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Best AP German Books in 2022 To Score a 5

Best AP German Book 2021 : You will see a lot of students appearing in the AP exam for English and that is majorly because of the fact that it is their mother tongue. When it comes to a foreign language, a lot of students also take an exam for AP French, AP Chinese and AP German. In this article, we are specifically going to focus on the students who are planning to appear in the AP German exam. We have listed a lot of information about this particular exam so that we can help the students appearing in the AP German exam in scoring a perfect 5.

Exam Pattern

It is really important to understand the exam pattern of any subject that you are planning to give exam for. If you have selected German for the exam then let us share the detailed exam pattern with you for this subject. As a matter of fact, the exam is divided into 2 sections. Just like any other AP exam, the first section has 65 questions that have an allotted time of 95 minutes. Just like the AP French exam, the first 30 questions in the exam are based on the textual inputs but the remaining 35 questions are based on audio only. Because of the audio part, the difficulty level of the exam may go up for certain students.

Moving on to the second section, this has 8 free response question and you get a total of 80 minutes to answer these questions. The format is quite generalized and if you go over several sample papers then you would realize that out of these 8 questions, there will be a question for writing an email, for writing an essay, for simulating a conversation and for doing a culture comparison.

Each of the section of the exam accounts for 50% of the total marks. In addition to this, the exam is held in May every year. You can visit the College Board website and over there, you will find the details of the exact date of the exam and you will also find some of the sample papers on the website.

Best AP German Exam Books 2022

It is important to have the right set of books to prepare for any exam. If you are looking for the books that can help you in scoring a 5 in AP German exam then you can check out some of the recommendations from our experts in this section. Here are more details about the books.

#1. Prufungstraining Daf: Prufung AP German Exam

This is the first book that we would recommend to the students who are preparing for the AP German Exam. This is the only good option that you have to be honest and the best part about this book is that it covers all the parts of the German Language and Culture. In addition to this, you will be able to prepare for both the sections of the exam using the book. The book is really well organized and the topics are divided into different sections. You will also find practice tests in the book which you can prepare for. There are different test sections which help you in gaining confidence. This is certainly one of the best books that you will find for the AP German Exam.

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#2. National Learning Corporation: German (Advanced Placement Test)

The second book that you can consider is from National Learning Corporation and overall, this is a good book which covers up all the topics for the exam. The book prepares you for the exam and there is nothing that is missing. There is nothing much that we would like to talk about the book as this is one of the most basic versions of the exam guide.

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Tips and Conclusion About Best AP German Books

As per our opinion, AP German is quite a difficult exam to study because of the less number of books that are available for the exam. In addition to this, if you are not fluent in German then it can really be difficult to score good marks. If you plan to start from scratch then you need to give 2 to 4 years to yourself so as to learn the language and score well in the exam but if you are already fluent in German and if you have taken this subject in High School then you will find it quite easy to study the subject.

For preparing for the exam or for the revision purpose, you can use various online tools that you can help you in simulating the real conversations with real people. This will help you in gaining confidence while you are learning the language for the AP German Exam. This was all for today and we wish you the best of luck for your upcoming exams.

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