15 Best Apple Airpods 3 Cases and Covers 2022 : Airpods and Airpods 2 cases

Apple Airpods 3 come with their charging and protective cover case. However, not everyone likes stark and plain white color on the cases. If you are one of those people who is fed up with the look and feel of the plain Airpods 3 case and want to add some quirk and fun to it, there are a few other options available around.

However, given that the availability of cases and covers in 2022 are quite abundant, we want our readers to have access to nothing but the absolute best products. This guide discusses all the best cases and covers for Airpods 3 that you can consider buying.

Difference between AirPod 3 Cases vs. AirPod 3 Covers

The primary difference between the AirPod 3 Cases vs. AirPod 3 Covers is the fact that the cases are given by the brand to keep your Airpods charged so you can listen to them for extended periods.

The airport 3 covers, on the other hand, are an exterior and removable protective sleeve that helps protect the actual Airpod 3 case from damage, scratches, and dust. Also, most of them come with a stylish look and design, which further defines your personality better and makes carrying an airpod fun.

Most of the airpod 3 covers also come with an attached carabiner or keychain with them, which enables you to hook them to your bag, jeans, or even your dress so you don’t end up losing them in the process. 

Best Apple AirPods 3 Cases and Covers in 2022

When choosing an Apple Airpods 3 case, you need to be mindful of the color, design, texture, and also quality of the product. Try to stick to the good-quality options with non-toxic materials because the last thing you want is for the color to fade out or the material to melt away.

Some of the best Apple Airpods 3 cases include: theses Airpods cases are compatible with Airpods and Airpods 2 as well.

#1. Baynemi Custom AirPods Case

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If you are into custom and personalized cases and covers, the Custom AirPods Pro Case from Baynemi is the absolute best. Besides the personalization, you can also make the most out of it from fingerprint scratches, bumps, and even dust and water droplets.

As for the quality and material of this best Airpods 3 case, it is made with hard-quality PC material with non-toxic material that keeps the case clear without any issues. Also, you get a metal carabiner on the side that enables you to attach the Airpods to the bags and pants while you are carrying them.

#2. R-fun AirPods Case Cover with Keychain

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Just because you want to get an extra case or cover for your Airpods doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on it. Instead, invest your money in the R-fun AirPods Pro Case Cover with Keychain. This one is priced around $5, which means that you can buy a few and change colors according to your mood.

This best Airpods 3 case with keychine is available in over 10 colors and is made with high-quality elastomer silicone and is not just durable but extremely lightweight and functional too. Besides the design, the product also comes with a separate carabiner that makes it easier to carry.

#3. MOBOSI Military AirPods Case

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If you are one of those users that have a habit of misplacing their Airpods cases or dropping them now and then, the MOBOSI Military AirPods Case is the ideal choice for it. Not only does it feature durable and tensile construction, the product is one of a kind in terms of quality.

It is available in 5 different colors and offers 360-degree protection with an anti-slip stripe down the middle that prevents it from slipping out of your grip. Like the majority of the other cases, even this one comes with an attached carabiner.

#4. Doboli Compatible AirPods Case

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Looking for some pastel-coloredairpod cases for you and your friend? Well, the Doboli Compatible AirPods Case is the perfect choice in that case. Not only do you have access to quality AirPods cases, you get the ones with LED indicators and protective casing that prevent bumps and scratches.

The product is made from high-quality silicone with elasticity for a comfortable and non-toxic smooth surface in the foreground. The surface of the case is dustproof as well, which is another positive aspect of this product, especially if you don’t want to invest in lighter colors because they become dirty easily. The case does support wireless charging and comes with a free carabiner for easy installation.

#5. LelongAirpods Case Cover

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Another cheap yet high-quality Airpod cover that you can get for around $5 is the LelongAirpods Case Cover. Like most of the other cases, even this one is available in a range of colors, making it ideal for consistent usage without any complications. The fit is quite snug, meaning that your Airpods won’t dangle out of the case while you are travelling.

Also, the case is compatible with both the type-1 and type-2 charging cases and won’t affect the efficacy of the wireless charging in the case. Besides that, you also get a carabiner with this case cover, enabling you to carry it with ease and without any complications. The material used is a high-quality silicone material.

#6. AIRSPO Airpods Case Cover

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If you are into prints and patterns and don’t want to stick to the staple solid color, the AIRSPO Airpods Case Cover is your best bet. Not only do you get a quality product, but you also get to choose from a range of funky prints and designs, something that you are going to appreciate. The brand has 22 different prints and patterns for you to choose from. From quirky prints to subtle floral prints, you have a range of options.

The case is made from high-quality silicone material that offers 360-degree protection against scratches, bumps, and damage in case you end up dropping it now and then. Also, the design of the case is made with the highest level of precision to ensure that it fits the Airpods like a glove. Although you don’t get a warranty with the product, it does come with a 30-days return policy.

