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Best AP Computer Science Books in 2022 To Score a 5

Best AP Computer Science Book 2022 : One of the most popular subjects for the AP exams in Computer Science. This is for the people who would like to make a career in this field. It is one of the best and the most scoring subject for the students which makes a lot of students appear in this exam. It is very easy to score a perfect 5 in this subject if you are interested in computer coding. If you are also appearing for AP Computer Science Exam then we are going to help you in scoring a 5. We are going to share the exam pattern with you and we are also going to share some of the best-recommended books for the preparation of the AP Computer Science Exam.

Exam Pattern

Talking about the exam pattern of the AP Computer Science, the paper contains 2 sections in total. We are now going to explain these 2 sections in detail. The first section has 40 Multiple Choice Questions and you need to answer these questions in about 75 minutes. The second section has 4 free response questions and the time allocated to this section is 105 minutes. The coding language that is asked in the paper is java so you need to be through with the language. You will be required to write the code in Java and it should be noted that you will not be able to check the errors since you will be writing the code on paper. You will be writing the code on paper so there would be no compiler or computer involved while you will be giving the exam.

The exam is usually held in the middle of May but you can visit the College Board website to check out the date and the content of the exam. You can now move on to the next section and have a look at some of the recommended books from our side.

Best AP Computer Science Books 2022

Here are some of the books that you can consider purchasing if you are planning to appear in the AP Computer Science exam. Check them out below.

#1. Barron’s AP Computer Science Book with Online Content

The first recommendation is from Barron’s and it has a comprehensive course for the Computer Science AP Exam. You can consider this and it is updated for the 2022 exam. It contains all the topics that you will need to prepare for the MCQ questions. There are also 3 practice tests for the AP Computer Science exam and you can also complete the diagnostics test in order to understand your strengths and weaknesses. There is also a chart in the book that provides you an explanation about the markings of each free-response question. Apart from this, the book has answers to the questions as well.

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#2. The Princeton Review: Cracking the AP Computer Science A Exam

The second recommendation is from The Princeton Review. This is also quite an amazing book for the preparation of the exam as it contains all the important topics and it also has enough tests for you to prepare well. There 2 full length tests in the book that you can practice and there is also a detailed answer to test questions that can help you in evaluating your performance. At the end of each chapter, there is a dedicated section with the questions to practice the concepts that you just studied. Overall, it is quite an amazing book for preparations.

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#3. 5 Steps to a 5: AP Computer Science A 2022

This is the last recommendation from us and this book has designed a strategy that would help you in scoring a 5 in the AP Computer Exam. Apart from the regular course content, there are 3 practice exams in the book and there are many exercises that help you in preparing for the topics that are important. Apart from all this, there is a lot of review material that can be used for revision. The book also has a dedicated section for algorithm writing which helps you in solving complex problems. You can certainly consider this book for yourself.

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Tips and Conclusion About Best AP Computer Science Books 2022

In this section, we are going to share some of the tips with you that will help you in preparing for the exam. To begin with, you must understand that it will be really easy for you to score well if you know Java. This exam is only for the students who are interested in the programming language. If you are starting with Java then you must take classes or you must learn the programming language with the help of the online content provider like Udemy.

This will provide you with a basic idea of the programming language and you will be able to start working on Java codes. You can check out the books for the various concepts and syntax that is certainly an important part of the code. If you are starting from scratch then you might need anywhere between 4 to 6 months depending on your interest and time available. If you already know Java very well then you can start a month before and you will be able to score well. Cover up many practice tests to gain confidence and we are sure that you will score well. All the best for your exam.

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