12 White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $25 in 2021

Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $25 : Christmas parties are always fun, aren’t they? But, what makes them even more fun is the kind of games involved. A white elephant is one such popular gift exchange game for Christmas that everyone loves. This is especially played around the office scenes or parties.

Wondering what exactly a White Elephant gift exchange under $25 is? Well, this is a gift exchange game, as we mentioned before. In this, the organiser asks people to buy gifts, wrap them, and add them to a gift pool. Often, the theme and the budget of the gift are pre-decided so everyone gets equal types of gifts.

Once everyone has put their gifts in the pool, pick up chits with numbers on them. The one with Number 1 gets to pick the first gift. But, things get fun when the succeeding number of people get to either choose a new gift from the pool or steal the gift from their previous number. This chain then goes on until everyone has a gift for themselves.

Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $25

In case your office has planned a gift exchange similar to this, here are some of the best white elephant gift ideas that are priced under $25.

Funky socks

Socks are a pivotal Christmas gift. And, in case you are planning on buying some for your White elephant gift exchange, get some with fun and bright colours. These are useful and sometimes add a very fun element to the whole game.

If you have someone in the group who always complains about cold feet, they are going to love getting this one, if they can. The pack of socks from Jeasona Socks is hands down the best option. Not only do you get a pack of socks to gift, but the prints and quality are pretty amazing too.

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Cute Airpod Case

If someone has an iPhone, they likely own a pair of Airpods. This has become customary. In case you are looking for a budget-friendly gift idea that is useful too, AirPods cases are considered quite a good option.

There are several ones available, especially in the plain solid colours. But, in case you want something more to it, we’d suggest that you go for the furry and cute ones like the one from Filoto. It comes in a plethora of colours that you can pick from.

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Herb Garden kit

Getting someone something thoughtful is what Christmas is all about. It doesn’t matter who this gift lands on, likely, they wouldn’t regret getting it. We are talking about the herb garden starter kits. They are extremely helpful, especially if it lands on someone who enjoys cooking and likes experimenting with herbs too.

The one from the Garden Republic Store is one of the best available options in the market, especially when talking about the girth and the quality of the herbs. I think this is best white elephant gift ideas under 25$.

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1000-piece puzzle

This is one of those Christmas gifts that not every person would appreciate. If you know someone who genuinely enjoys solving puzzles and has a great time doing them to destress, we’d suggest you get this for the pile of gifts for the White Elephant gift exchange.

They help channel better creativity and at the same time, helps channel better energy too. In case you are worried about the price, you need not have to as they are quite affordable, like the one from Vcomo. It is a landscape of the city and looks pretty amazing too.

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Phone stands

While everyone is using phones, it becomes quite taxing to keep holding them for hours in the end. If you are planning on getting a good gift for the White elephant game, phone stands and holders are always a good option. They work seamlessly and helps relieve the constant strain on the hands.

The one from Nulaxy is one of the best options in the market, especially with the multipurpose use of this. It is quite sturdy and protective and can be moved around the house without any complaints as such.

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Electric Wine Opener

This is quite an underrated gift but anyone who goes through multiple bottles of wine in a month would appreciate getting this. This has a very useful function and prevents anyone from struggling to open a wine bottle ever in their lives.

The Secura Electric Wine Opener is likely the best option, without any doubt at all. It is also quite versatile and can open any wine bottle with ease. It also has a very compact design, one that allows you to store it anywhere in the house without any issues.

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Lip Balm DIY Kit

This is more suited for individuals who enjoy indulging in skincare, especially when it comes to lip balms. Apart from being a very thoughtful gift, this is also quite amazing for spending your time doing. This is a creative pastime that no one would regret spending their time on.

The DIY kit from the Urban kangaroo store is likely the best option, especially when we are discussing the types of flavor and the quality of the products that you get. The entire kit consists of 63 elements that enable you to make 10 different lip balms that one can use.

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Bath Spa gift basket

Everyone deserves a good pampering every once in a while. From taking a nice long bath to getting a good rinse with a delicate fragrance, everyone wants this. If you are planning on getting a good gift for your white elephant gift exchange, we’d suggest you get a bath set gift basket with bath bombs and shower gels.

The one from Body and Earth store is a bestselling product and consists of several amazing products that make everyone’s self-pampering day worth it in the end.

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Dream Journals 

Another good gift exchange idea for Christmas that you wouldn’t regret is the dream journal. If possible, get a sleeping mask along with it to make the gift a little better. This helps one jot down the dream that they reminisce the next day on.

If possible, make sure that you pair the dream journal with a sleeping mask as well to ensure that the recipient never has to compromise on their sleep. This is a very thoughtful gift, no doubt, but it is also amazing for individuals who like to keep track of their dreams.

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Cocktail Kit

Spending an unnecessary amount of time and money on buying cocktails is never justified. If you understand this, we’d suggest you train your gift along those lines itself. That said, you must get a cocktail kit as a Christmas present.

This is a pretty good gift item and especially for those who like to hit up a cocktail now and then. The kit from the W&P store is likely the best option from around. It has multiple flavours and seasonings that simply elevate the taste of any cocktail.

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USB Cup Heater

This is hands down one of the most unique Christmas gift ideas that you can get for someone. If you are doing the White Elephant gift exchange for an office Christmas party, the recipient would likely enjoy getting this one. The USB warmer helps heat a mug of tea or coffee instantly from the comfort of one’s desk.

If you are planning on getting for the gift exchange, we’d suggest you get the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer. It is the bestselling product on Amazon. It has a very sleek and compact design that you can carry around with you without any hassle.

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Extra Shot Coffee Mug

We all have that one person in the group that likes their coffee extra strong and asks for an extra shot every time. Keeping them in mind, you can get them a coffee mug that comes with an extra shot holder designed on the side. It is likely the best option you can get for the gift exchange, especially if you have less budget.

The one from the NPW store is one of the best available options in the market and is made of ceramic that keeps the coffee warm for a longer time. It comes with a removable flask on the side that holds an extra shot of espresso, in case someone wants it.

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In case you are confused about what to get for the White Elephant gift exchange, these are some of the best White Elephant gift ideas that you can buy for under $25. All the gifts are useful and some even pack in a fun element to them. It is always best that you look through the list and then pick the one that suits your requirements the best. Try and look through the features and functions of each gift idea before you finalise one.

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