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Best AP European History Books in 2022 To Score a 5

Best AP European History Book 2022: AP European History is quite a popular exam for the College Board Placements and a lot of students do appear in the AP European History exam. One of the pre-requisite to score well in this exam is choosing a book that covers all the course. This will help you in preparing well for the exam. It is also important to understand the exam pattern for the AP European History exam so that you can prepare accordingly. Today, we are going to talk about the exam pattern for AP European History and we are also going to share some of the best recommended books from the teachers so that you can score a 5 in the exam. Let us start by understanding the exam pattern first.

Exam Pattern

Talking about the exam pattern of AP European History, the exam is divided into a total of 4 parts. The first part of the exam contains 55 Multiple Choice questions and you get 55 minutes to complete the part 1. This averages out to 1 minute per question and part 1 are accountable for 40% of the value of the total marks.

Jumping on to the second part, it has 4 short answer questions and you get 50 minutes to complete the second part. The marks percentage allocated to this part is 20% of the total marks. It is quite easy to cover up for this part.

Moving on to the third part, it has just one question but it is a document based question. You get a total of 55 minutes to complete this question and the marks allocated here are 25% of the total marks.

After completing the third part, you will have to answer a long essay question in the fourth part for which you will be allocated 35 minutes. The marks allocated to this fourth part is 15% of the total marks. With this, your exam will conclude.

If you need more information about this AP European History Exam then we would recommend you to visit the official website of the College Board as you will find the dates for the exam and you will also find the sample papers for the exam on the website.

Best AP European History Exam Books 2022

In this section, you will find some of the books that you can use to study for the AP European History Exam. Check them out below –

#1. Larry Krieger M.A.: Crash Course in AP European History

If you are looking for a book that covers the crash course in European History then you can have a look at this book from Larry Krieger M.A. The book has strategies that can help you in answering all types of questions and it also offers you the full course in a time saving manner. It ensures that you are able to review the course very fast and the book also has a section for targeted review so that you can only prepare for the topics that are going to be a part of your exam. Apart from this, this best AP European History exam book has an online test for you which helps you in understanding your weak areas so that you can go back and study for those topics in particular.

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#2. Barron’s AP European History

Moving on to the second book in our list, we have something from Barron’s and this is quite a unique book when it comes to European History. To begin with, it has a comprehensive review of the subject. The topics start in the era of Italian Renaissance and the book describes the European History till the era of the twenty-first century. Apart from this, the book also has a lot of charts that help you in summarizing and memorizing the history of the sub-continent. Since the practice is the key to excellence, the book contains many practice questions for MCQs, short answers and even essay type questions. All of these are essential to building up your confidence. Once you cover all of this, you get 2 practice tests which come with the detailed answers.

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#3. The Princeton Review: Cracking the AP European History Exam

You can also choose this book from The Princeton Review. This book covers up all the topics and it provides you with a comprehensive review of the history of the sub-continent. The book also shares very precise targeted strategies that help you in covering up all the sections of the exam. This is surely very important when it comes to the preparations. Lastly, the book is updated as per the latest course of 2022 and you can also get access to online content with the help of the book. There are 5 full length practice tests in the book that can help you in building your confidence. 4 out of these 5 tests are based offline and one of them is online.

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Tips and Conclusion About Best AP European History Books 2022

We have shared almost all the possible information about the AP European History exam book but now we are going to talk about some of the tips that can help you in scoring a 5. You will definitely need a book to study for the exam and you can pre-order one much in advance. In addition to this, you would need around 30 to 45 days to prepare for the exam so you can start accordingly.

Pick up a book that covers all the section and all the topics in the exam. After you complete the preparation from the book, take a practice test so as to understand your weak areas. Once you identify the weak points, prepare for those parts of the exam. After that is done, you can start with any book that offers a crash course in AP European History and that will prepare you for the exam completely. You just need to ensure that you start the crash course at least 2 weeks in advance. Make a note of important timeline as this will be a great help while you are preparing for the exam.

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