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Best Benchtop wood Planer 2022 : Reviews and Buying Guide

In the modern world, the importance of benchtop planners is quite important. It is a very important device that holds the capacity to cut things very simply. It may not be possible for the people to buy heavy weight machines but with the help of this device the whole works becomes quite safer and easier at the same time. It can be easily operated by the people to handle these types of tools. There are many people who are of the opinion that this benchtop planer is quite faster and swifter than heavy and large industrial machines.  They can be operated by small industries and that too very easily.

There are many materials that have a thicker part and it becomes quite tough to cut those ones with simple devices. But with the help of this tool you can easily cut the device and carry out the rest of the work. Most of the people look for such a device that can give the quick service in this case. In this respect, it is the best one that is available in the market. However, there are many such tools that are found in the market but it is better to choose the one that is reliable in all aspects.

Best Benchtop wood planer Reviews 2022

Let us try to find the best types of benchtop planers that are found in the market. A short discussion on this subject will help to choose the right one in all cases. Without wasting any more time it would be better to jump into the main subject. That would always be a wise decision in this case. Most of the people get confused about the right way to choose the best wood benchtop planer device for their home or other places.

#1. WEN 3420 T Variable Speed Benchtop Mini Wood Planer

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It is a wonderful device that can be easily used anywhere. The speed of the device can be adjusted as per the wish of the people. There is a speed knob that allows the user to handle the device in a much better way. With the help of threads the whole measuring process becomes quite easier and simpler at the same time. The 2 AMP motor gradually starts to prevent the motor damage and maximize safety to some extent. There is a flat wrench that is also available along with the device.


  • Best for the pens and other types of small work pieces.
  • Motor is soft and durable.
  • Comes with 2 AMP motor.
  • Available with a 5 inch face plate.


  • The design of the device should have been made in a much better manner.

#2. 15″ JET Helical Cutterhead Planer

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It is one of the best machines that are available in the modern world. It has been seen that there are some devices that are hard to handle but it is the only type of devices that has gained wide popularity and acceptance. The most amazing thing about this planer is that it provides consistent upward pressure on the cutterhead by reducing the chance of board snipe. It is also available with powerful 3 HP motor.


  • Innovative type of device.
  • Provides upward consistent pressure on the cutterhead through reduction of board snipe.
  • Available with powerful 3 HP motor.
  • Comes with good warranty period.


  • It would be better if the device was found with batteries.

#3. Jet – JWP-15HH: 15-inch Helical Head Planer

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Most of the woodworker dreams to have a quality device that can help him to carry out the work much smoothly. This machine quickly and quietly performs transformation of rough lumber into small boards. It helps the whole workplace most steady. On the other side, the 3HP motor helps to carry out the work most smoothly. The machine is mainly made with two speed gear box along with automatic chain tensioner that lets the user to adjust the feed rate of the customers.


  • Unique type of device.
  • Easy to handle tool.
  • Available along with 3 HP motor.
  • The two speed gear box allows the user to adjust the device accordingly.


  • The design of the device should have been made a little better.

#4. DEWALT Thickness Planer

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It is the device that comes with three knife cutterhead and powerful 15 AMP motor that helps to deliver quality work to the users. At the same time, the device is quite prompt in delivering quick, accurate and depth adjustment qualities of knife. The knives are both disposable and reversible. The portable planer makes it comfortable for the user to carry out the work smoothly. This type of planers is a long –term investment that allows the user to save money and dimensioning the same. They also help in making custom creating materials easier and smoother. It is the device that has a large capacity and other facilities.


  • Comes with powerful 15 AMP motor.
  • Available along with 3 knife cutter.
  • Comes with two speed gear box.
  • Main power source is corded electric.


  • The body of the device should have been made much more durable.

#5. Planer, TACKLIFE Electric Hand Planer

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In order to carry out efficient works it is important to have a good planer.  In order to solve this problem there has been introduction of this type of electric planer that helps in smooth functioning of the work. The more they are used the more they can be relied upon. It is said to be an ideal tool for treating the stubborn doors and all other works that are related with wood. The motor is made of pure copper. On the other side, the rubber coated handles provides a good grip and reduces the fatigue during long duration of work. It also comes with automatic kickstand.


  • Comes with high accuracy.
  • Comes with universal versatility.
  • Lasts longer in comparison with the iron shoes.
  • Available along with good service


  • The motor should have been made a little stronger or powerful.

#6. PORTER-CABLE PC60THP 6-Amp Hand Planer

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It is such a device that provides smooth cutting especially in hard materials. The device provides maximum speed to the materials. If anyone starts using this device they will get well habituated to it. It is one of the planer that has dual side dust extraction and it provides nice flexibility on either side of the tool. It is also responsible for cutting excess material in a very less time. It is believed that the device comes with good longevity and durability.


  • Nice portable device.
  • Available along with dual dust extraction feature.
  • Responsible for cutting excess materials and that too in a less time.
  • Comes with good longevity and durability.


  • The weight of the device should have been reduced to a bit extent.

