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Best AP Psychology Books Reviews for 2022

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Out of all AP exams, the Psychology is considered as alengthy and most time-consuming exam of the AP examinations currently taking place. However, the pattern and the marks distribution are almost similar to the other AP examinations.

The exam has two different sections, out of which one is the multiple-choice question and the other one contains the free-response questions. The first section has a total of 100 multiple-choice questions and you need to complete them within 70 minutes. As the questions are relatively more in this section, the section weighs 66.6% of the total student’s marks. On the other hand, the second section of the exam contains two free-response questions that you have to answer in 50 minutes.

The exam is generally taken judge your skills and response on the 9 core concepts of psychology and if you are aware of these concepts, you can easily crack the exam by the right time management and knowledge about the subject.

Next Exam Date

May, 12th,2022

Last time the exam changed

Unlike the other exams, the pattern and strategy behind setting up the paper haven’t been changed in awhile. However, you can expect it to change the new organization for the 2022 exam. Unlike the 14-point concept of the exam, now the organizers are focusing on the new nine-concept of psychology.

In all, if you were looking for the new concepts and exam tips that can help you clear the exam in one go, we will suggest you to go with the latest editions of the books so that you can get better mock tests and concepts clearing approach towards the exam taking place in 2022.

Best AP Psychology Books 2022

Although there are several self-study books and preparation kits available for the students that can help the aspirants score well, but if you are after the preparation kit for your exams, here are the three best and most reliable books that we came across for the AP Psychology Exam of 2022.

#1. Cracking the AP Psychology Exam 2022: The Princeton Review

Online students tools, two full-length mock tests, Comprehensive review and the perfect laid out structure are some of the main key reasons behind the enormous popularity of The Princeton Review: Cracking the AP Psychology exam 2022. Along with the perfectly laid out structure that clearly explains every single thing that you should know about the subject, the book has a great set of additional features like the full-length mock test papers. These papers are fully solved and you can have an in-depth explanation about every single question in the book.

In other words, if you are looking to crack the exam with a 5, you should once try your hands on this book.

Along with the paper and concept clearing sessions, you are going to get some motivational tips and tricks to solve the paper within the time limit with ease and with proper confidence.

The book is updated as per the prescribed pattern and has the types of questions that are likely to be asked in the AP Psychology exam of 2022. So, instead of trying the previous edition, we will suggest you to have the latest one for yourself to study better and prepare yourself in a more confident way.

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#2. 5 Steps to a 5: AP Psychology 2021

Written by Laura Lincoln Maitland, this is a perfect book for those students who are willing for a crash course to get assured success in the exam. Along with the perfectly laid out structure, this best AP Psychology book also shows the students the correct way to study and get the best results in the least preparation time. Also, the perfect five-step guide is essential to have to clear any AP exams, so, be sure to learn the correct way to study for an exam, and you will definitely get the success that you are looking for in the upcoming 2022 Psychology exam.

Apart from the concepts and guide, the book also offers the student the complete access to three online mock test papers are great for the last-minute preparation and see your standing as per your performance. Apart from the online tests, you will get three papers with the book too that you can solve manually and look for the concepts and answers.

In all, if you were looking for a perfectly reliable preparation kit for yourself, the 5 Steps to 5 by Laura Lincoln Maitland would be an excellent book to go with.

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#3. Barron’s Test Prep Kit: AP Psychology

For those students who have completed their preparation for their exam and are looking for an extra to brush up the skills and get the most simplified approach to clear the exam, the Barron’s AP Psychology is one of the best ap Psychology book to rely on.

Along with clearing and brushing up the core concepts of Psychology, the Barron’s Test Prep kit is also a great book for the students who are looking for the best quality mock test kit that can help them know about the skills and preparations for the upcoming exams. The latest book has been updated for the latest proposed exam pattern and you are going to get the best info about the subject according to the upcoming exam in the year 2022.

The book provides the students access to the three full-length mock test papers that are made up to the latest standards b the organizers. SO, if you were looking to be assured of getting success just by referring to a single book, then Barron’s AP Psychology will be the best book to consider this year.

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Self-Study Tips About Best AP Psychology Books

Apart from the best AP Psychology books listed above, there are several online resources to refer to if you are willing to learn more about the concepts of AP Psychology. Try them and get assured success in the exam. Additionally, you can refer to the online study materials that are laid out by the professors and experts of Psychology.

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