13 Best Christmas Candy Gift Ideas in 2023

Hi, looking for Best Christmas Candy Gift Ideas 2023 then you have visited the right place. our team of expert writers hand pick the Christmas candy and do the detail reviews. After spending 27 hours for testing and reviews we short listed the 13 Best Christmas Candy Gift of 2023.

Christmas and Candy, there is nothing better than that, right? Well, when it comes to candy gift ideas, things can get a little complicated, especially with so many types of candies and sweets that are available during the Christmas months.

In case you are trying to keep things simple this year and gift everyone with some candy hampers, we have sorted out some of the best options that you can take a look into. From the chocolaty goodness to the minty freshness, the options are abundant.

Best Christmas Candy Gift Ideas in 2023

To help you pick out the best one, we have picked out some of the best candy Christmas gift ideas that you can keep an eye out on.

CHICHIC 12 Pack Christmas Cookie Boxes

Let’s be real, not everyone has an extremely high sweet tooth and would enjoy cookies over candies. This gift idea is for those specifically. The cookie box range from Chichic is one of the best, especially with the 12-pack box that you get.

They come in different Christmas designs, further making them a better option for you to choose them as a gifting option. Since they come in a pack of 12, it becomes a huge gift for you to get someone who loves cookies.

Even the cardboard cookie boxes that they come in the pack in a lot of Christmas setting and design, further making this an amazing purchase.

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Oh! Nuts Chocolate Covered Cookie Gift Baskets

Another chocolaty and crunchy goodness that you wouldn’t regret spending your coins on is this chocolate cookie basket from Oh! Nuts. They pack in 20 different cookie options with a variety of toppings, ranging from the decadent white chocolate to the rich dark chocolate.

The toppings are likely the best part about this cookie basket, especially when it comes to the taste and the crunch that comes from it. This makes for a good gift idea for office parties, where you are not that aware of people’s personalities and what they like.

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Spangler Oreo Flavored 12 Candy Canes

Candy canes are a signature inclusion to the Christmas parties and gifts and the Spangler Oreo Flavored 12 Candy Canes makes for a good candy addition. Not only do they taste amazing, but they also look just as good. The primary flavor is the cookies and cream but each cane is again flavoured separately as well.

This is a very fun gift idea for kids who enjoy dunking their Oreo biscuits into a glass of milk. Additionally, they make for a good temporary ornament on your Christmas tree as well.

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Holiday-Themed Lollipops

Let’s be honest, when talking about Christmas candy gifts, you can’t miss out on the lollipops. These Holiday-Themed Lollipops from Prextex Store are the best gift you can get someone. It includes Gingerbread, Christmas trees, and some candy canes. These pops taste like nostalgia and are likely going to remind you of your childhood.

For better protection during shipping, each lollipop is individually wrapped with bubble wrap for extra protection. They also make for a good gift item for filling up the stockings.

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Spangler Peppermint Candy Canes

If there’s one candy that defines Christmas, it is the Spangler Peppermint Candy Canes. These candy canes are extremely delicious but the best part is likely the large packaging and box set that it comes in. It comes in a pack of 12, one that you are going to enjoy having around and gifting to friends and family.

Undoubtedly, the canes do taste of peppermint, so they have a refreshing kick to it. They also make for good edible ornaments on the Christmas tree that you can hang up without any issues at all.

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Christmas Cut Rock Hard Candy

Not everyone enjoys the same kinds of peppermint flavor in their Christmas candy. If you are gifting it to someone like that, the Christmas Cut Rock Hard Candy is hands down the best option for them. They come with several shapes and flavours, one that you will eventually love.

It also comes in bulk packaging with around 2 pounds of candy, making the purchase worth it. This one specifically comes in a zip lock packaging to ensure long-lasting freshness of the candies. They come in various designs and flavours including spices, mints, and even fruits.

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Kirkland Signature European Cookies with Belgian Chocolate

If you are invited to an office party that requires you to bring a good quality and premium gift for the party, the Kirkland Signature cookies make for a good option. These decadent and buttery cookies are slathered with Belgian chocolate for that creamy goodness on top.

Not just that, the cookies are also pretty amazing for kids who have a sweet tooth. But, we wouldn’t suggest they eat a whole lot of it, especially if you don’t want them to have a sugar rush throughout the day.

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Christmas Chocolate Mini Santas

Everyone likes them a cute Santa for Christmas, don’t they? The Christmas Chocolate Mini Santas from Favor Online is one of the best candy gift ideas for Christmas. It is made with White chocolate and doesn’t taste a lot sugary and lacks unnecessary and harmful artificial flavouring.

The Santas are wrapped in Christmas wrapping that further adds to the festivities. This specific bulk option consists of 2lbs of mini Santas, that account for around 110 pieces.

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Lindt Assorted Chocolate Gourmet Truffles

Truffles are yet another delicacy that you can’t do without. They are made with premium and high-quality chocolates that simply melt in your mouth after eating it. It has a gourmet taste to every single truffle ball that you bite into.

This makes for an amazing Christmas present, especially because of the quality and how versatile the gift is. Unless the recipient of the gift has diabetes, there is not one person who is going to dislike this gift.

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Nestle Quality Street

Another perfect candy option for Christmas gift is the Nestle Quality Street. This is a good option for children who are enticed with colours and shimmery packaging. Each one of the chocolates is wrapped in individual wrappers, making this a good option for your gift ideas.

Apart from the single dark chocolate variant, each tub of chocolate comes with a variety of options including milk and white chocolate options to choose from. And, the box that the chocolate comes in is reusable too.

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Moo Free Kids White Advent Calendar

Another good candy gift idea for Christmas is the Moo Free Kids White Advent Calendar. The reason why this works is because of the soy-free and gluten-free chocolates. Each calendar consists of 24 themed chocolates, each for a day of December leading up to Christmas.

The white chocolate variant is a hit among children, especially for the ones who tend to not enjoy milk or dark chocolate that much. The calendar consists of vegan chocolates, making this a suitable option for every individual on the planet.

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Woodford Reserve Premium Bourbon Butter Crunch Gift Box

This one is a luxurious candy box, especially great for corporate offices and for gifting options during the Christmas. It is quite expensive, no doubt about that but every single chocolate piece has its buttery flavour and taste that you wouldn’t regret biting into.

Each box consists of 16 candies and consists of dark chocolate mixed with almonds and bourbon for that premium taste and feel. The candies are made from real cream and butter and some even contain some whiskey confections that add to the taste.

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GiftTree Four Seasons Gift Basket

Last but not least is this gigantic gift basket from GiftTree. Not just the candies, it contains a wide range of other goodies in the package including cookies and popcorn. This contains a balance of sweet and savoury, allowing the recipient to choose from the options that they like.

The reason why we included this in the list is because of the wide range of options they come with. It is perfect for a single Christmas gift, especially for someone who is away from home, spending their time in another country or place. It comes with a reusable basket and a sophisticated touch to the gift basket, making this an amazing option to buy this Christmas.

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If you are confused with the candy gift options for this Christmas, we hope you can draw some inspiration from the list we have mentioned above. Always ensure that you keep an eye out on the ingredients and pick out items that won’t put the recipient in a medical emergency because of allergies. Additionally, try and get fun candies as well as some of the luscious and decadent chocolate options as well.

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