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Best Countertop Water Filter 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Counter Top Water Filter 2021 : A simple yet effective device, countertop filters, as the name suggests, the screen will directly get attached to the faucet of the water source, and then start to dispense clean water. The countertop water filter is moveable and can be installed very easily. Some of the top counter filters are portable so that you can take them from one place to the other. The design of the countertop filters is in such a way that it is going to take a minimum amount of space as well as plumbing connections for it to operate. The countertop filters use a lot of method for filtering the dirt like ceramic, contaminants, activated carbon and in return, give out crystal clear water. The best part about these filters is that you can use the screen with even little water pressure.

Countertop water filters are popular because they are easy to set up as well as they are available at a very affordable price. The best countertop water filters can improve the taste of the tap water without burning a hole in your pocket. The countertop water  filters are an easy solution to your water problems, and they will deliver clean yet tasty water without draining your bank account as well as making you go through the exhausting experience of getting installations done.

Best Countertop Water Filter Reviews 2021

The best countertop water filters are an easy solution to your water problems, and they will deliver clean yet tasty water without draining your bank account as well as making you go through the exhausting experience of getting installations done. The best part about countertop water filters is that you can take it anywhere and filter the water on the go too. Moreover, the countertop filters are available lots of various designs, sizes, as well as different applications. Here is a list of best counter water filters.

#1. Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter, Alkaline Clear (MR-1050)

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Apex countertop drinking water filter, use a single filter cartridge to filter out the contamination and produce crystal clear water. The best countertop water filter neutralizes the water with magnesium and calcium. So, by adding these two components, it alkalizes the water. Alkaline rich water is perfect for the health, not only this; the filter removes up to 95% of the harmful minerals that are present in the tap water (includes, lead, arsenic chlorine etc.). The water filter follows a step of 5 stage filtration in the single filter so that space can be maximized as well as the taste of the alkaline water stays intact. The filter has one MicroFlet Pad which removes the particles like rust, sand and dust from the water.

The next step is the 5-micron KDF Layer. The KDF layer removes microorganism, bacteria as well as heavy materials from the water. The third layer, which is the granular activated carbon layer, it removes the taste as well as the odour from the organic chemicals, chloramine as well as chlorine. The fourth layer, which is the Alkaline layer, adds magnesium as well as potassium in the water; and lastly the calcite layer, which remineralized the calcium in the water.

Apart from having minerals a five-layer filter system, another best thing about this filter is that it is portable as well as can be installed easily. The APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter System MR-1050 is lightweight and can be moved to any place. You don’t have to call any plumber to reinstall as well as dismantling it. Because the adapter can be screwed to any faucet, just screw it, and you are good to go. The best water filter is low maintenance as the single purifier can purify up to 750 gallons of water; so basically for a family of four (average), it can last up to 6 months.


  • It turns the water alkaline,
  • Is low maintenance
  • The water filter is portable
  • It is lightweight


  • The cost is slightly on the higher side
  • The design of the filter needs improvement, as at times the tube tends to get in the way.

#2. iSpring CKC1C Countertop Water Filter Dispense

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The water filter by iSpring removes impurities like rust, chlorine taste, stale odour, and sediments from the tap water. If you are someone who is finding simple ways to get rid of contamination from your tap water, then this best countertop water filter is for you. The three significant advantages of this countertop filter are that the size of the filter is small, it is effortless to maintain this filter and lastly it is very useful. Moreover, the filter comes with a see-through housing, which means that you can inspect the filter visually.

The water filter comes with a carbon block cartridge (5 microns) which removes about 95% of the contamination from the water. The water filter is also very effective in removing VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) which includes herbicides industrial chemicals etc. the counter filter comes with universal parts that can be replaced easily. The water filter is portable and is super easy to install. It is compact sized and comes in two different colours.


  • The size of the water filter is small, so it takes up very little space
  • It is very useful in removing odour and taste of chlorine as well as VOC and other various contamination from the water
  • It can be installed easily
  • The water filter is affordable


  • It doesn’t remove all the impurities
  • The water filter doesn’t come with an adapter for the inner threaded faucets.

#3. CleanWater4Less® Countertop Water Filtration System

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A top-rated countertop water filter, the cleanWater4Less is a tremendous and useful countertop water filter which is not only cost-effective yet super-efficient. The filtering system of this water filter is impressable. The water filter can filter out contaminants of 10,000 gallons of water before asking for a replacement. It comes with 97% of granulated activated carbon which reduces chlorine as well as filter out sediments. It can also filter out sediments, taste as well as odour from the tap water. The water filter comes with a stylish diverter valve which attaches to all faucets without any tools.


  • The model comes with instructions
  • It is cheap and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance
  • It is small and portable
  • Can filter up to 10,000 gallons of water
  • Eliminates all harmful bacteria as well as chemicals from the water


  • The filter doesn’t come with a change warning.

