it can take you to a different world where you won’t feel sophisticated as some of today’s EDM do so far.

As you will be buying these best vinyl records tracks, make sure that you check out the RPM required by a vinyl record and check whether your turntable has the feature to play it. In case, you have a cheap turntable or poor sound system, you won’t get the real detailing that’s why you should invest some extra bucks on turntables if you are going for a new one.

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