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Best AP Statistics Books in 2022 To Score a 5

Best AP Statistics Books : A lot of us adore Statistics as a subject because of the fact that it involves a lot of calculations and analysis. This also makes the exam quite scoring. If you are planning to appear in AP Statistics exam then you are at the right place because we are going to share the details of the exam pattern with you and along with that we are going to share some of the book recommendations that can help you in scoring a perfect 5.

AP Statistics Exam Pattern

Talking about the exam pattern for AP Statistics, it is just like any other exam which is divided into 2 sections. Let us now talk about each section in detail. The first section contains 40 questions for which you get 90 minutes and the second section of the exam has 6 free response questions with a total time allocation of 90 minutes. Each section contains an equal mark allocation. Talking about the second section in detail, it is worth mentioning that the first 5 questions in the second section are the short answer question while the last one is an investigative type question.

To get an idea of the exam, you can visit the college board’s website and check out some of the sample papers. The exam is scheduled in May 2022. You can also check out some of the books that would not help you in understanding the concepts but that would also help you in practising the fundamentals. In the next section of this page, we are going to share details about some of the best books that are available in the market to prepare for the AP Statistics Exam. Go ahead and check them out.

Best AP Statistics Exam Books 2022

Here are the top recommendations from our side and you can consider these for your preparations.

Barron’s has always been the leader when it comes to AP tests book and we would really recommend you to check out this book for preparing for the 2022 AP exam. Apart from the regular study material, the book contains 5 full-length practice tests in the book. In addition to this, there are 3 full-length practice tests that are available online and there is also one diagnostic tests that you help you in analyzing your strengths and weaknesses.

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To understand the concepts of statistics, we would really recommend you to check out some of the videos. The fact is that no book can replace a living teacher. YouTube tries to replicate that for you. This best AP Statistics book is kind of special because it not only contains a theoretical understanding of 100 most important statistical concepts but it also has YouTube links for the explanation. Another advantage is that these videos included here also explains you about using the graphical calculators. It is the best book that you can get in the market.

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Another book that can help you in strategizing your exam is this one from the Princeton Reviews. This not only contains a comprehensive review of the course material but it also has 2 full-length test papers that are coupled with a detailed explanation of the answers. The book also has links for online extras that can condition your learning curve and that can help you in scoring a higher grade in the exam.

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Tips and Conclusion about Best AP Statistics Books 2022

AP Statistics can prove to be a difficult exam if your fundamental concepts are not clear. In such a case, you might have to work hard especially if you do not have a particular liking towards numbers and stats. You can check out the  best AP Statistics books that have tests for evaluation and that also has detailed steps for solving the complex problems.

While preparing for the exam, you can also check out some of the video content which will help you in better understanding of the concepts. You must also know how to use your graphical calculator properly otherwise you might end up slowing down in the exam.

The MCQs in the exam are going to be really easy if you know how to properly use the graphical calculators. Again, there are video tutorials for that and there are some books which cover certain steps to allow you to use the graphical calculator properly. Remember that practising a lot is the key for the AP Statistics Exam.

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