#4. ZeroWater (ZBD-040-1) 40 Cup Ready-Pour Glass Dispenser

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The ZeroWater 40 cup ready pour comes with an elegant glass tank, and it is an excellent dispenser for gatherings, home or office. The water filter comes with five-stage filtration and an NSF certified, which reduces 99.6% of the total dissolved contaminated solids in the water. The water filter brings out better tasting and clean water. The screen uses Ion exchange technology which reduces contamination from the water. The ZeroWater filters are the only filters that come with pour through technology. As stated earlier, the filters are NSF certified and remove lead as well as chromium from water and give out pure water.

In the five-stage filtration process the step, 1 removes the suspended solids like rust and dust from the water. The second stage removes the additional suspended solids. The third stage removes the organic contaminants like mercury, chlorine, chloramine, herbicides, pesticides as well as eliminates bacteria. The 4th step removes inorganic compounds like metals, radiological contaminants etc. stage 5 removes all of the remaining suspended solids and other lefts over contaminants from the water.


  • Come’s with a 5 stage filtration
  • It is the only filtration system that removes up to 99% TDS from the water
  • Removes odour from the water
  • Comes with an elegant glass tank


  • Some people have noticed that after continuous usage for three months, the chrome plating in the spigot starts to flake off.

#5. Brondell H630 H2O+ Cypress Countertop Water Filter System, 11.5x11x4.25

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A mid-range countertop filter, the Brondell H630 is one of the most eye-pleasing water filters in the market; it changes the aesthetics of your kitchen and makes it look more beautiful. The best countertop water filter isn’t all about looks, and it does excellent work in filtering out the impurities from the tap water. The water filter comes with a 3-stage cypress filtration system. This filtration system removes atrazine, chlorine, chlorobenzene as well as herbicides, pesticides and bad taste from the water. The countertop filter is small in size, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space of the kitchen counter.


  • The filter is small in size
  • It is aesthetically pleasing
  • Has a 3 step filtration system
  • Removes bad taste from the water


  • It is a basic system, there are other filters who do extra work at a lesser price
  • There is a discrepancy regarding the replacement of the filters.

Best Countertop Filter 2021 Buying Guide

We hope that the above list of best countertop water filter has already had you thinking about the features that you want in your countertop filters. But if you are still confused about which model that you need or about the features, then read this buying guide. It will help you in making a firm decision.

First. Let us see how many types of countertop water filters are available in the market. If you are sure that you want a countertop water filter, then you need to invest in the one that has a good filtration system

There are four types of filters

  1. Carbon filters
  2. Ceramic filters
  3. Ultrafiltration
  4. Water distillers
  1. Carbon Filters 

A carbon filter is used for removing chlorine and chloramine, and a carbon filter works best if the user wants to improve the taste as well as the odour of the tap water. Chlorine, as well as chloramine, is used by the municipal water plants for treating water, as carbon removes the herbicides, pesticides as well as VOC’s from the water. The presence of the chloramine and carbon is the reason why the tap water tastes bad. The carbon filter absorbs all the contaminants and thus reduces it. When carbon comes in contact with the organic compound, they form a bond. So, when the water goes through the filter, all the contaminated particles stay back on the surface of the carbon. So this way the filter produces chlorine as well as chloramine free water as well the aftertaste as well as odour.

  1. Ceramic Filters

A ceramic filter will filter out all the bacteria, cysts as well as microbiological organisms from the water. To filter out all the debris, sediments as well as bacteria from the water, a ceramic filter will use millions and millions of microscopic filters. The micron rating of the porous surface of the ceramic is extremely fine, and it ranges between 0.7 to 0.5 microns. Mind you, the size of the majority of the bacteria is one micron so they won’t penetrate through the casing of the ceramic filter.

The ceramic filter is also impregnated with silver, and silver is bacteriostatic, which means the silver will prevent the living organisms as well as algae from growing and multiplying them in the exterior of the filter. Unlike the other, the ceramic filter is a natural media filter; in other words, this filter can be cleaned and re-used around multiple numbers of times. Another reason why everyone desires this filter is because of the quality and the longevity of this filter. The ceramic filter comes with a carbon filter so that the filtration of the filter could be enhanced. The ceramic filters also have an ion exchange resin which helps I reducing the heavy metals from the water. So, if you are looking for a countertop filter that can reduce microbiological organisms, cysts as well as bacteria. Then you should opt for Ceramic filter.

  1. Ultrafiltration

The highest form of purity filtration that a market can offer is the Ultrafiltration. The ultrafiltration process includes filtering of the water through the chemical-resistant hollow fibre membrane, and it filters the water inside out. The chemical-resistant hollow fibre membrane has a micron rating which is extremely fine that reduces the majority of the contaminants in the water. The particles which are too large won’t be able to pass through fibre membrane and in return get trapped. So, this way, all the water with dissolved minerals will pass through. The hardest or rigorous way of filtering water is Ultrafiltration. The ultrafiltration process can filter contaminants from the water without producing any kind of wastewater as residue. If you want to remove the majority of the solids and contaminants from the water without eliminating the minerals, then countertop ultrafiltration is the best option.

