10 Best Ideas for Christmas Party Gift Exchange in 2023

December marks as everyone’s favourite month of the year. Not just for the vacation time that you get but also for the range of gift exchange. But, with the fun comes to the stress. Choosing gifts is always a hassle, especially when you are dealing with a large group of friends and families.

What is even tougher is finding ways to make the whole gift exchange process creative and fun, to begin with. In case you are stressed with the holiday shopping and trying to find what kinds of gifts would work and what won’t, we have a list of cool gift exchange ideas for the forthcoming Christmas party.

Best Ideas for Christmas Party Gift Exchange 2023

Assign a theme

The very first and one of the best Christmas Party gift exchange ideas is to assign a theme to the party. Say, if you are having a cozy and warm themed party, you could ask the attendees to align their gifts accordingly.

It could be a theme that has to do with one’s culture or even the country. You can assign a specific colour of the gift, suggesting everyone gets their gifts based on the colour assigned. This does make for a very fun activity and a good gift exchange idea too.

In case you are wondering what kind of gifts work, the Chesapeake Bay Candle Scented Candle makes for a good gift idea in such themes.

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White elephant exchange : Best Christmas party gift exchange game

Another fun game for the Christmas gift exchange is playing the white elephant exchange. This is an extremely rewarding game and leaves everyone with a gift and a fun little time.

If you are wondering what you need to do, the process is simple. All you have to do is buy a gift item and they wrap it up. On the day of the party, everyone pools the gifts under the tree, and then a person picks a chit. The one who picks Number 1 gets to choose their gift first and unwrap it. Another person who picks Number 2 can either pick an unwrapped gift or steal the gift of Person 1.

This goes on until everyone has a gift. For gift ideas, in this case, something like a warm jumper like the Carhartt Men’s Crewneck Pocket Sweatshirt makes for a good gift.

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Do a Secret Santa game

This is especially effective if you have a large group of friends and family. The best way to know what to gift someone is to ask them to fill out a questionnaire about their preferences. This gives you an idea about what kind of gift someone would need. this is one of the best Christmas Party Gift Exchange idea.

This also adds an element of surprise to the whole gift exchange fiasco, making the party even more fun. Always make sure that you leave a name on top of the gift and leave it under the tree inconspicuously. This is what makes all the difference. The last thing you want is for the recipient to see who their secret Santa is.

One of the best gift ideas for this includes the large coffee mug from Pizzaking. These kinds of gifts are budget-friendly and at the same time, very thoughtful as well.

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Musical Pillows

The games mentioned for the Christmas gift exchange above are for the adults. This means that the kids are going to feel left out. That is the last thing that anyone wants. For the kids, musical pillows are a good way to keep them engaged.

For this, you can buy some random kid-friendly gifts and then keep them under the tree. Make sure it matches to the likings of the kids. During the game, make the kids sit around in a circle and pass a pillow from one to another with the music playing in the background. Stop the music suddenly and the one that has the pillow has to pick out a gift for them from under the tree.

An amazing gift idea for kids is this Drawing Stencils Set for Kids from CreativeELF. It is fun and at the same time, helps nurture their creative side.

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Do a treasure hunt

Another amazing gift exchange idea for the Christmas part is doing a treasure hunt. This works best for a closely-knit family with fewer members or for a small group of friends. It does require a lot of work that needs to be done and one member who arranges everything might feel left out.

But, all for the fun, right? For this, you can make a questionnaire with the kinds of gifts one would want and then prepare a treasure hunt and maze for them in the house to find their respective gifts. The process is a little tedious to make but the results are always interesting and fun.

A good gift idea for this includes a cute jumper or sweatshirt or even an Amazon gift card that comes in a decorated box.

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Get Personalised presents

Personalised and customised presents are always fun to get and gift. These are perfect for individuals who want to get something thoughtful for their special someone. But, not just that, they are also quite a fun and creative way to let someone know how special they are.

It doesn’t always have to be a materialistic item but it can also be a playlist for the recipient. The choice of the personalised gift is up to you but try and get an idea of things that they would like to own.

One of the best personalised gift items is a personalised name necklace like the Hidepoo Custom Name Necklace. You can find similar bracelet items too with engraved messages on the inside.

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Spin a bottle

As a school-like game this might be found, it is a fun way to exchange gifts at a Christmas party. It is fun and gets the game going too. You can start with an empty bottle. Sit around the bottle in a circle and then spin it with force. The person that the bottle lands on is the one who will have to pick out a gift for themselves.

Spin it around multiple times till everyone has a gift for themselves. It does take a few turns for everyone to get their gifts, so that can be a hassle.

Some of the best gifts to buy in such case is the Jessica Simpson Women’s Comfy Faux Fur House Slipper and even Adidas Slides.

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Cookie Swaps are fun too

Apart from the normal gift exchange with materials, cookie also makes for a good and fun way to exchange ideas. For this, everyone has to bring out their best bet when it comes to baking. Ask everyone to bake a batch of cookies and then lay everything out on a table.

For this, all you need to do is pick out everyone willing to bake. Ask them to bring a batch of cookies from the bakeries if they aren’t into baking.

In case you are planning on buying online, Chocolate Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket make for a good gifting option.

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Conduct Book Exchange

This one is for the bibliophiles out there who love getting new books. This is a good way to share your love for a book with other people similar to you. Make sure that you get your favourite read for your friends and family and ask them how they liked it in the end.

Often, gifting your books with scribbled notes around also makes for an amazing gift idea. This is something that only book lovers would know and cherish.

One of the best ways to keep everyone engaged is with book sets from known series like Game of Throne and Harry Potter.

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Try out Care Baskets

Last but not least on the list is care baskets. They can be something as little as a cookie and candle set or even something extravagant with little personalised touches. They make for an amazing gift option, especially when talking about the fun gift ideas.

You can add your personalised touch and make your care basket for individuals or you can get ready-made options that are available online. Try and include elements in the basket that better reflect one’s personality.

The Bath and Body Gift Basket For Women and Men makes for one of the best care packages that you can gift someone with.

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Gift exchange is the highlight of a Christmas party. In case you are planning on attending one, you should look through all the potential Christmas gift ideas and games that you could play to make the party even more fun. We have sorted you out with some of the best Christmas Party Gift Exchange 2023 to look through. Always make sure to get something thoughtful that would come in use for the person who is getting it. You can share merry Christmas massages 2023 to your friends

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