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Best AP Environmental Science Books in 2022 To Score a 5

One of the interesting subject there for the College Board exam is Environmental Science and with the present global condition, the subject becomes even more important. A lot of students also appear in the test for AP Environmental Science. If you have also applied for the test and if you are planning to appear in the exam then this article is for you as we have listed the basic exam pattern along with some of the recommended books for Environmental Science Exam. Check out the details now.

Exam Pattern

The exam for AP Environmental Science is divided into two sections. In the first section, you need to answer a total of 100 Multiple Choice Questions and the total duration of the exam is 90 minutes. This accounts for 60% of the total exam score. Once you complete the first section of the AP Environmental Science Exam, you can move on to the second section of the exam. In this section, you will be asked to answer 4 free response questions and the total time allocated to this section is also 90 minutes. The total marks allocated to the second section is 40% of the total score. In addition to this, you will find questions related to the document and evaluation. You will also have questions related to the synthesis problem in this section which needs to be answered.

As per the information available, this exam is also held in May every year and to find out the exact date for the AP Exam you can visit the College Board website. You can also go ahead and download some of the sample papers from the website which will help you in preparing for the exam. Move on to the next section and check out some of the recommended books for preparing for the AP Environmental Science exam.

Best AP Environmental Science Exam Books 2022

Here is a list of recommended books that you can review while preparing for the AP Environmental Science exam. Check them out in details below.

#1. REA: AP Environmental Science Preparation Book

The subject is quite easy to study and hence you can opt for a book that offers you a quick crash course for the topics that are important from the test perspective. The book can help you in preparing for the exam in less than a week and it has a complete AP Environmental Science course in a very time saving format. There is a separate section for targeted review which only covers the material that will be tested in the exam. The book also has listed strategies that can help you in preparing all types of questions that you will get in the exam. This includes preparation for the free-response questions. Apart from all this, the book also has online practice papers that can help you in understanding your weak areas so that you can concentrate on them.

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#2. Barron’s AP Environmental Science

Books from Barron’s are some of the best-selling books that you will find in the market and this is also true for the book that Barron’s has for AP Environmental Science. The book has an overview of the format of the exam and it also contains a section where you will find the frequently asked questions about the exam. Once you cover that, you can go over the detailed review of all the test topics. The book contains updated information about the changes in environmental laws and it also has many case studies. You can also complete the practice tests for each subject in the book. Apart from this, there are many diagrams and illustrations available in the book which helps you in making the preparation easy. Lastly, there are 2 full length test papers with detailed answers.

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#3. The Princeton Review: Cracking the AP Environmental Science Exam

The last recommendation that we have on our list is from The Princeton Review. The book contains comprehensive content review which has been updated as per the new course and as per the new lays. The book also provides you with a lot of online content with the help of the AP Student Tool on the web. In addition to all these details, you will be able to find many test strategies in the book that covers all the sections for the exam. Lastly, there are 2 full-length test papers in the book which comes with the full answer explanations.

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Tips and Conclusion About Best AP Environmental Science Books 2022

This is one of the easiest exam hosted by the College Board and you really need less than a week to prepare for this exam. You will easily be able to score a 5 in less than a week’s time provided you have the good reference material and books. We have already shared some of the best books with you and you can use them to prepare for the exam.

In addition to this, you can purchase some crash course book that can help you in quick revision. Ensure that you have been through a full course before going ahead for the crash course. Apart from this, you also need to ensure that you take some of the practice tests to understand your weak areas. Once you identify the weak areas, prepare for those topics and after studying for those topics, complete another practice test.

With this, you will be able to score well in your exam and we wish you all the best for your AP Environmental Science exam.

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