Best iPad mini 6 keyboard cases of 2021 : You can Buy right Now

Best iPad mini 6 keyboard cases 2021 : The latest addition to the iPad is the iPad mini 6. The product in itself is versatile. It has so many enhanced features in it. But, having a keyboard on it will make it even more flexible. The product will quickly become a portable laptop.

Best iPad mini 6 keyboard cases 2021

With a keyboard, your iPad will have all the quality of a laptop, making it ideal for working. That’s why, after thorough research, we have made a list of the five best keyboards for the iPad mini 6. In this article, we will give a detailed description of all five products, and we will also include factors to admire and factors to blame for each product. So, let us begin the list.

#1. Folio Case for iPad Mini 6

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This keyboard case comes from the company of Folio. The product contains a folio case and a keyboard as well. The product is crafted for the iPad mini 6. The iPad case is slim and is of ABS material, which makes it lightweight as well. The iPad case is robust and protects your iPad from sudden drops, falls, and scratches. The case also has an auto-on and auto-off feature.

In addition to that, the case also has a pencil holder and pencil changing feature. A magnetic attachment holds the keyboard to the iPad case. The keyboard is well-spaced, which makes typing easy. It makes it travel-friendly as well. You can view your iPad from three different views with the help of this case. Let us now quickly go through the factors to admire and factors to blame for this product.

Factors to Admire:

  • Made of premium material
  • Perfect for iPad mini 6
  • Robust protection
  • Can view from 3 different angles
  • Built-in pencil case

Factors to blame

  • The auto on and off feature does not work

#2. Fgenld Case for iPad Mini 6

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The next iPad case on our list is by Fgenld. This case is thin and is available in different colors as well. This cover fits perfectly on the iPad mini 6. The product is of soft silica gel, and the back is of TPU material. It provides all-around protection to your iPad. The case also protects your iPad from fingerprints, shocks, and scratches as well.

The keyboard is a hard laptop-style material that is of ABS material. This keyboard features a spring underneath each key for a more accurate response, resulting in fewer errors and faster outcomes. It is detachable from the case, and the range is ten meters. Next, we will go through the factors to admire and factors to blame for the product.

Factors to Admire:

  • Precise keyboard
  • 30-days of keyboard battery
  • Thin
  • Stylish
  • 360 degree of protection
  • Lightweight

Factors to blame

  • It does not support different viewing angles

#3. Fintie Keyboard Case For iPad Mini 6

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The following product keyboard is by Finite. The product is slim in design and is lightweight as well. The stands of the keyboard are adjustable and hold your iPad in a secure position. The case is made of PU material and has an anti-slip rubber line to protect your iPad from scratch, drops, and shocks.

The keyboard, in this case, is laptop-style and is made of quality material. With the keyboard easily removable, you have access to all the keys at all times. The keyboard is very responsive and offers a significant amount of accuracy. The case is also equipped with a pencil holder. Carrying your stuff in this way is convenient. The case also has an auto-on and auto-off mode. Let us now examine the factors to admire and factors to blame.

Factors to Admire:

  • All-round protection
  • Made of quality material
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Convenient

Factors to blame:

  • Some words are placed differently
  • It does not support a different viewing angle

#4. AnMengXinLing iPad Mini 6 Case

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The second last product from AnMengXinLing is listed here. This product is super stylish and also comes with a wireless mouse. The product is available in different colours. Furthermore, the product has a wireless mouse that makes it more convenient for users.

When not in use, the keyboard can easily be removed and is made of sturdy material. A pen holder is also in the case, along with all the other features. This makes traveling easier. The product also has a kickstand which allows you to adjust your iPad easily to any level. 

Next, we will analyze the factor to admire and the factor to blame for the product.

Factors to Admire:

  • It comes with a mouse
  • Sleek design
  • It is available in different colours
  • It is made of strong material
  • Available in different colours

Factors to blame:

  • It is a bit costly

#5. HENGHUI Case For iPad 6 Mini

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We conclude our list with a product from Henghui. This case is only for the iPad 6 mini-series. This best ipad mini 6 keyboard case is stylish and is available in amazing different colours. The keyboard has a magnetic base that can be separated and used with windows and android. Besides being equipped with shortcuts, it also includes options for taking screenshots, locking your screen, and adjusting volume.

The case is of a soft TPU back which protects your iPad from falling and slipping as well. This case allows you to look at your iPad from a variety of angles at the same time. Installing and using the product is easy. As in every other case, this one also comes with a pencil holder, which allows you to travel hassle-free.

Factors to Admire:

  • Aesthetic colors
  • It can be paired to many devices
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Lightweight
  • Different viewing angles

Factors to blame:

  • The pencil might fall out
  • The material is too fragile to protect iPad


We have reached the end of the article that briefed us about the best iPad mini 6 keyboard cases with pencil holder. This will enhance your experience of working with the iPad. A comprehensive product description is provided above. Besides that, we have also added factors to admire and blame for each product. We hope the information in this guide will help you choose the correct keyboard case for yourself. Thanks for reading till the end!

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