#7. Makita KP0800K 3-1/4-Inch Planer Kit

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It is such a device that is suitable for construction companies. Most of the people who are engaged with this profession rely totally on this device. It is involved in various types of work like door installation, fine woodworking etc. It is engineered in a special way so that the vibration is reduced to a great extent. It also comes with added durability. It can be well equipped with large and large and high speed steel blades. It is totally an aluminum based device.


  • Comes with high speed motor.
  • Available with an aluminum base.
  • Quite better in door installation and wood working activities.
  • Comes with high steel blades.


  • The installation procedure should have been made easier for the users.

#8. Bosch PL1632 6.5 Amp Planer

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It has a great motor that produces good quality work. It also comes with a lock-in button that helps to prevent accidents to a great extent. It is quite natural that while dealing or handling with such device the user may come across an accident. Thus in such a situation it would be better if the device is made or manufactured in a special way. That would help to prevent accidents very easily. The tool also comes with a spring loaded stand that elevates the planer to protect the blades easily.


  • Presumed to be a powerful planer.
  • Comes with a spring loaded elevator.
  • Safe to use.
  • Mode of operation is very simple.


  • The design should have been made in such a manner so that it could save the space.

#9. Ryobi HPL52K 6 Amp 16,500 RPM

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If you are handing large construction sites it is always better to have this device in the list that can provide quality service to the users and that too for a long duration. Sometimes, it may happen that after spending a lot of money the customers do not get quality product or device for their work. In such a case, this is the only one that can give the best service to the people. It comes with a dust bag that pulls all the dust and put it inside the bag. The device also has a kickstand at the back of the unit that prevents the whole wood from marring. In fact, the whole device is adjustable as per the convenience of the user.


  • Amazing device that helps in smooth functioning of the work.
  • Lasts for a long time.
  • Comes with a dust bag to hold all the dust particles.
  • Can be easily adjusted.


  • There should be a definite warranty period for the device.

#10. TAROSE 3-1/4 Inch (82mm) High-speed Steel(HSS) Resharpenable Hand Planer

It is such a device that is totally made with high-quality materials. Due to this, the whole device runs for a long time and that too without any issues. The blades of this device have a high speed and sharpness. It can cut the materials very easily and that too within a short period. The most important thing about this device is that it can cut any type of material and that too very conveniently. In case the device loses its sharpness the same can be sharpened very comfortably. All this things has increased the popularity of the product to a good extent. It has drawn the attention of more and more people.


  • Available in a good size and shape.
  • Can be easily handled with hand.
  • Comes with sharp blades.
  • Blades can be sharpened very easily.


  • The price of the product could have been lowered so that it can be purchased by all the people.

Best benchtop wood planer 2022: Buying Guide

There are some essential guidelines and tips that should be kept in the mind while buying a benchtop planer. It is hoped that such an instruction can help the user in the best possible manner. Now without wasting any more time let us move into the subject. It will help the user to a great extent.


It is the most important point that should be discussed on a priority basis. The best thing about it is that while anyone is buying a planer they should be well aware about the performance or the efficiency of the planer. This is the only reason why one should always opt for the branded ones. That will help the user to a good extent.


The power of the planer is another thing that needs to be mentioned. One should always check the actual power of the planer so that it helps in smooth functioning of the work. There are many people who do not check the power and ultimately it makes a lot of issue. Checking the right power is the main thing that should be always given prior importance. It should be always kept in the mind at any cost.


On the other hand, the flexibility of the machine is the main thing. If the machine is not flexible it cannot give good performance. It is strongly believed that the more the flexible is the machine the more it will be better for the people to work with it. It is also another point that should be given special preference at the same time.

Speed of the blades:

It is the blade that performs the maximum amount of work. It is the only reason why more people should concentrate on it. In fact, it is seen that the more the speed of the blade the more it will presume to be a great one. If the speed of the blade is higher it will always give a better performance.

Safety and security:

At the same time, the user should also check the safety and security of the device. Many times it is seen that if the device is not safe then it may help in accidents. Sometimes the rate of accident is so intense that it can take the life of a person. In fact, people should always look for the safety and security of the device before planning to purchase the same.


It is very essential to go through the reviews of a particular device before opting to buy it. The reviews will help in getting the exact information about any particular device. On the other hand, the reviews can also give prior information about the accurate price of the device. It may happen that you are confused about the price of the device that you are intending to buy, but with the help of the reviews you can get the exact idea about the product. It plays a pivotal role in all aspects.  It should be given a good preference.

Guarantee period:

On the other side, the product or the device should have a specific guarantee period. It is the guarantee period that saves the people from any types of issues. If there is no such mention of the guarantee period in the device it should be asked or enquired. It is seen that a product has no value without a proper guarantee period. A smooth functioning of the device also depends upon the guarantee period to some extent and it should be kept in the mind.


Well, with the help of the above mentioned best benchtop wood planer it is now very simple and easy to carry out any types of industrial and construction work very smoothly. No need to worry about long term commercial real estate projects. If there is a good benchtop wood planer it becomes very simple for the worker to perform the whole work.

Apparently, it may appear that the work is quite tough but in the long run the whole thing would appear to be much smoother and comfortable. Just try the best product from the list and get a wonderful result after using it. It will largely help in various industrial works.

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