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Best AP US History Books in 2022 To Score a 5

Best AP US History Books 2021 : Just like World History, a lot of students share a love-hate relationship with the US History AP Exam as well. The exam can be tough if you are not fond of history and this is also going to be true if you have a difficult time remembering the sequence of events or dates. This exam has a similar pattern to that of World History and in the next section, we have shared more details about the same. Check out the details and also refer to the recommended books that you can help you in preparing for the AP US History Exam.

Exam Pattern

As mentioned above, the exam pattern is similar to that of world history AP exam. This means that the exam has 2 sections and each section is further divided into 2 parts. This makes it a total of 4 parts for the exam. Let us now look in detail about the content and question pattern in each of these 4 parts of the exam.

The first part of the exam contains 55 Multiple Choice Questions that need to be answered in 55 minutes and this accounts for the 40% of total marks. The second part of the exam has 4 short answers and you get 50 minutes to complete the second part. This part accounts for 20% of the total marks of the exam. Talking about the third part, just like in AP World History Exam, it is also a document based question which needs to be answered in 55 minutes and this accounts for 25% of the total marks. The rest 15% of the marks are allocated to the fourth part which is a long essay type question and that needs to be answered in 35 minutes.

Just like other AP Exams, this is also held in May every year and you can visit the Exam Board Website to check out the samples papers and the exact date of the exam.

Best AP US History Exam Books 2022

Here are the top recommendations from our side and you can consider these for your preparations.

One of the best book available in the market is this one and it is updated as per the 2021 course of the exam. In addition to this, the book covers all the topics and it contains all the detailed reasoning process that will help you in formulating the answers to the long questions as well. This book also contains short answer questions along with the comprehensive review of the history.

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There is also a book from Princeton Review which we would recommend and this one is a comprehensive study guide for you. The book includes 5 full length practice test which comes with a solution and a detailed explanation as well. The book also contains content review it targets the test strategies that can help you in scoring well in this difficult exam. You can also use the online test available in this book for preparations.

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The last recommendation that we have for you is from Barron’s and this is certainly a reliable book that you can opt for. The book contains 3 online detailed tests and 2 printed full-length papers. All of these have a detailed explanation and the book also has strategies that can help you in answering the short answer question, long answer question and document based question.

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Tips and Conclusion About Best AP US History Books

To be honest, this exam can be a little tricky and a little difficult as well. Our suggestion here is that do not wear the unknown and step into the preparation cycle and you will be able to score well with your dedication.  You can start studying for this exam a little in advance and over a period of 6 months, you will be able to understand the sequence of the events.

You can use a good book to prepare which covers the details text and polish your preparations with the help of the sample papers that are included in the books. You can also watch some of the online Videos to understand US history and the significant events in history. Start brushing up the material 15 days before the exam and ensure that you are giving in at least 2 hours per day for this subject.

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