Best AP English Language and Composition Books in 2022 To Score a 5

There are many different types of exams help for English and all of them are conducted by the College Board. The difference is in the exam structure and the content. One of the exams that you might be willing to appear in the AP English Language and Composition exam. This is a popular exam that is organized for the students seeking admission. If you are also appearing for this exam then you are at the right place because we have listed some of the important details about AP English Language and Composition exam. We have covered the exam pattern and we have also listed the recommended books that you can study. So let us jump to the next section and check out these details

Exam Pattern

One of the most important thing that will prepare you for the exam is knowing the exam pattern. You need to understand what the pattern is and talking about the AP English Language and Composition exam, it has 2 sections. The first section in this exam contains 52 to 55 multiple choice questions and you get 60 minutes to answer all of these questions. This section has been allocated 45% of the total marks.

Moving on to the next section, just like all other AP exams, it is a free response section and it is slightly different. First of all, you get 15 minutes to read certain material and once this is done, you get 120 minutes to answer 3 questions. These are usually long question answers and the total marks allocated to this section is 55$ of the total marks.

The exam is held in May every year and even for 2022, the exam will be scheduled sometime in May. You can check out the exact date of the exam by visiting the website of the College Board. You will also find many sample papers on the website that will help you in practising the tests.

Best AP English Language and Composition Exam Books

You surely need books to prepare for the exam as this will tell you about the concepts that are important while you are preparing. In this section, we have listed some of the top recommendations from the teachers and experts. Select any of them and you will surely be able to score well in the exam.

#1. Barron’s AP English Language and Composition Exam

Our recommendation list starts with a book from Barron and this is quite an amazing book. The book contains all the details of the topics and it helps you in polishing the skills that are actually required by you to appear for the exam. Apart from this, there are in total 5 test papers in this book out of which 3 of them are full length online test papers while 2 of them are offline papers. This is not all, the book also has a detailed solution of the question papers and the publisher has added a separate section with advice to answer the Multiple Choice Questions. You can also check out the sample essay in the book to prepare for the exam.

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#2. The Princeton Review: AP English Language and Composition Exam

Books from The Princeton Review are also quite popular and they are often known as the premium books because of the high quality content in them. The book not only has all the chapters in the details but it also has online extra material that can help you in preparing fast. Apart from this, there are tips and strategies that have been tested for the exams. The book has syllabus updated as per 2022 guidelines and the book also has 5 test papers out of which 3 are offline and 2 are online. There are many pacing drill exercises in the book that helps you in covering up all the MCQs in the limited time that you have.

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#3. Accepted Inc.: AP English Language and Composition Study Guide

We also have a book from Accepted INC and this is more of an unofficial study guide to help you in preparing for the subject. The book includes a full review of the course which works more like a crash course and there are real world examples included as well so that you can relate to what you are studying. This makes it easy for you to complete the course at a faster pace and score well in the exam. Lastly, the book includes 4 test papers for you so that you can prepare for the exam.

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Tips and Conclusion About Best AP English Language and Composition Books

If you prefer to study all by yourself then let us tell you that this is going to be one of the hardest exams for you. The fact is that the College Board doesn’t provide you with any reading list which makes it all the more difficult. They have just provided with the recommended list of a few authors which can certainly prove to be helpful. We can say that this is more of a labor intensive exam which really requires a lot of reading and a lot of preparation.

If you go by our suggestion, then you must start preparing at least 5 to 6 months before the exam and you need to read the books as per the recommendations from the College Board. While writing the exam, concentrate on the sentence formation and writing structure. If you start by giving just 15 minutes daily then you will be able to do well. Apart from this, you can also take the diagnostics test to understand your weaknesses and prepare accordingly. Ensure that you have been through many practice tests before you appear for the exam. This was all from our side today and we wish you all the best for the exam.

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