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Best AP Chemistry Books 2022 : Full Expert Reviews

Best AP Chemistry Books 2022 : Another popular subject for AP is Chemistry and those who wish to pursue a career in Chemistry appear for this exam. You will notice a lot of students studying for this subject and the subject is easy for those who have an interest in it. The organic chemistry is yet another part of the chemistry which is quite interesting as well. If you are planning to appear in the AP Chemistry exam then you must check out this article because we have shared a lot of valuable information with you in this article which will help you in scoring well in your AP Chemistry exam. Let us move on to the next section and look at the exam pattern of AP Chemistry first.

Exam Pattern

The exam pattern for AP Chemistry is easy to understand. The main exam is divided into two sections. The first section has multiple choice questions and the total number of questions in the first section is 60. You get 90 minutes to answer these questions and this accounts for 50% of the total marks allocated to the exam.

Talking about the second section, it has 7 free response questions and you need to answer these 7 questions in 105 minutes. This section makes up for the rest 50% of the total marks allocated to the exam. Out of these 7 questions, 4 are short answer questions while 3 are long answer questions. They would check your understanding of experimental design, qualitative or quantitative transformation, molecular view and atomic view. Apart from this, the questions would also check your ability to analyze the lab data and it will test your logical ability that should enable you to solve the problems.

This exam is held in going to held in May 2022 and you can refer to the College Board website to check out the sample papers. If you need some books for preparing for the exam then refer to the next section where we have listed some of the best AP Chemistry Books recommendations.

Best AP Chemistry Exam Books 2022

Here is the list of best AP Chemistry books that you can refer to for the preparation of exams. You can use any of these books as per your needs and as per your likings.

#1. Barron’s AP Chemistry with Online Content

The first book on our list of best AP Chemistry books is from Barron’s and this is certainly one of the best available in the market. Most of the students choose this book and apart from the comprehensive study material for Chemistry, the book contains 3 full-length practice exams. The author has also included detailed answers with explanations for the questions. There are also 3 online tests with detailed explanations. Apart from this, there are 3 diagnostics tests in the book which enables the student to understand their strength and weaknesses. The book also has study tips that will help you in preparing for the exam in a better way.

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#2. Sterling Test Preparation for AP Chemistry Practice Papers


The next on our list is from Sterling and the book has all the topics covered up for the exam. It also includes a lot of online courses which helps you with an easy understanding of the topics. Apart from this, the book comes with practice questions that help you in practicing and covering up for all the topics. There is a detailed explanation of the topics and the book also concentrates on helping you with the understanding of key equations as well as concepts. There are some test-taking strategies in the book that you can implement and we assure you that it will prepare you well for the exam.

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#3. The Princeton Review – Cracking the AP Chemistry Exam

Moving on to the last recommendation in our list, this is a book from The Princeton Review. The book comes with 4 offline test papers and 1 online test papers. The solution of these test papers are included in the book and there is a detailed explanation to the questions. Apart from this, at the end of each chapter, the book has listed some practice drills that will help you in preparing for each and every topic. There is a review section where all the important laboratory procedures and equipment are explained in detail for you.

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Tips and Conclusion

If you do not plan to take any classes for Chemistry then let us tell you that this is going to be a tough subject and it would require a lot of time. The course material is huge and you need to put in efforts to understand the experimental setups. In addition to this, you will be needing at least 2 or 3 months to prepare for the exam. Apart from reviewing the books, you must also refer to the online study material as this will prepare you for the exam and this will help you in a better understanding of the course material.

Final Words

As the date of the exam approaches, you can also check out some of the crash courses in Chemistry or you can refer to the crash courses in chemistry that would help you with a complete revision of the course material. There are also many AP Chemistry books available that can help you in preparing for the exam. You can also practice some of the papers for the preparations.

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