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AP Art History exam is divided into two sections that make the exam easier and well managed for the students who are planning to appear in the exam this year.

The first section of the exam contains multiple-choice questions. This section will have a total 80 questions that will vary in terms and toughness. Typically, this section offers two types of questions, one is the image-based, and the other one is based on the memory test. Talking about the time, the students will get one hour to solve these 80 questions which will be more than enough if you are well prepared for the exam and have prepared yourself well for the pattern.   This section holds 50% weight of the total marks and if you are willing to clear the exam you should work on this reasoning and multiple-choice questions on the basis of previous papers of the exam.

The next section of the AP Art History Exam is the Free Response. This section will have a total of six questions based on the images. The first two questions of the section will have long essay-like questions that will be based on the image and color sets. For the next four questions, the students will be asked for short essay type answers which will be based on different sets of images. The Comparison and contextual analysis will help you score good marks in these questions and you should be well prepared to answer such questions with perfection. Students will get two hours for this section and the section also hols 50% weight on the total marks.

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Friday, May 8th, 2022

Last time the exam changed

Neither the exam nor the pattern has changed in the last few years. So, you can completely rely on the information. The only thing that has been changed in the past years is the preparation material >the market is now loaded with lots of great book and preparation kits that make it easier for the students to prepare for the exam efficiently.

Just make sure that you have chosen the right preparation kit and it would be a lot easier for you to crack the exam with ease.

Best AP Art History Books 2022

Although there are numerous books available in the market that term themselves as the best preparation medium for the exam, we are listing the three best AP Art History exam preparation books that are trusted by the students and recommended by the experts. Choose any one of them an take a step towards clearing the exam.

#1. Barron’s AP Art History with Online tests

The first book on our list of best preparation books for the AP Art History exam is none other than the famous Barron’s AP Art History. The book is in its fourth edition and you are going to have all the necessary updates that you are looking to get preparing for the exam.

Unlike the other books available in the market for the preparation, the Barron’s AP Art History shows a very practical approach towards teaching the students the right way to study to clear the exam with ease and utmost confidence.

With the book, you will get two full length online practice tests with answers and explanations, online flashcards, multiple-choice questions, and many other things that will help you know the exact pattern and proper study material for the exam. Whether you are looking to know about the exam or are planning to clear it with utmost perfection, the Barron’s AP Art History would be an excellent book to go with. Try it, and use the information in the book to clear the exam in one go.

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#2. The Insider’s Complete Guide AP Art History: Beyond the European Tradition with Global Contemporary

The second book that we loved for the AP Art History exam aspirants is The Insider’s Complete Guide AP Art History: Beyond the European Tradition with Global Contemporary.  The unique thing about the book that we loved a lot is its distinct approach towards preparing the students for the exam.

Unlike the other books, the author of the book has chosen the narrative way to let the students know about the exam and the content. In other words, if you have tried your hands on various other books, but aren’t satisfied by the results and couldn’t be confident for the exam, we will suggest you to go with this amazing book by the renowned author who has enough experience to write such amazing books for the AP Art History exam.

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#3. AP® Art History Crash Course, 2nd Edition

Another brilliant book that you can opt for preparation for the AP Art History Exam is the AP Art History Crash Course, 2nd edition. With excellent content and a positive approach that helps the students to gain confidence in their knowledge and preparation. Apart from the brilliant content, the thing that makes the book an excellent choice for the students is the perfect strategy that makes the students concentrate on the important things about the exam.

The in-depth analysis of the exam pattern and the strategy makes this book an ideal preparation material for the exam.

So, if you were looking forward to buying the best preparation books for the AP Art History Exam and want to secure good grades, the above-listed books would be an excellent choice to go with. Choose one of the above according to your level of preparation and get great marks in the exam.

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Self Study Tips about Best AP Art History exam Books

Unlike the other exams, AP Art History exams need a lot of studies and you should at least complete the preparation material months before the exam to get fully prepared for the exam. Also, if you are looking forward to scoring 4 or 5 in the exam then it is essential that you refer to the online content for the preparation too. There are several websites and online crash courses that offer you good knowledge and prepare you for the final day like a pro.

Apart from the online preparation and the above-listed books, there are several other ways that can help you score well in the exam. One such way to get the best results to prepare yourself according to the pattern being followed in the past few exams. You can start with remembering 10-12 European and 8-10 non-western art pieces along with the artists, time and other important elements that can help you get a better understanding of art and you will be able to score better in the exams.

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