How to find the right battery for your car: 3 top choices

While choosing a car we think about the model and the brand. None of us every think beyond the engine specs when it comes to the make of the car. In reality, without a car battery, your car would be as good as a toy. You won’t get anywhere unless you have a reliable battery to power the headlights and start the ignition.

If you have found good battery, it is likely that you are set for at least a good few years. However, some batteries only last about 1-2 years depending on the frequency of use. You need the right type of battery to power your car. Your vehicle needs the right juice during extreme weather conditions to stay active.

What is a good car battery?

One you can rely on. One that will not get you stuck with a pair of jumper cables on the highway in the middle of the night. And definitely one that serves you and your ride for at least a good 5-6 years. If someone tries selling you a battery that can power your car for only 1-2 years, just say no! You deserve better that that and so does your car.

What is the average life of a car battery?

We have said this before, but we will say it again. A classic car battery should be able to power the car for almost 10 years. But even 5-6 years is a good deal for moderately priced batteries.

How much should a good car battery cost?

A good car battery can cost you upwards of $100 USD. Most of the times, brand value adds a couple of dollars to the cost. Good brands also promise good after-sales services. So paying a few extra dollars is totally worth it!

What are the top 3 batteries of 2017?

The ones we are about to list here today are international favorites and their prices can vary from one country to another.

  1. Optima Batteries 8004-003 34/78 RedTop Starting Battery

This is the #1 battery that your car, truck or van deserves. This belongs to the premium section of any automobile store. The reserve capacity is a whopping 100 minutes. This battery is compatible with a lot of vehicles; both brands and models.

  1. Optima D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Car Battery

This one is light, compact and a tough competitor for the #1 spot. This has the ability to crank over the engine in challenging weather conditions. It has a 98-minute reserve capacity.

  1. ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Car Battery

This one is the rockstar of the list. The high-density negative paste helps in the improvement of engine performance. This has impressive 800 cold cranking amps. It is well suited for cars, trucks and even sports cars like the Boxter.

Good batteries need to be coupled with quality jump starters during emergencies. Jump starter cables are also necessary for long trips. The 110v or 120v ones that derive power from your 12v battery should be ideal.


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