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Best AP Biology Exam Books 2022 : Expert Handpick List

Exam Info and Course Content

AP Biology Exam, like the other AP exams, is divided into two major sections which have equal weight in the total marks. The first section of the exam contains the 69 multiple choice questions for which you need to solve within 90 minutes.

There are two major types of multiple-choice questions in the first section, out of which the first 63 questions will be the simple multiple-choice questions that will be based on your studies and preparation.

The next type of multiple-choice question (6 questions) is based on the grid-in questions for which you should have a thorough knowledge of the subject along with a keen interest to solve the problems.

In all, if you were looking forward to scoring a 4 or 5 in the AP Biology exam, we will suggest you to go with focused preparation by using all means of online and offline exam preparation guide to get the best results in the exam. Also, make sure to go through the previous exam pattern to know what is important for you and how early you can finish the exam with better efficiency.

Next Exam Date

May 11-May 15 2022

Last Time the exam changed

The AP Biology exam pattern and schedule haven’t been changed in the past few years and you won’t have t worry about this if you are an aspirant. You can buy any book published 2012 to get the best results, and if you were looking to score better and enhance your knowledge, we will suggest you to go with the latest edition of the boos that contains all the latest info and theories to make you comfortable while preparing for the exam.

Best AP Biology book 2022

Although there are several other ways to prepare for the exam, the best one is always considered as books. And talking specifically about the AP Biology exam, there are several books that you can opt for while preparing for the exam. However, we will be talking about the three best AP Biology Exams currently available in the market for the year 2022.

#1. Ultimate AP Biology: Everything you need to get a 5

Ultimate AP Biology is one package that has the ability to help you clear the exam in one with a 4 or 5. The amazing strategy by which the book enhances the knowledge of the students and help them score better than before. The set contains three brilliant tools that are more than enough to score perfect 5 in the exam.

The first part of the set is Barron’s AP Biology, which has been updated according to the latest exam patterns and you can easily take the help of content and full-length test (3 in the books, one online) and their explanation.

The second part of the set is the Barron’s AP Biology Flash Cards. There is a total of 462 flashcards that completely covers the categories that can be asked in the exam. These flashcards can be extremely useful for both sections of the exam, and if you are looking to get the best results, we will suggest you to remember all these flashcards to get the desired results.

The last part of the set is Barron’s AP Q and A Biology. This is an excellent book that contains over 500 questions for the exam that are well laid out and explained in detail.

In all, if you were looking for a complete preparation kit for the 2022 exam, this is the perfect time to buy Barron’s Ultimate study pack.

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#2. Cracking the AP Biology Exam, 2020 Edition

The next book that we are going to talk about is Princeton Review’s Cracking the AP Biology exam. This book talks about the strategies and provides the material that can help you score perfect five in the exam scheduled for 2022. The updated content and perfect approach towards the basics and advanced concepts are some of the most unique things about the book.

Another plus point that makes the book a worthy buy for the students is the perfect strategical approach that makes it one of the easiest to understand books available in the market. Try your hands on it if you were looking to perform your best in the next AP Biology exams.

The book contains two full-length practice tests that make it a perfect choice for the students who want to prepare for the test and want to test their skills for the upcoming exams.

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#3. Preparing for the Biology AP* Exam (School Edition) (Pearson Education Test Prep)

The last book on our list is from Pearson Education and is written by the two most renowned authors for the Biology (Theresa K Holtzclaw, Fred W. Holtzclaw). The new edition is well adapted for the 2022 exam and if you were looking forward to scoring a five on your next exam, this would be an excellent choice for you to go with.

The book contains 10 chapters that are intelligently planned to help you in getting the best results in the exam. With excellent content and a brilliant way of explaining the concepts, this book is an excellent option for the aspirants who are looking to get the best score in their exam.

So, these were the three brilliant books for the AP Biology aspirants who are looking for the best practice and concept explanation. Try any one of them according to your needs and level of preparation and you can be assured of getting the best results.

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Self-study tips

Apart from the best AP biology books, there are several professional tutors and institutes that can be contacted for better results. Additionally, you can use self-study tips to make yourself comfortable for the exam without joining any coaching institute at all. You can either look for the above-listed books for the self-studies or look for online content for the exams. There are numerous YouTube video series and channels that make it easier for students with the best content for the exam. Just choose the best one out of them and score perfect five in the exams.

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