#7. wenew Protective Airpods Case

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Another printed airpod cover option that we had to include in the list without any questions is the wenew Protective Airpods Case. This one, despite the floral prints, assure a guarantee of quality. This means that you won’t have to complain about the quality or the durability of the print on the case or the exterior of the cover.

The product is made with impact-resistant and durable silicone material that offers 360-degree full-body protection without any compromise. The overall fashionable design is worth the mention, not to say that you won’t have to worry about wireless charging or the visibility of the LED lights with the case at all.

#8. Filoto Bling Airpod Silicone Case Cover

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Ideally, looking for bling and sparkly Airpods case to match your phone’s back cover? Well, the Filoto Bling Airpod Silicone Case Cover is the perfect choice for that. Besides the beautiful color and the quality of the glitter used in the case is of top-most quality.  So, you also won’t ever have to worry about the quality of the material used in the case, which is always a benefit.

Even this one is a premium quality silicone case with a lightweight design and an attached string for easy carrying. Also, it doesn’t obstruct the wireless charging facilities, which is always a benefit.

#9. UvenjuAirpods Case Cover

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Now that we have highlighted a list of soft silicone AirPods cases, it is time to move on to the hardcover cases like the UvenjuAirpods Case Cover. This one features a stunning design with vibrant prints of Stitch that gives it a quirky edge and look. Also, the upper and lower part of the cover is separately, so you have to put them on separately.

The product is made from high-quality TPU material with a smooth finish for a premium look and feel. Besides that, you also get an anti-lost carabiner keychain attached to the case.

#10. Maxjoy Compatible AirPods Case Cover

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Clear cases are in trend right now and if you can maintain their color and appearance without dirtying them, the Maxjoy Compatible AirPods Case Cover is an option worth considering. The product is made from high-quality TPU material with a polished surface for a comfortable hold without dropping it on the ground.

The case is available in a variety of print options and supports wireless charging through it, so you won’t have to bring the Airpods out of the case every time you need to charge the device. It is also integrated with a range of anti-lost accessories, making it a viable option.

#11. HamileAirpods Case

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You can never get too many prints and the HamileAirpods Case is one of the best examples of that. The product is available in 15+ prints that you can choose from. The fadeless cute pattern is pretty amazing and long-lasting as well. So, despite paying less than $10, you won’t have to fret about the print wearing off quickly.

The anti-lost keychain is another positive prospect to this purchase. The case is also designed to support wireless charging, which is always a benefit too.

#12. FibuntunAirpod Case

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If you are particularly looking for a heavy-duty AirPods case, the FibuntunAirpod Case is another good choice. Unlike all the click and lock cases, this one has a different opening and closing mechanism and is made with durable and sturdy quality material. The case also comes with a portable carabiner, which is always a benefit.

Not only is it good for wireless charging, but you also get up to 60 days of return policy, which ensures that you can return it if the quality isn’t up to the mark.

#13. Icepos African American Airpod Skin Protective Hard Case

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Representation is always welcomed and the Icepos African American Airpod Skin Protective Hard Case is one of the best examples. It features a range of African American women and their caricature on the hard AirPods case, giving it a personalized look and feel. The case is designed with precision in mind, so the AirPods case fits in like a glove.

The best thing about this product is that it’s backed with a lifetime warranty, which is not something you get to experience with other brands or products in the same price range. Also, it is a hard case, so it’s made with TPU material.

#14. XlanpigAirpod Case Cover

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Moving on to the other type of material or the faux leather fabric cases. The XlanpigAirpod Case Cover is the bestselling option and comes with a striped print and appearance with an attached holding strap and keychain for multifunctional use.

The product is made with eco-friendly leather and looks very modern and sleek when you hold it. The only downside is that it doesn’t support wireless charging and doesn’t come with LED light indicators, so you need to bring it out to charge it.

#15. Filoto Case for Airpods

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If there’s an OG for airpod covers, the Filoto Case for Airpods deserves the first spot. Besides the solid-colored cover, you also get a fluffy pompom with a carabiner attached to it, making it one of the best choices. The product comes with a high-quality silicone construction that is lightweight and scratch-resistant too.

The device supports wireless charging, which is always a benefit too. However, we’d still recommend you remove the bottom part of the cover for a comfortable charging experience. Besides that, the product is affordable and comes with anti-lost functions so you don’t end up misplacing your Airpods around the house.


If you are tired of looking at the same old clicky case of your Airpod 3 and want an upgrade, these are some of the best products that we’d recommend you look into. We have sorted out a few soft silicone cases, a few hard or TPU cases, and a leather variant for you to dabble your choices into. Just ensure you read through the reviews and choose the option that best Airpods 3 cases suits your interests and budget.

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