Best Remote Start System 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Imagine you are leaving a departmental store after getting your groceries on a winter morning and the moment you step out the door and look towards your car and see it standing cold in the frosty weather and you are dreading to even think about getting into it. And you think to yourself if only there were a way for the car to warm up before you get there. Remote start systems are what which makes that wish come true. They allow you to remotely start your car so that your heater can start warming it before you get in. Remote start systems consist of 2 key parts: a control module/radio receiver and a remote transmitter. The control module is installed into your vehicle, which allows you to remotely start your vehicle with the push of a button on the remote transmitter.

Best Remote Start System 2021

Listed are few of the best remote car starter system you can buy & make your winter rides cosier & warm.

Avital 4103LX Remote Start System

A low end remote starter which comes with 2 remotes with dedicated AUX output from Directed Electronics. It comes with security features like open, lock & trunk release button. Welcome safety features like, Panic Mode which will sound the alarm and flash your parking lights & Valet mode will not arm the security system & allows the vehicle to remain running after the key has been removed.

This unit requires a bypass module for installation & have optional Horn and Starter Kill/Anti-Grind relays.  The lack of LCD display makes it hard to understand the mode it is in until you are in the visible range of your vehicle, for security you can put the remote starter in silent mode. The dedicated A to D converter tails the need for a tachometer wire connection. It is one of the most popularly priced product from the brand.

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Avital 5305L 2 Way LCD Remote Start with Security

This product from Directed Electronics, ticks all the check boxes which was missed in the last product. Avital 5305 L is a premium Remote Start System which comes with a LCD display remote, which provides all the information from the car with backlights & tactile feedbacks. Other than remote startup it comes with lock, open car & trunk release button.

With XCR relay it has a coverage range of 1500 feet. Alike the previous model this one also comes equipped with A to D converter which ends the need for tachometer wiring. Technologies like Fault-proof starter interrupt & Zone-2 impact sensor keeps your car from hot wiring & blows or impact.

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Python 2 Way Security and Remote Start System with OLED Display

An excellent product from another brand of Directed Electronics, which is one the most modern product with coloured screen display & a remote range of a mile. This product also comes with lock, unlock feature of your car as well as remote starter.

The colour screen provides all sorts of notifications from the car & on the other hand the SuperCode technology encompasses software-based system signal encryption replacing hardware-based Clone Safe Code-Hopping. With features like Stinger® which is Shock Sensor & 6 tone siren to prevent from theft. With D2D technology there is seamless communication between remote starters & XpressKit interface. It can also be synced with your smartphone & can be operated with just a tap.

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Python LCD 2 way Security and Remote Start System

Another product from Python which is a little cheaper than the previous one has a LCD screen which gives out necessary details from the car, has a similar range of one mile in the remote. It has 4 AUX channels & safety features align with previous model which includes shock sensors as well as 6 tone siren. This product can also be synced with your smartphone.

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This product also comes all the tits & bits as of the previous product & have few other features. It features a HD responder with the newest operating system. This product from Viper uses 900 MHz of spread Spectrum Technology (SST) for a one-mile coverage. A great new feature which allows the user to pair the remote with a second car & the newest software will automatically let the user know details from the second car if any. The security sensor in the key always keeps a close watch on your vehicle & let you know about any problems right through your remote. The HD responder has a control centre which allows the user to know about the temperature to the parking meter time. With technologies like SuperCode & SmartStart Compatibility it is one of the best product you can buy in the market.

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There are quite a few numbers of best Remote starters available in the market from $40 to $350 but it is important keep few things in mind before you search for the right product suitable for your car.

Best Remote Start System Buying Guide 

  • WARRENTY DETAILS: It an important part which covers both your vehicle’s & the setup for the remote starter. Do check on the manufacturer’s warranty of the product. Usually there is either a lifetime warranty or two years’ warranty on a remote starter. The dealer of your car cannot void your warranty if fitted with an aftermarket product it is against the law but can void it if there is a damage due to installation. The remote itself is rarely warrantied so do check the price of it in case you need it.
  • TRANSMITTER RANGE & REMOTE TYPE: Have a clear idea on the range of the transmitter, one mile or more is good to go with anything less is a big no. The longer the range of the transmitter the better the capacity of the remote. Now-a-days remote starter comes with two-way remote which has many inbuilt functions as well as a longer range.
  • DETAILS ABOUT THE ENGINE: It is very important to buy a model which gives engine details like temperature & RPM. RPM sensor will allow the starter to understand the engine condition. Therefore, it will know the engine temperature & when it is a cold start or when a normal start. Often while cold starting a car in a cold day it may not crank up in the first go to make the remote starter understand that, the engine sensor is a very important feature to be kept in mind while purchasing the same. An engine sensor will also cut over revving of the engine.
  • SAFETY SWITCH: Make sure you install a safety switch can kill or cutoff the starter in case of emergency. Always remember to put on this switch, it will prevent the engine to remote start when the hood is up which will avoid injuries.
  • SECUARITY FEATURES: Now if you are spending on a good remote starter maximum of them comes with numerous safety & security features. It is always advisable to find such models which have lock, unlock button for your car, sensors which can detect hot wiring or any kind of shock. A feature like this would make your drive comfortable & safe.
  • ACCESSORY FEATURES: Look for products which will allow you to customise your remote starter by allowing you to add other functionalities. Numerous features can be added which includes rear defogger, anti-grind feature, alarm system or smartphone connectivity.
  • BUY & INSTALL IN THE SAME PLACE: Remote starter might look like doing a nominal work but it is actually a critical part & needs to be installed properly. Though you’ll find shops which will install your audio devices even if you don’t buy those from them but it is advised to fit in remote starters from where you buy.

In the end to conclude things, it is not always that cheaper product is economical. When you decide to buy a best remote starter 2021 do your research, find a dealer who has professional mechanics & spend wisely. Share with us your experience on this product.

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