Best Christmas Songs 2022 : List of Top Christmas Songs on YouTube

As the month of November draws to a close and the nip in the air becomes more pronounced, one knows that Christmas is just around the corner. Our best Christmas songs list 2018 is here to help you celebrate this festive season. Whenever one thinks of Christmas, the immediate images that follow are cakes, Santa Claus with his flying sledge and songs. Lots of good songs. Even Christian Christmas songs can be included in a list, although Christmas is truly an international festival. Christmas is the only festival with such a large range of music that’s integral to its festivities. Every culture, ethnicity, nationality and household that celebrates Christmas has a set of songs that are sometimes more important to them than a Christmas tree or gift. Christmas songs are what illuminate the tree, add flavour to the bitterest fruitcake, and make it easier to shake a rival’s hand. Let’s get started with our best Christmas songs list. Here we list our best 5 Christmas songs for everyone:

List of best Christmas Songs 2022

#5. “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” by Andy Williams

Andy Williams’ massive hit tops many music charts around the world every year, especially during this festival season. Many readers will remember that scene in ‘Home Alone 2′ when the young boy walks into the grand New York City hotel for the first time, stupefied by what he sees. And we are allowed to share some of his joy and wonder with him when Williams’ baritone fills the background with this Christmas classic. Every top Christmas song list for kids and adults includes this classic. we put this christmas song on 5th position of our list of best christmas songs.

#4. “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” by The Jackson 5

This is ‘The Jackson 5’s cover of the original 1952 Jimmy Boyd Billboard hit. Initially controversial (the Roman Catholic Church of Boston condemned the song for its association with kissing and the festival), Boyd’s classic was revived by the young Michael Jackson and his group and climbed to Billboard’s number one spot for four consecutive weeks. Now the Jackson 5 version continues to get played in spinning rotation on radio shows across the globe during the holiday times.

#3. “Silent Night,” by The Temptations

The oldest song on this list of best christmas songs, the popular Christmas song for kids original version was created in Austria on the Christmas Eve of 1818 by Franz Xaver Gruber. Legend has it that the night he recorded the song was when the church organ was broken, so he decided to whip out the guitar and record a new Christmas tune. In 1968, the Temptations made a version of this all time Christmas carol.

#2.  “Let it Snow!” by Frank Sinatra

Sinatra, being the genius that he was, will always find himself on any type of music list, including our top Christmas songs list.  If we had to pick one serving from the legend’s Christmas menu, his version of “Let it Snow” deserves the most accolade. In a common theme to most Christmas classics, “Let it Snow” was recorded during the hottest day of July of 1945.

And our #1 Christmas song is:

“Last Christmas” by Wham!

George Michael was at the peak of his singing career in 1986. And he still holds the best-selling song record of that same year. This song has been used to portray love, rejection, envy and a lot of other emotions. Maybe it’s just 80s nostalgia but this song definitely takes the cake. Its sustained popularity speaks for itself, too. Either way, it’s bound to be blasted at the office Christmas party at some point! No top 5 Christmas song list can be complete without this one. do not forget to check our free Merry Chritmas Clip Art.


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