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Best AP Comparative Government and Politics Books in 2022 To Score a 5

There are many students who appear for the AP Comparative Government and Politics exam because of their interest in the government. There are many courses offered in States which are related to this subject and this is the reason for such a high popularity of the exam. You can go ahead and appear in this exam but ensure that you prepare for the exam well. To help you in scoring a 5, we have listed the exam pattern and we have also listed some of the books that you can consider while preparing for the exam. You can move on to the next section and check out more details about this exam.

Exam Pattern

In this section, we are going to talk about the exam pattern of the AP Comparative Government and Politics exam. Just like all other AP exams, this also has 2 sections. The first section has a total of 55 questions and you get just 45 minutes to answer these questions. The second section of this exam has a total of 8 questions and you get 100 minutes to answer these questions. Out of these 8 questions, 5 of them are short answer questions based on concepts, 2 of them are based on country context and one of them is the conceptual analysis question.

Both the sections in the exam hold equal marks just that the mark distribution for the individual question is different. Apart from this, the exam is held in May but we are not sure about the exact date for 2020. You can visit the College Board Website and check out the dates for the upcoming exam. The same website has some of the sample papers as well that you can review while you are preparing for the subject.

Best AP Comparative Government and Politics Exam Books 2022

In this section, we have listed 3 books that are recommended by most of the teachers. You can choose any of them depending on the availability. All of them are equally good and they contain a comprehensive syllabus.

#1. Test Prep Book: AP Comparative Government and Politics

The first book that we have on our list is from Test Prep Book and this book has detailed sections of each topic. There is a section also for quick review and the book shares a lot of test taking strategies with you so that you can prepare well and prepare quickly. Apart from all the details that we have shared until now, the book also contains practice questions along with the detailed answer explanations for you. The sections in this book are really detailed which makes the preparation easy for you. One thing that you should know before purchasing the book is that there is no practice test here so you need to download them from the College Board website.

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#2. Barron’s AP Comparative Government & politics

The second book that we are going to recommend you is from Barron’s and this is also a good book to prepare for the exam. The book has a guide that helps you with an in-depth study of the course and it also has review for each topic that is going to be a part of the exam. In addition to the detailed information about the topics, this book also has one diagnostic test and it also has 2 practice tests for you which allow you to judge your preparation and prepare accordingly. This way, you will be able to focus on the weakness areas. Each question is answered in detail so it becomes easy to score a 5.

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#3. Accepted Inc: AP Comparative Government and Politics

The last recommendation from us is this and you can consider purchasing the book for preparing for the exam. The book contains all the details of the topics and it has comprehensive knowledge of the subject. Apart from this, there are test tips and strategies that if implemented can help you in scoring good marks. Lastly, the book also has practice questions for you which enables you to test yourself and improve yourself. There are some practice exams included in the book which can help you in timing your performance and preparing accordingly.

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Tips and Conclusion About Best AP Comparative Government and Politics Books

AP Comparative Government and Politics exam is quite an easy one and that is the reason why it is also a scoring exam. Even if you start studying just 2 weeks before the exam, you will be able to score well and you will even be able to get a 5. You just need to have good study material for the exam and this includes some good books which have detailed topics in it. Apart from that, you can practice for exam papers that are available for you. This will help you in gaining confidence while appearing for the exam and it will help you for sure.

We would also recommend you to use flash cards for revision or make notes that can help you in revision 2 days before the exam. This will ensure that you know the accurate details about the subject. With all this, we are sure, you will be able to score well in the AP Comparative Government and Politics exam. All the best for your exam and do check out some of the recommended books for preparing for the exam.

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