5 Best iPad Mini 6 (2021) Cases and Covers

Best iPad Mini 6 Cases 2022 : With the recent Apple event that announced the release of the upcoming iPhone 13, and the Apple Watch Series 7, another standout from the launches was the iPad mini 6. Besides the compact design, the device also comes with an affordable price range compared to the previous launches, making it an option worth considering.

If you are considering buying the iPad Mini 6, we’d highly recommend that you focus on buying a protective case that won’t end up affecting the integrity of the device in the long run. The iPad Mini 6 is nothing short of a beast, especially if you are looking for a worthy choice of purchase. 

Amidst all the available options in the market, we have sorted out the top 5 products that are worth buying.

Best iPad Mini 6 Cases and Cover 2021

When choosing the best quality iPad Mini 6 cases and covers, there are so many amazing options for you to look into, both in terms of the functionality as well as the effectiveness of the casing. However, with the iPad mini 6 still not in the hands of every user, brands are delaying the eventual release.

Here are the top choices of iPad Mini 6 (2021) Cases that you can consider looking into.

#1. MoKo Case Fit New iPad Mini 6 2021

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The first and likely one of the best choices in the list of best iPad Mini 6 cases is the MoKo Case Fit New iPad Mini 6 2021. Besides the fact that it is available in three different colour choices, it also provides all-around protection to keep your device intact.

The strong magnetic connection creates a stable and high-quality viewing stand for the tablet so you have a comfortable viewing experience. Also, the dual angles provide ample comfort when it comes to viewing or typing needs.

The entire cover is made with high-quality PU leather with soft microfiber lining on the inside for extra cushioning and protection. Also, the case offers 360-degree full body protection with a matte finish on the back that protects the case against fingerprints and other scratches.

The accurate openings in the iPad ensure to offer optimal touch ID functions with the auto wake-sleep cycles so you don’t have to strip out the case when you are trying to charge it. There is also a side attachment to keep the Apple pen if you are carrying one.


  • Made with high-quality PU leather
  • Dual angles comfortable viewing experience
  • Offers 360-degree full body protection


  • Clear back cover does get yellow quickly

#2. ESR Hybrid Clear Case

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Moving ahead to another high-quality and protective case of iPad Mini 6, we have the ESR Hybrid Clear Case. This one is unlike any other standard iPad cover that you will come across, especially when it comes to the design and the overall functionalities.

Although it doesn’t come with a front cover and protection, it does come with a super-slim back case that offers a snug fit around the back and ensures that the device fits right into the pocket without any complications.

Also, the corners of the clear case support shock absorbing features, with raised edges around the display and the camera to ensure optimal protection against unnecessary damage. This best iPad mini 6 transparent cover also pulls through the beautiful color and design of the iPad mini, which is a benefit. 

The side of the case comes with a Pencil 2 magnetic pairing and a slot that allows the users to stack away from the Pencil without any complications. The best thing about this case is the fact that it comes with an anti-yellowing feature, which is always a benefit.


  • High-quality and durable design
  • Comes with raised edges around the display and camera
  • Anti-yellowing feature


  • Doesn’t come with a 360-degree protection

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#3. IVSOTEK Clear Case for iPad Mini 6

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Similar to the previous option, even the IVSOTEK Clear Case for iPad Mini 6 is a pretty great option that you can consider looking into. The case is designed with a high-quality and soft flexible TPU material for enhanced protection throughout.

The transparent and waterproof design of this case ensures that you won’t have to worry about shielding the iPad when you are carrying it. Also, the sides of the ports, buttons and speaker provide you with full access so you don’t have to struggle with the same.

This ultralight and thin clear case snugly fits into the iPad, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about a bulky design through and through. Also, the raised bezel design around the edges provides the case with extra protection, especially when you end up dropping the iPad on the ground.

The only downside to this product is the fact that it doesn’t come with front protection. This means that you will have to struggle for keeping the display safe, either with a protective glass cover or some other way that doesn’t end up hampering the quality of usage.


  • Thin and lightweight design
  • Raised bezel design for better protection
  • Comes with precise cuts around the ports and buttons


  • Doesn’t come with protection in the front

#4. ESR Magnetic Case Compatible with iPad Mini 6

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For the users consistently looking for an iPad Mini 6 compatible case with heightened protection around the corners, the ESR Magnetic Case Compatible with iPad Mini 6 is a good starting point. It is available in four different colours.

This is specifically and precisely designed for the iPad Mini 6, which means that you can’t swap it out for any of the other devices. The best thing about this device is the fact that it magnetically attaches the iPad to the case without any complications.

The auto wake and sleep functionality are pretty responsive too. Pair that with the precise cuts around the ports and buttons, so you don’t have to worry about opening the case every time. This isn’t just a back case but comes with a fold-over case.

Besides the protective case and cover, the device also comes with pull-out support that allows you to keep the device tilted for a hands-free video-watching experience. The overall raised design ensures optimal protectiveness round the clock.


  • Magnetically attaches the iPad to the case
  • Precise cuts for the buttons and the sensors
  • Durable and high-quality protection


  • Does have a bulky design

#5. ESR Hybrid Case Compatible with iPad Mini 6

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Although we have already mentioned a product from ESR, the ESR Hybrid Case Compatible with iPad Mini 6 deserves a spot on the list. Like the previous one, even this one is available in five different color variants for you to choose from.

The magnetically secured cover folds on the top for a simple and responsive user experience without any complaints. The flap front cover is flexible and bendable, which enables you to bend the cover and use it as a stand for when you are watching your shows.

The entire cover is made with high-quality and shock absorbing corners and design with a hardback design that enables you to carry it around without worrying about damaging the device. Like the other ones, even this one supports Apple Pencil 2 on the side.

Also, the auto-sleep wake responsiveness is on point and enables you to use it for prompt performance and user experience without any complications. Also, it ensures to keep your battery life extended, which one of the best options is around.

The exterior of the case features a high-quality matte finish which prevents the risks of fingerprints on the exterior. Also, the raised bezels around the display and the camera ensure that you won’t have to struggle with the damage inflicted to the device in case you drop it.


  • Shock absorbing corners with improved protection
  • Magnetic attachment for quicker closing
  • Matte finish design prevents fingerprints


  • A little overpriced that the rest


If you are considering buying a best iPad Mini 6 in the coming days, we’d recommend snagging up the accessories for the device too. Just ensure that you pick the good-quality options that will provide durable casing and protectiveness round the clock. Also, make sure you check the type and design of the case before finally buying it. We hope the list of products we mentioned makes it easier for you to make a choice.

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