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APEC ROES PH75 reverse osmosis system review

When it comes to water filters, then APEC ROES PH75 reverse osmosis system is one of the very best available in the market. It is a compact model that can easily be installed underneath a kitchen counter. But is it a good water filter model? Or are its features just hyped by all? To get to the root of it all this review has been created. So let’s see how does APEC ROES PH75 reverse osmosis system perform.

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APEC ROES PH75 reverse osmosis system Features

  • Efficiency

This model makes use of a 6-step filtration method which puts out a gallon of purified water for every 3 gallons full of wastewater. This might seem to be a filter that seemingly wastes water at the beginning, but when you compare it with other models, it performs a lot better. RO systems like this one are generally effective if the wastewater to pure water ratio is 4:1. But this unit gives you a 3:1 ratio that makes it effective than other models that are present in this category. But apart from this water filtering efficiency, you will also save up a lot in the long period because ultimately the water consumption will be pretty small. If you are indeed concerned about the wasted water, then you can use it for gardening and other purposes. The Easter water gets drained using a pipe in this model, with just a few changes to the system you will be able to redirect the wasted water to your garden.

  • Filters

The reverse osmosis process makes use of the 6-step filtration method. This means that your water will be passing through 6 kinds of filters before going to you. The filters themselves are easy to fit and replace. You will be able to easily find those replacements online. Keep in mind that ideally, you should change the first 3 filters after using it for 6 months to a year. When you will be changing it will depend on the kind of water you are getting from it. It is the fourth one which contains the RO membrane. This filter you should replace around every couple of years. At most change after 3 years. Now, the fifth one contains carbon which should be replaced within a couple of years as well. Ultimately, the sixth and the last filter mixes the calcium carbonate into the water. You should change this filter every 4 to 6 years. When you decide to change it depends on the kind of water source you have.

The filters are very efficient at getting rid of 99% of dirt, debris, and impurities available in the water source. This means that the filtration system also gets rid of chromium, copper, lead, fluoride, barium, cadmium, radium, arsenic, and more. But know that this model doesn’t come with any filter or mechanism that produces UV rays and as a result microorganisms and bacteria do remain in the water. 

  • Installation

This model is really easy to install. The filtration system already comes pre-packaged with all the things to carry out the installation process. But it’s better if you keep a screwdriver, a drill and wrench close by. To install the unit correctly, you will have to follow the instructions manual. It won’t be difficult to follow and at all. The manual is very detailed and thorough so you won’t have any trouble trying to figure out how to go about the installation process. Tip: Be careful while fitting in the adapter since it has sharp edges and you can accidentally injure yourself. As for the Teflon tape which is given in the installation package, it should be used to stop leaks.

  • Added minerals

The 6-step filtration system which is used by this unit adds mineral too apart from purifying it. These mineral indeed are very important to ensure your good health and they generally are found in the water. But the problem is that reverse osmosis (RO) eliminates these minerals from your water supply when it is filtering the water. But helping improve your health isn’t the only thing which these added minerals do. They also help improve the taste of the water. This is mainly done by the calcium carbonate which is added in the water. Tip: Once you have assembled the whole system after getting the unit, make sure that you empty around 5 tanks full before even going to taste it. This might seem like a huge wastage but this will ensure that the filters are working properly. Especially the sixth one which is responsible for adding calcium carbonate.

  • Filling up

Know that it will take quite some time for the tank to fill up with water. By quite some time we mean that it will take around an hour to fill up. This is not too bad timing, but it is slower than other models in the market. But even with this timing, it can produce 75 gallons worth of just purified water every day. In return for taking such a long time, this model does ensure to get rid of 99% of dirt and other contaminants.


  • Easy to install
  • 6-step filtration process
  • Adds minerals to water
  • Efficient system 
  • Compact


  • No UV ray mechanism
  • Time-consuming to fill up


The APEC ROES PH75 reverse osmosis system comes with a lot of great features. It is compact and can be fitted anywhere. Moreover, it is easy to install it as well. It’s so easy that even you can do it yourself. The six types of filters will purify the water well. Although the output is disappointing because you will be getting just one gallon for every 3 gallons put in, but it’s still better and more efficient than other models in the market. When the filters get used up, then they are easy to find and replace.

Of course, there is some drawback as well. One is that it takes too much time to fill up. This can be a problem if you are in a hurry. Other than this, there is no mechanism to emit UV rays, so that microorganisms and bacteria can be purged from the water. But even with a couple of faults, overall, this machine is a really good bargain for all if its benefits.

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