  1. Water Distillers 

The distillation of water is an imitated process of the distillation that occurs in nature. The heat in the environment evaporates the water from the lakes as well as oceans. The water condenses in the atmosphere and then returns as precipitation in the form of dew or rain. The process of water distillers is the same, and the distiller boils the water until it turns into steam, after that it condenses it, cools it and then producing the water into a liquid state. The imitation of the natural process that is the hydrologic cycle is one of the most powerful methods of purifying the water. As we all know that heavy metals, viruses as well as chemicals can’t transform themselves into steam, therefore during the process of evaporation all these contaminants are purged from the water. If you are someone who is looking for a water filter that will produce pure mineral-free water, then a countertop water distiller is the best option for you.

These were the types of water filters; here is a guide on how you can choose a countertop water filter.

Guide on how to choose a countertop water filter.

By now, you are aware that a countertop water filter comes with an assortment of filtration methods so that the filters can deliver fresh water. The filters embedded in the countertop filters eliminate various sets of contaminants by following different process. All these filters have various price points, and they come in various styles. Before buying a countertop filter, here are a few considerations that you need to keep in mind before choosing a countertop filter.

  1. Understand your tap water

You go and buy a countertop filter, which fits your need. You have to choose the one that works the best for you and filter out the contaminants that you want out of your water. If there is a presence of strong odour or chemical taste in your water, then you need a filter that filters out chlorine. If you are worried about the earthy taste in your tap water, then you need a filter that will help in getting rid of algae. As stated earlier, different filters will help in eliminating different contaminants from the water; and most importantly, a countertop filter will not be able to solve every problem.

  1. The design of the product

Countertop filters are going to be a permanent part of the décor of your kitchen. The countertop filters are going to be on the display of your kitchen, unlike the sink filters that are under the sink. So, choose the filter that meets the décor as well as the aesthetics of your kitchen. The best part is, a lot of countertop filter manufacturers while designing the filters keep the aesthetic and the decor part in mind. So, a lot of countertop filter is designed in a sleek manner and have those fixtures that are undisruptive, so they look good as well as work perfectly.

Keep the application of the filter in your mind.

One significant fact that will dictate the style of your countertop filter is how you are planning to use it.

  • Sink-top filter (faucet-style filter): a sink top filter, is the most common type of the filter that is being used by the consumers. The filter gets integrated into the faucet of the sink. The water which comes out of the sink gets immediately diverted into the filter. The sink top filters generally have filter housings, which are made up of plastic or metal, these housings hold the filtration media like the carbon filter or the ceramic filter. When the water reached the filter, it passes through these filters, and all the contaminants start to eliminate which the filter is ought to remove. Once all the pollutants are removed, the clean water is poured out of the spout. These filters are ideal for RV’s apartments, home or kitchens. These filters also perfect for the ones who have a limited amount of space.
  • Before you go and buy a sink top style filter, it is mandatory that you check and verify whether your faucet is compatible with the faucet connection of the filters.
  • Gravity-fed filters: these filters are popular because they are easy to operate; they are transportable and are compact. The gravity-fed filters have two chambers, and the upper chambers have unfiltered water, the water when enters through the tap enters the first chamber it trickles down through the filtration media down to the lower chamber. Gravity-fed filters are ideal for the users who travel a lot or are into adventure sports like camps etc.
  • Water distillers: as explained above, the countertop filters are also water distillers. The water distillers filter out the contaminants from the water thoroughly, the water distiller will boil and vaporize the water, and when all the contaminants are eliminated the filter will provide out clean and pure drinking water. The distilled water is also used in humidifiers, medical application (CPAP) as well as aquariums. The ones who are looking for pure water then, water distillers are the best.
  1. Maintenance of the filter

Like any other machine, filters to demand maintenance. Different filters will require a different amount of maintenance. So, with a ceramic filter, the owner will have to clean the filter regularly; this is because the castings of the filter need to stay bacteriostatic. The quality of the tap water also determines the life span of the filter cartridges. If the tap water has a considerable amount of contaminants, the more the filters needs to work. For this, the user needs to pay regular attention to the flow of the filter in order to determine the condition of the filter.

  1. Cost of the filter

Before buying the filter, keep two things in mind (most important) the cot of the filter as well as the frequency of the replacements required by the filters. The countertop filters are the most economical filtration system available in the market.


The best part about countertop filters is that you can take it anywhere and filter the water on the go too. Moreover, the best countertop water filters are available n lots of various designs, sizes, as well as different applications. Here is a list of top counter filters.

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