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Best AP French Books in 2022 To Score a 5

Best AP French Books 2022 : Going by the trends, we have seen a lot of students appearing in the AP exam for French and the number is always growing. It is not just the students who belong to a particular ethnicity who takes this exam but there is a lot of diversification in those terms. If you are also planning to appear for the AP French exam then you need to understand the exam pattern so as to prepare well. To help you with your preparations, we have not only listed the exam pattern but we have also listed the details about the recommended text books for the AP French exam. Move on to the next section and check out the details.

Exam Pattern                                                                                                          

Talking about the exam pattern for AP French, the exam is divided into 2 sections just like any other exam. The first section has a total of 65 questions and you are given a time of 95 minutes to answer those questions. This section has the value of a total mark of 50% of the total marks. Let us shed more light on these 65 questions in section 1. The first 30 questions in this section are actually based on the printed text and the next set of questions are based on the audio texts only. This adds a certain level of difficulty to the exam.

Talking about section 2, this has a total of 8 questions and you would have to answer these 8 questions in 80 minutes which gives you an average time of 10 minutes per question. The section accounts for the rest of the 50% of the mark value. In this section, you will be asked to respond to an email, record your speech in a simulated conversation, write an essay and you will also have to compare your culture to the French culture. Now, this is the generalized question patterns but there can certainly be a slight change in it.

If you wish to know more about the exam, then you can visit the website for the College Board where you will find all the details about the exam including the details and the sample papers.

Best AP French Exam Books 2022

It is important to have the right books to prepare for the exam as they can really help you in scoring a 5. If you are willing to purchase a new book to prepare for the AP French exam then go ahead and check out these recommendations from the experts.

#1. Barron’s AP French Language and Culture


One of the most recommended books for AP French is from Barron’s and it is recommended by a lot of teachers. This is one of the best books and it covers all the topics that you would need to study for the exam. Apart from the study material, the book also has tips and strategies that will help you in scoring well. The book contains practise questions for all the different sections in the exam and this helps you in preparing well. The author has ensured that the extra attention is given to the open response section. You will also get one MP3 CD with the book that prepares you for the oral part of the exam. Lastly, there are 2 full-length exams in the book which also has answers and explanations.

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#2. REA: AP French Language & Culture

This book from REA uses a three tier approach to help you with your preparations. The book not only prepares you using the text in the book but it also has certain links that help you in getting the web content and mobile content. There is also a diagnostics test in the book which can help you in finding the weak areas and hence you can work on them. Apart from that, there are e-flashcards that can help you in studying anywhere. Some of the test strategies have also been explained in the book and apart from the full coverage of the course, the book has 3 end of chapter quizzes and 2 practice exams. The book also has coverage for the audio part of the exam and they are available online with the help of the links listed in the book.

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Tips and Conclusion

This was all about the AP French Exam. We will now talk about some of the tips that can really help you in scoring well. If you can speak French fluently or if you had been taking French classes in High School then the preparation for this exam should actually be a piece of cake. In this case, you can pick up any book and prepare for the second section of the exam where you need to write long answers.

If you do not know French and if you are planning to learn French from the start then it can be really difficult for you and depending on your learning curve, you may need 2 to 3 years to complete the syllabus. You can also take online courses in this case and there are many paid as well as free courses available that can help you prepare for the exam.

So, go ahead and start preparing for the exam as per your needs. You will surely be able to score well in this exam. All the best.

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