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Best AP Human Geography Books in 2022 To Score a 5

For the students who are interested in Human Geography, there is an AP exam that they can take to pursue their career in the field. This subject is more about the landscape of human activities instead of the geography of the earth. This makes the subject really interesting and a lot of people prefer appearing in the AP Human Geography Exam. If you are also planning to appear in this exam then check out the sections below where we have listed the exam pattern, studying tips and recommended books.

Exam Pattern

Talking about the exam pattern for the AP Human Geography Exam, there are two sections in the exam. The first section has a total of 75 questions in total and you need to answer them in about 60 minutes of time. The total marks allocated to the first section is 50% of the total marks. Talking about the second section, this has 3 constructed response question and you get almost 75 minutes to answer all of these questions.

The overall pattern of the exam is simple which makes the exam easy. In terms of the dates, the exam is held in May every year and for the exact date of the AP Human Geography Exam, you can visit the College Board website and you will find the required information. You will also find some of the sample papers of this subject on the website.

Let us move on to the next section now and let us have a look at some of the recommended books

Best AP Human Geography Exam Books 2022

Here is the list of recommendations in terms of the books that you can use for the preparation of the AP Human Geography Exam book.

#1. The Princeton Review: Cracking the AP Human Geography Exam

One of the best AP Human Geography book available in the market is from The Princeton Review. This is the 2019 edition but the course hasn’t changed since then so you can use this for the exam in 2022 as well. The book has 2 full length test papers that come with detailed solutions and this book also includes the comprehensive review of all the topics for AP Human Geography concepts. Apart from this, the book includes strategies that can help you in preparing for each of the sections of the exam. Using the AP Student tool, the book also provides some of the free content that will help you during your preparation.

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#2. Barron’s AP Human Geography with Online Tests

The next recommendation on our list of best AP Human Geography is from Barron’s and this is also a very good book for the preparations. The book includes 2 full length practice exams and in addition to this, the book also has a very good explanation of the answers to the practice test questions. There is a diagnostic test included for the AP Human Geography test that helps you do a SWOT analysis. The book also offers 3 online practice tests for students who really believe a lot in practice to gain confidence.

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#3. Crash Course for AP Human Geography

If you have AP Exams lined up around the date of the AP Human Geography Exam and if you feel that you do not have enough time to prepare for the exam then you can have a look at this crash course book which can also help you in scoring well in the exam. The book reviews all the sections for you and it does it in a very well managed manner. This helps you in saving a lot of time. The main aim of the content in the book is to provide you with the right strategies and to provide you with a targeted review of the topics that are important. Lastly, the book also has online practice tests to help you in evaluating your preparations for the AP Human Geography Exam.

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Tips and Conclusion About Best AP Human Geography Books 

AP Human Geography Exam is quite an easy subject to study and it is even easier to score a 5 in this exam. You just need to manage your time and ensure that you are covering all the topics. Even if you start just a week before the exam, you will be able to score a 5. The only condition is that you must have a good book that will enable you to prepare well for the exam.

The recommended time when you should start preparing for the exam is at least 2 months before. In addition to this, there is a slight twist when it comes to the preparations. For this exam, you must not start with the diagnostics test. Rather, you must read the book first and then appear in the diagnostic test.

Based on the test results of the diagnostic tests, you can cover other topics. Apart from this, you get 2 practice exams in the book which will help you in doing the final round of practice for the exam. You can use any of the books stated above and they cover the course quite well. With this, we will conclude the space and we wish you the best of luck for your exam.

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