11 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Coworker in 2023

With the uncertain period of work from home prevailing in 2023, it is not surprising at all that more and more offices are prioritizing the health of their workers before the onsite work. But, that doesn’t mean that the office rituals are going to die out, right? The holiday season is upon us and we must be the best secret Santa that your coworker could ask for.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworker 2023

That said, finding a cool gift for your coworker that you don’t meddle with a lot can be confusing. Since you don’t know what kind of preferences they have, choosing a gift can be a little challenging. Don’t worry though, we have sorted out some of the best Christmas gifts for coworkers 2023 that will make the holidays worth it.

For the coworker who loves them some Green

If you have a coworker who loves plants and a little greenery around the house, getting them a potted plant can be a nice eco-friendly gift. Try and get the real ones, because after all, what is the purpose then?

But, in case you can’t get the real plants, try and opt for the fake plants that at least look realistic. Make sure that you always confirm their living status or the kind of sunlight they get inside their house because the last thing you want is for the plant to die because of a lack of maintenance.

The 6-inch succulent pots from Brajttt is one of the best planters that you can give as a Christmas gift to your coworkers.  It comes in a pack of four and is quite reasonably priced too.

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For the coworker that’s always cold

With the Christmas holidays come the winter months. And, there is going to that one coworker who doesn’t mesh well with the winter season. If you have one similar to that, it is always best you find a good quality humidifier for them that is easy to carry around and does its job right.

An air humidifier helps warm up the air in the surroundings, helping an individual breathe better, especially if they have a congested nose and chest. It also prevents the scratchiness and irritation that many tend to complain about.

The URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser is one of the best portable humidifiers that you can buy for yourself. It has a very compact design and at the same time, it is quite powerful in warming the air around. this is one of the best christmas gift for coworkers in 2021. with increase air pollution, it is must have item for each household.

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For the coworker that’s messy

How many of you have a coworker that always has a messy desk, despite the time of the day? Well, every office has one, and preferably many. In case you want them to have an organized desk and a comfortable working experience throughout the day, getting them a desk organizer is an amazing option.

This one from Simple Houseware is a bestseller on Amazon and for all the right reasons. It has a very compact design and looks stunning on the desks with multiple organizing compartments. It is quite safe efficient as well, which adds to the list of benefits further.

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For the coworker that always asks for a charger

If you have a coworker at the office that is constantly moving from one desk to the other asking for an iPhone charger, there is a perfect gift for them. You could either get them a portable charger or you can get them an actual charger for their phone. This way, they will always have a spare charger they can keep in the office and not ask for it all the time. with the release of iPhone 13, Apple able to increase the battery life of iPhone by 20%, but still you need an extra power bank for travel purpose. So iPhone power bank is the one of the best Christmas gifts for coworker who use too much phone.

There are several portable chargers available in the market, the Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger being the most popular one. It is a reliable product that is a bestseller on Amazon. If you don’t want to compromise on the quality of the gift you give, this is your safest bet.

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For the coworker that lives for Starbucks

There is always that coworker that never functions well without their morning kick from the Starbucks coffee. If you are gifting them a Christmas present, getting them a reusable Starbucks coffee mug is the best gift. This is not just a thoughtful gift but also quite eco-friendly as it reduces the risks of excess plastic waste.

Try and get the one from Amazon based on their personality or personal preference. This one with the Green and Red strokes of paint from the Starbucks Store is one of the best in terms of design and the overall price point too.

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For the coworker who lives off of pajamas during WFH

Since the majority of the people are working from home now, you will likely find a couple of your coworkers living in their pajamas day in and day out, especially some of the women coworkers. Getting them a cute and comfortable pajama set can be a very thoughtful Christmas gift that is surely going to make their Christmas brighter.

This Women’s Tie-Dye Pajama-Sets from T1FE 1SFE Store is one of the most beautiful sets and looks extremely comfortable and appealing. In case you don’t want to compromise on the quality of the item you purchase, this is not going to be a problem at all. It also comes in multiple colour options.

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For the coworker that always talks about self-care

How many coworkers do you have that like spending some time with themselves, pampering themselves after a hectic day at work? For such coworkers, bath salts are an amazing Christmas gift idea. They will not just love it, but will likely use it on the daily, especially when they have had a long day at work and need a quick unwinding.

The Village Naturals Therapy Mineral Bath Soak is some of the best options and is available in a pack of 3 with varying scents that helps one relax and have a soothing time in the bath.

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For the coworkers who are obsessed with their pets

There is going to be one person in your office that can’t seem to talk about their dog or cat. For them, getting a Christmas gift is possibly the easiest. Get something for their pet and they are likely the happiest person on the planet. But, with so many possible gift options, finding one single thing can be confusing.

Pet care packages are the best solution in such cases. The Just Chill’ In Pets Dog Gift Basket is one of the best examples of that. This is specifically meant for dogs, so if your coworker has a cat, you can get one that is meant specifically for a cat.

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For the coworker who lives for the bling

We all have a little sequin moment in our lives now and then, right? For Christmas present to your coworker, we’d suggest you get a sequin pillow or cushion cover that goes both ways. This not just looks stunning with any décor of the aesthetic in the house, it is an amazing stress buster too.

The YOUR SMILE sequin pillow covers are the most popular options with a simple and subtle design that you wouldn’t regret spending your coins on. They are handmade and have a top-notch quality that is available for a very affordable price point.

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For the coworker that complains about cold

If you have to always crank up the AC temperature because of a coworker that’s always cold, even though the weather outside is pretty hot, get them a throw blanket. These come in handy for them and everyone in the office. You can always get one based on the aesthetic of your office and implement the same accordingly.

The Bedsure 100% Acrylic Knit Throw Blanket is hands down one of the best options. The length is optimal and the fabric of the blanket is extremely soft and comfortable.

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For the coworker that lives for spicy food

If your coworker enjoys eating spicy food and tends to reach out for hot sauces now and then, get them a whole set. Trust us, they’d appreciate you more than words can explain. Getting a variety of hot sauces allows them to diversify their palette and try out new things in life.

This Spice Gift Set from Ghost Tickle is the best option out there. They have a wide range of variety of hot sauces in the gift set.

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If you were troubled about what to get your coworker for this Christmas, we hope this clears up all your doubts about best Christmas gift for coworker in 2023. Make sure you pick out a gift based on what your coworker enjoys and is inclined towards. In case you are still confused, we hope this article gives you a good idea of the number of gifts that you can get your coworker.

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