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Best AP Calculus BC Books in 2022 To Score a 5

Best AP Calculus BC Book 2022 : One of the important exams for AP is that of Calculus and this can be quite tough if you do not practice enough. You need to understand the logic behind solving the problems and you need to practice a lot in order to grab the concepts. If you are appearing in the AP Calculus exam then we would recommend you to start early and use some books that not only explains the concepts but that also has a lot of problems that you can solve. If you are appearing for the AP Calculus exam then you are at the right place because we are going to share the exam pattern with you and we are also going to list some of the best books available in the market.

Exam Pattern

Talking about the exam pattern of the AP Calculus exam, the exam is divided into 2 major sections. The first section has a total of 45 Multiple Choice Questions and you need to answer those questions in 105 minutes. This first section accounts for 50% of the total marks and there is another important thing that you would want to know about this section. The first 30 questions in this exam forbid the use of a calculator while the next 15 questions can be solved using the calculator.

Moving on to the next section, this has 6 long questions and you need to answer all of these questions in 90 minutes. This section is for 50% of the total marks. Another important point about this section is that you are allowed to use the calculator in the first 2 questions but in the last 4 questions, you will not be allowed to use the calculator.

This restriction on the use of the calculator makes it quite tricky as well. The next date of the exam is in May 2022 and you can visit the website of the College Board to check out the exact date. Apart from this, you can also check out the sample papers on the website. If you need to purchase some books then you can refer to the next section where we have listed some of the recommended books for the AP Calculus exam.

Best AP Calculus BC Exam Books 2022

Here are some of the best books for the AP Calculus Exam and they are all as per the 2022 syllabus so you can refer them without any doubt or hesitation.

#1. Barron’s AP Calculus Premium Preparation Book

The first book that we have on our list is from Barron’s and this publisher is known to have the best books for all the AP exams. Talking about this particular book, it has study material for Calculus AB and it has material for Calculus BC as well. There are 6 practice tests for Calculus AB and out of these 6, 4 are in the book and 2 are the online exams. Similarly, this also has 6 tests for Calculus BC with the same bifurcation. The book also has tips and tricks that will help you in using the graphic calculator efficiently. This is certainly one of the best books that you can get for a Calculus exam

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#2. Multiple Choice Questions to Prepare for AP Calculus BC Exam by Rita Korsunsky

Practice makes the man perfect and if you are looking for a book that can help you in practicing for the exam then have a look at this book from Rita Korsunsky. The main reason that you might want to purchase this book is to practice the questions. Apart from this, the book has also been updated as per the latest curriculum from the College Board. The book also has formulas and theorems for reference which can help you in solving the Multiple Choice Questions quickly. There are in total 6 MCQ exams in the book along with the answer keys and tips for solving the exam.

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#3. Mathboat AP Calculus BC Lecture Notes by Rita Korsunsky

We have talked about a book from Rita Korsunsky which is basically to practice the multiple-choice questions. If you are looking for a book that helps you in understanding the concepts then this book from Rita Korsunsky will make the perfect combination for you. The book has lecture notes and it has the printouts of the slides as well that can help you in preparing for the exam. There are many solved examples which illustrate every problem and takes you through the step by step solution. This is one of the best books that you can purchase for the preparation of the Calculus BC exam.

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#4. The Princeton Review: Cracking the Calculus BC Exam


The last recommendation from our side is a book from The Princeton Review. The book is a comprehensive study guide for AP Calculus BC. Apart from the regular study material, the book includes 3 full-length test papers and the book takes you through the complete content review. The book also includes targeted strategies for each type of question. There are some links included in the book that provides you access to online study material along with the tips to use the calculator.

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Tips and Conclusion for Best AP Calculus BC Books 2022

This was all about the AP Calculus exam book and it should be noted that the syllabus for the Calculus BC exam is quite similar to the Calculus AB exam. You need to understand the fact that the course is huge and hence you should start studying for the exam at least 3 to 4 months in advance.

The best way to prepare for the exam is to practice a lot. You can go ahead and purchase one of the recommended best AP Calculus BC books which will help you in preparing for the exam. You can also check out some of the online videos which will train you in using the calculator. We hope that the information would help you in preparing for the exam. All the best for your AP Calculus BC exam.

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