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Best AP Spanish Books for 2022

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The AP Spanish exam is another easy exam to clear if you are aware of the concepts and language. Talking about the pattern and organization, the AP Spanish exam has two different sections that contain equal weightage in the student’s marks. The first section of the exam contains 65 multiple choice questions that are based on Spanish culture and language. For the first section, you will be given 95 minutes. In this section, the last 35 questions will be based on the audio texts that are easily be cleared if you Spanish well.

On the other hand, the second section of the exam contains eight free-response questions where you will need to write an email, essay, and verbally compare the cultures of the places and join a conversation.

In other words, the AP Spanish is a simple exam to clear if you are familiar with the culture and the language. However, if you are not, then you should prepare yourself well for the exam.

Next Exam Date

May 7th, 2022

Last time the exam changed

The exam pattern has changed in 2015, and there are no further changes to be made in the next few years. So, you can refer to the older books after 2015.

Best AP Spanish Books 2022

Although the Spanish AP exam will be apiece of cake if you know the culture and language well, but if you are new to the culture, then you will have to make some extra efforts to get a 5 in the exam. Here, we are listing three of the best AP Spanish books that are currently available in the market for the upcoming AP Spanish exam 2022. Refer to them and choose the best one out of these according to your preparation level and proficiency in the language.

#1. 5 Steps to a 5: AP Spanish Language and Culture

For the students who are well aware of the concepts of the language and want to just brush up their skills along with revising them up, the 5 Step to a 5: AP Spanish Language and Culture will be an excellent choice for you to go with.

The brilliantly laid out structure and concept clearing ability of the book makes it an ideal book for the students who have good knowledge of the language.

Apart from brushing up the concepts, the book suggests a sure-shot way to achieve success in the exam.

Apart from the theoretical concept clearing sessions in this best ap Spanish book, it also comes with an MP3 disk that cleverly acquaintances you to the Spanish culture like a pro.

So, if you were looking for last-minute confidence for the exam, this book will be an excellent buy for you.

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#2. Cracking the AP Spanish Language and culture exam 2022: The Princeton Review

For the students who aren’t well aware of the culture and language and want a complete textbook that can help them achieve success in the exam, The Princeton review AP Spanish will be an excellent choice to go for. Laid out in perfectly designed sections, the book advances in a step-by-step manner to make you familiar with the language and culture.

Also, the book talks about the tips and tricks that can help you crack the AP Spanish exam in your first attempt even if you are new to the language.

Additionally, the book provides the students access to the full-length preparation tests that are made up of the latest pattern and concepts.

In other words, if you were looking for a single book that can help you achieve the perfect score in the exam even if you are a newbie, Princeton Review: AP Spanish will be an excellent choice to make.

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#3. AP Spanish Language and Culture: Barron’s Test Prep Series

Barron’s Test Prep Series on AP Spanish Language and Culture is a worthy buy for almost every student who is willing to score a five in the exam. With clearly sorted out concepts and important things about the Spanish Culture, the Barron’s Test Prep Series on AP Spanish Language and Culture is one of the most complete and sorted our book for the exam.

This best ap Spanish book is cleverly divided into parts that help the readers to concentrate on the specific parts that they think they need to work on. Also, the brilliantly laid out concept clearing session included in the book makes it is easier for the students to master the language and culture even if they aren’t in touch with it.

Apart from this, the book contains three full-length test papers that contain the most advanced and up-to-date information about the exam. So, if you were looking for a complete book that can help you learn about the culture and make it easier for you to score well in the exam, the Barron’s Test Prep Series on AP Spanish Language and Culture is the best book to go with.

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Self Study Tips

Although the above-listed books are self-explanatory and you can easily crack the exams by referring to them, but there are a few things that you can try on for achieving the perfect five by referring to any of these books at home.

The first thing that you should look for while preparing for the AP Spanish Exam is to join a language class or a cultural group in your city that deals precisely with the Spanish culture and their belongings. By doing this, you will get practical knowledge about Spain that will help you crack the exam with ease by referring to any of the above-listed books. After this, you are going to need the mock test papers that can help you know about the exam and types of questions that you can expect in the upcoming exam 2022.

Also, you can refer to online language courses that can help you get a deeper knowledge of the language and culture. Regardless of the way you choose for self-studies, we will suggest you to pay proper attention to the test and online mock tests to get success in the exam.

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